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  1. Maybe throw in Jimmy G on that list with vegas having the niners as better odds for Stafford. I don't get it honestly. Jimmy G is not the most prolific QB, but the guy wins. Look at the two seasons he's hurt. Niners are terrible. The season he's healthy, they go to the super bowl and their 8 mins away from beating the Chiefs.
  2. Good for them, but we're losing a lot of good coaches.
  3. Anyone else annoyed by Nick raiding our coaches. Flus will probably do the same if he gets the texans job
  4. Well he wanted Gronk and Brown and he got Gronk and Brown
  5. Apparently I need to make myself clear. I don't have a problem trading for Stafford. I have a problem trading a first for Stafford
  6. The article to me just made it sound like Brady would have been a colt if the colts agreed to his demends
  7. How exactly? Sure they have Evans and Godwin, but what else after that? Not much til Brady asked for Gronk and Brown. You can argue our weapons while not as talented were way more diverse with a way better o-line and run game.
  8. It was just a question after Brady went to the championship again.
  9. Read between the lines. Colts wanted a shorter deal. Brady wanted two years and probably control over certain roster moves. They couldn't come to an agreement.
  10. It said the two wanted to work out a deal, but they couldn't agree on the contract terms and length
  11. Just saying. He's being projected all over. Still early to say exactly where I guess.
  12. I'm not exactly blaming Rivers, but the defense did get him back the ball to win or tie the game. Just saying.
  13. I don't. I think Stafford is a good QB. I just don't wanna spend a first. I'd rather trade up if we're gonna do that.
  14. Could be a moot point as we don't even know what the Lions are looking to get in return.
  15. Never said Stafford was bad. I said he doesn't win and rather then spend a first on him, trade up for Lance.
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