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  1. If I had to guess, Hilton would have played of it was a playoff game. We've seen him play before without practicing.
  2. True, but you have to wonder what the difference was? Work ethic? Buyers remorse? It's just weird.
  3. Well if we're comparing him to Jacoby, Ballard oozed love for him and he couldn't play to save his life.
  4. I'm assuming an Achilles with how the defender landed on his foot.
  5. No colts. Only Taylor is worth rostering right now. Offense is too inconsistent for anyone else to be fantasy valuable.
  6. Can we just be happy that our offense is finally clicking?
  7. CR91

    Colts +7

    That's why you hope Rhodes shadows Samuel.
  8. CR91

    Colts +7

    Without Kittle though? He's on IR
  9. CR91

    Colts +7

    Curious to see who starts Jimmy G or Trey
  10. Edge was way more of a threat as a receiver, but speed and power easily Taylor. Taylor right now is Ballard's third best pick.
  11. The fact that Leonard is making plays on a bum ankle is reason enough.
  12. So because he doesn't come across as a smart guy, he's not? Leonard is not some dumb hick.
  13. Not true. He said during TC he would rather stay at LG, but would move if he was needed to.
  14. It doesn't even seem like Nelson wants to play LT so why are we continuing to force the issue?
  15. Leonard is portraited by everyone as one of the smartest football minds. He may talk like he's from the south, but that doesn't mean he's not intelligent. Everything else I agree with.
  16. The locker room not being ready to handle a character issue seems like a lacking excuse since we have plenty of leaders like Buck and Leonard and still go with safe pick. Hell, what chances have we taken in FA in terms of red flags? Rhodes?
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