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  1. So the Titans finish their schedule out like so: KC - L IND - Hoping we win this... (L) LAR - L NO - W HOU - W NE - W BYE JAX - W PIT - L (I hope) SF - W (but who knows, maybe Lance is cooking by then and a sneaky L for TEN?) MIA - W HOU - W This would put them anywhere from 12 - 5 to 10 - 7 is SF and PIT can pull off wins. I'm sure it won't shake out exactly this way, but I don't see their record being that far off this assuming we can beat them when we play in week 8. Meaning we need to beat all the teams we SHOULD beat (JAX twice, HOU again, NYJ and obviously TEN), plus at least 4 of the following to have a shot at the playoffs: SF BUF TB NE ARI LV We do love giving ourselves a steep hill to climb....
  2. Its not over until it's over guys.... The Titans are such a weird team, capable of losing to the Jets but also capable of beating the Bills. The Titans are one injury to Derek Henry away from being irrelevant though... I'm not wishing an injury upon anyone because that's not cool, but with the amount that they use him it's not crazy to think he might eventually get hurt. He is an absolute unit though and usually dishes out the pain, but the numbers are stacked against him and he will probably eventually wear out... even if it takes a few more years. It's the NFL, anything can happen though. We know this Colts team is actually capable of beating anyone on a good day, just like the Titans did against the Bills.... We gotta get 1 or 2 of those upset wins against teams like the Bills, Bucs, Cards etc. And if we cant beat them, then what does making the playoffs really mean for us anyways?
  3. Omg man, don’t even joke about it. I can see it now, he sustains another ankle or foot injury and this time it is really serious and he is done.
  4. Call me an optimist, call me crazy... but I really do believe that in 3 weeks time we will be 4-4 or at worst 3-5 and still in the division race. This team is 3 or 4 plays going our way away from being 4-1 and not 1-4. This isnt a bad team. We have had some bad plays and bad luck which lost us some key games which wouldve massively helped us (and the defense is choosing a poor time to play badly)... but i still believe this team isnt a bottom 10 team in the league.
  5. Eeesh, our Injury Report hurts to read... Leonard still injury plagued, Rhodes still out, Smith still out, Turray out, Paye still out,, Ya-Sin still out. (and this is with Nelson on IR already...) And our starting kicker is hurt for a while, potentially gonna land on IR... Good thing we are playing the Texans this week......
  6. 10 games to get 660 yards..... TY can do that.
  7. Whilst I completely agree with this take so far, let’s not forget that most people were saying the same thing about Jacob brissett after his first 4 starts. Then as the season progressed, we learned that we had seen thus far was all that we were velvet going to get from Jacoby. I do think Wentz has given us more than jacoby though, and will continue to do so, but let’s not just assume that QB1 is solved.
  8. Haha, dude this aint just a bold prediction, this is outright madness. Wentz outrushes one of the greatest running QB's in NFL history at this point in his career, and on 2 gimpy ankles at that? Pass me some of what you are smoking sir, because it must be pretty dang strong!
  9. Im not giving up on this team yet, but if we cant beat the dolphins and go 0-4, we're dead in the water.
  10. If we’re talking about bull PI calls, that one on Kenny Moore earlier in the game was ridiculous. Yeah slowed down in super slow motion he got there just before the ball, but in live speed it was very bang-bang as the common term goes.... no way can you call that. and while we’re at it, that running into the kicker call wast soft as all hell too. I can see why it was called, but come on man, he’s diving trying to make a block, and he just so happens to fall where he does, it’s not like he full on tackles h while he is punting and in the air.... penalties like that one are ruining the game, players can’t try and block balls because they have to think I’ll get flagged if I miss..... but if he gets a finger on the ball and then ruins the kicker that’s fine?..... gimme a break.
  11. I think everyone who hears Irsay speak knows what to expect and the organisation just sorta rolls theirs eyes and goes "Oh Jim....." Ballard is the head of the ship, Irsay is just the clubs biggest cheerleader who just so happens to also be the owner.
  12. All I will say is that we have lost 2 games, but you cannot put either of the losses on Carson. He has done his part, it is surprisingly the OL and the defense that are letting the team down.... Imagine suggesting that 3 months ago...
  13. I think we can all agree that what we have seen from Wentz so far has seemed good. Good enough that we dont want to trade for yet another "starter" until he is back - that would be a waste of draft capital. We have to believe in our backups, that is why they are our backups and not on the street. It isnt ideal, but it is what it is.... Despite being 0 - 2, this season isnt over. IF Wentz can go, i believe in this team to give the Titans a run for their money next week, and if we win that game, at 1 - 2 with a head to head tine over the titans we are actually in a decent spot, with a Dolphins team coming up with many of their own questions and then a backend of the schedule that is very favorable. If Wentz is out, then we have to roll with Eason and hope he can get more prepared and schemed around for the Titans game. Equally, if we lose to the Titans and go 0 - 3, it isn't over just yet.... but it definitely doesnt bode well. Regardless of what happens, i'll be tuning in and watching the Colts every week. I think most of us on here suffered through the Curtis Painter / Dav Orlovsky year in 2011.... we can deal with this year too. There is always next year if this season gets away from us,
  14. Fixed it for you. P.S.A. If you "Could care less", then it means you care at least some amount anywhere from a little bit all the way to the most amount possible.... If you "Couldn't care less" it means you care the least amount possible - which is what you were trying to say. Saying you "Could care less" is conveying almost the exact opposite of what you were actually trying to say.
  15. If we start at least 2 - 3 I’ll consider that a win considering this team hasn’t had a chance to gel yet. And the schedule eases up later. Especially if one of those 2 wins is against tenn
  16. @Lucky Colts Fan - Am i reading it correctly on the league fantasy site that the draft is offline? Or has it just not been properly configured yet?
  17. Wowza, i missed the initial invite email in my spam and then TOTALLY spaced on this until earlier today. I have now accepted the invite and appear to have just made the cut! So i am in the league and took the 12th spot! I had a VERY quick skim of the thread and i have grasped that the draft is at 1ET on Sunday right?
  18. A mostly solid take on the roster, i agree with pretty much all of it aside from the mentions above about Rodrigo / Kenny and I also think that it is a bit harsh to list Hines as average. He isnt asked to be a bellcow RB1, he is a change of pace back who catches balls outa the backfield, but darn it he is also capable of running it up the gut when required and breaking one or two loose as well. I'd squarely slot Hines in the Good bracket.
  19. 11 D-Line is a bit whacky - I know Ballard and Flus like to keep a fresh rotation, but jeeeez 11?
  20. The cap is expected to skyrocket again soon with all of the new tv deals and of course stadiums re-opening etc. Pascal wont command WR1 money, but he'll get good #2 money.... and we could afford that by then.
  21. Hilton will go probably ride off into the sunset, Pascal will get another deal. Take that to the bank.
  22. What's the point in keeping 8? You'd never activate 8 on game day. 6 is a good number for having people on game day, but also guys in reserve in case of injuries etc. 7 at an absolute extreme push. 8 would be unheard of.
  23. He hasn't shown much because he hasnt played much. And furthermore, the little that he has played, it has been behind a backup OL. Make no mistake, he will be behind Taylor, but he will play meaningful snaps. Take that to the bank.
  24. Consider yourself lucky you aren't having to pay UK prices for NFL Gamepass, we have to pay around £150 for it, which equates to about $205 at the moment.
  25. Kylen Granson needs to catch everything thrown his way between now and final roster cut down day me thinks... You can see the athleticism and ability to make plays, he just needs to catch the darned ball (kinda integral to his role as a TE).
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