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  1. Strange. Ive seen him play S in the preseason
  2. Hes a S not a corner
  3. Honestly the only plays I recall rogers making last year was the deep ball vs the dolphins which I credit more to Luck and Nelson stonewalling his guy for a year and the td vs the giants. I felt like Pascal had a bigger impact.
  4. Perhaps, but what I do know is rogers lost his job to a WR off the streets and that was before we loaded up on wrs this off season. I have nothing against Rogers, I just think we can do better
  5. I havent been to camp, but from all the updates I do, Pascal has struggled and the preseason hasnt helped him either
  6. I saw the quote. I also read Campbell might be limited to start which could mean he can PR as well. I just dont see the point in keeping rogers just because he can return punts
  7. Dont think being named the top PR means his spot is locked. There is still two weeks left
  8. Campbell isnt back yet either and Pascal hasnt been impressing even in the preseason
  9. Preseason is not where you give up any of your playbook
  10. CR91


    Not sure what youre watching. Lucky for him, speed isnt needed to find holes in the defense
  11. I am. I dont take much from the pre-season as youre lucky if their using 10 percent of the playbook
  12. CR91


    Hes basically Jason Witten. Reliable hands, good blocker, and slow as a statue
  13. Andrew out for warm ups. Id say thats a good sign
  14. Despite the amorphous timeline, the signal-caller isn't fretting. Luck told Peter King for his Football Morning in America column on Sunday he's not concerned about being ready for Week 1. "No," Luck told King when asked if he was worried about not being ready for the season opener. "I certainly believe I will [be ready]. That's certainly the goal."
  15. Andrew said hes playing week one. That's all I care about
  16. Rock is looking like another Ballard steal. Wow the pick was nuts
  17. CR91

    TC day 13

    Their blocking a unit that didnt allow a single 100 yard rusher
  18. CR91

    TC day 13

    Id wait til the oline is together abd blocking someone else
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