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  1. It could be very well possible that he retired so he didn't have to continue using the drugs to promote healing and to deal with pain from getting beat up every week. Wisdom is the better part of Valor.
  2. That was not my question... what I was getting at was could he decline the waiver claim and sign to Colts PS, and continue to decline claims there too to show good faith in Colts for showing faith in him.
  3. Honest question here: Can a player decline a waver selection, or a claim from a practice squad?
  4. It's all about the $$$$$$ House is well paid for his time.
  5. Yeah we got a real soap opera cliff hanger going on, on two or three fronts, here these days. LOL
  6. wth does this have to do with JB and the Colts? Seriously!
  7. I'm in the camp for saying this is a case of the yips. He's still got the leg, he's hitting it in warmups, just missing in the game. It's typical yips behavior, unfortunately as in golf, baseball pitching and place kicking older athletes seldom recover... with Adam we will see.
  8. I'd say hold on to him, at the rate QB's are dropping time will increase his value. (plus tbh I like his possible future with the Colts)
  9. So, you like kissing your sister??? I prefer a definitive result. I disagree.
  10. Simple... He didn't want to pay the capital gains tax.
  11. I don't know about that. At some point mental, physical health and family come before anything else. It sucks, but sometimes it's just time to move on.
  12. They did it just to irritate you!
  13. sorry man, that last sentence just gave me a chuckle. no offense meant.
  14. Y'all gotta do yourselves a favor and go listen to the presser those two guys are special. Only 20 min. you'll enjoy it!
  15. Sounds like he could be an excellent emergency/last resort QB, plus offer other upsides for the Colts.
  16. When you're getting hit like that... to be expected?
  17. Look, I've gone from shocked to denial to heartbroken to sad to angry to crying after watching some videos of AL. I'm just happy I can find some humor in all this after the past few days. GO
  18. So he can get healthy enough to go snowboarding this winter!
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