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  1. To people who are so against having Rivers.... I point to last year's team and record with Jake Brisket under center. Rivers just gives us so much more potential, even if he does have the odd errant pass or bad game. Definitely a higher ceiling with him than without.
  2. Erm. maybe in so much that they are both immobile QB's who spread the ball around, but that Rivers throwing motion is reminiscent of no one but Rivers. He could be playing in a plain jersey among 31 other QBs on a field and i could tell you who Rivers was just by looking at his arm.
  3. People said the same thing when we drafted Leonard. You won't hear them bragging to their buddies about how right they got that evaluation any time soon! Echoing what a few above have already said... Malik who?
  4. I agree, Rock hasnt been what we all hoped he would be, but lets not forget he is only in year 2 still.... and he cant be that bad seeing as we have the number 1 defense in the league... Even if he is giving up catches, most of them are in front of him and he is playing his zone scheme well enough for us to still be 6-3 on the season. It's not like he is Greg Toler and constantly getting burned deep. Sure he could improve, but he is young still and isnt exactly a liability. Let's all calm down a bit.
  5. This is almost like saying we would have won if we scored more points than the opposing team.... I mean.... duh?
  6. At the risk of this no longer being a Pittman thread, people need to calm down on JT not taking off immediately. Im sure we can all agree that Mack wasn’t exactly a stud his rookie year, but by year 3 he was a bonafide RB1. it seems frustrating to some fans, especially as these days it seems like all players are expected to come in and dominate, but exercise some patience, he needs time. he may well end up being a bust in the end, but we don’t know that yet and we have certainly seen flashes of great play that give me more hope than concern for his long term career. it’
  7. I feel like i am taking crazy pills..... He goes on about taking that risk to be the next KC Chiefs and draft that next Mahomes type player and go for it because these older good quarterbacks are past it.... But then immediately 180s his argument and starts saying the old guard are still the best.... even saying "Mahomes isnt going to be the next Brady". He even says Brady, Brees and Roethlesberger are still getting it done and winning. Pick an argument and stick to it.
  8. This is great news and we've all been waiting for it. He's gotta stay healthy though. IF he takes another injury and misses extended time again within the next year or so, you gotta look at his roster spot with some scrutiny. He's shown he has the potential to be a great edge rusher when he is healthy..... but you know what they say... ability and availability and all that.
  9. If AJ Brown had caught that deep shot (of which he was wide open on) he’d have taken it for 6 and we would have likely been down 2 scores... and who knows what happens from there...? Colts won handily in the end, but the game could easily have swung the other way. I don’t like rivers playing catch-up and forcing throws.
  10. Counting down the days to when a hopefully healthy Campbell returns to this offense.... with Pittman starting to hit what looks like his stride and TY getting healthy and drawing coverage and opening up the rest of the receivers more too. Sprinkle some Pascal, Johnson, Mo Ali Cox, Trey Burton and Demichael Harris into that - lovely stuff...
  11. one could argue that Carrie played better than Kenny did tbf...
  12. A decent chunk of those yards were when we were already 2 or 3 scores up in the 4th quarter and we were happy to let them run and run the clock. Henry did Henry and had 103 yards on 19 carries.... but the other 57 yards were essentially in garbage time.
  13. I think what is really frustrating about this team is that you can see the potential for a great team... It just isnt coming together for some reason or other. Unfortunately, I am beginning to lean towards it being squarely on the coaching.... Which I didnt think i would do. Reich's play calling and scheming in year 1 was great, not so much recently. It's still too early and i am not saying fire Reich.... but definitely something to monitor. There is potential for him being deemed a good head coach too early.... but equally the potential for him to pull himself and the team out
  14. I find it surprising that a lot of the defensive players are down on what they were at last year considering our defense has been stifling and had the offense been pulling their weight in the 3 games we lost, we might be 8-0 right now. I guess it goes to show what a few outlandishly good players can do for a defense (hello Mr. Leonard and Buckner).
  15. It was an odd one yesterday.... PR and Marcus Johnson had shown great chemistry the last few weeks.... then out of nowhere, they are both completely out of sync. Chalk yesterday up to just one of those games where not much was clicking, with a couple of questionable calls not going our way and then not adjusting in the 2nd half. I will be shocked if we are as inept against the Titans on Thursday, that one should at least be competitive. If it's not and we nosedive like we did today, look out on this forum for the next week.... eesh.
  16. I was born in Indiana in 89, but moved to Tokyo in 95. I moved back to Indiana in 2001, but I started following the team as much as a 7 year old can in 1996 from another country, halfway round the world before Manning was drafted. Been a Colts fan through and through ever since and never looked back since! Blue runs through my veins and nothing will ever change that. End of.
  17. So I did, I must’ve been tired when I read that! Violent agreement lol!
  18. Erm..... Jimmy Graham Tony Gonzalez Antonio Gates Julius Thomas (had a couple dominating years in Denver) Mo Alie-Cox (on the rise) Some decent ex-basketball players turned TE there....
  19. Here's hoping turray picks right back up where he left off, our defense is good, but it could become great if our pass rush turns into something to be feared.
  20. I mean, surely the purest definition of a "must win" game is you must win it or you are knocked out of contention.... be that for a playoff spot, or in a playoff game to advance to the next one? At this point technically hardly anyone is on a "must-win" game, but i get where he is coming from.... he is saying this might be a "must-win" game because of the difficulty in the rest of our schedule, if we dont win this one we are probably knocking ourselves out of a playoff spot contention because we might not win enough of the other games to get in.... Technically it's not a "must-win" game,
  21. At this point, i think 1-4 is very pessimistic and there is no basis to say that we should or would go 1-4. i think at WORST we split with the Titans and you cant tell me that in the other games between the Lions, Ravens and Packers that we dont win at least one of those. I see 2-3 or 3-2 in this stretch the most likely outcomes. 1-4 VERY unlikely 4-1 quite unlikely 5- 0 - VERY unlikely
  22. Lucky to beat the Titans 1 out of 2 and the Lions, to get 2 out of 5 wins? Really? I could very possibly see us going 3-2 or even 4-1 in that stretch IF things rolled the right way... Ravens and Packers will definitely be tough games, but they arent un-winable. To say we would be lucky to beat the Lions and Titans once is a bit of a stretch. We arent SB favorites or anything, but the Colts arent a bad team either. Those teams wont be going into games vs the Colts penciling in a W either....
  23. Whoever has the #1 pick is not passing up on Lawrence.... Do you think the Colts wouldve given up the 1st for Luck at the time? It wouldve required something insane like their next 5 first rounders, which no one would ever do.
  24. I don't like the pessimism here, our current in-division record isnt great, but if we beat the titans in our head-to-heads, we control our own destiny for the division. The Titan's schedule is just as rough as ours. They play: Bengals (W) Bears (toss up) Colts (toss up) Ravens (probably a L) Colts (toss up) Browns (toss up) Jags (W) Lions (not a gimme. but probably a W) Packers (toss up) Texans (toss up) As far as I am concerned, they are only really heavily favored to win 3 of those games and the rest are toss ups. We can still win this division if we handle our own business.
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