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  1. Peyton was the only obstacle from the pats making the super bowl for years and now they've made the super bowl 4 out of the last 5 years. It just never seems like a challenge for them to get past the AFC now a days
  2. I was referring more recently. The pats have dominated the AFC since Peyton retire
  3. @Shafty138 I mean the chiefs only had 50 yards in the first half.
  4. I put that more with Coughlin. Anyone that ever coached with or under BB, seem to know how to beat him or atleast stay competitive.
  5. Wasnt really much of a game for a while
  6. CR91

    Luck Era

    Thats why I said carbon copy not an exact copy. Peyton is peyton and Andrew is andrew. You couldn't have asked for a better replacement to a legend.
  7. CR91

    Luck Era

    The Luck era is an interesting one. In one sense, we found a carbon copy of peyton that is more athletic and that is down right a blessing, however its kinda been a missed opportunity as well. It just never seemed like we built this team around Luck until recently. Imo we took the same approach as we did with Peyton by just putting everything on Luck's plate to mask the team's flaws. I do believe Ballard understands teams don't win because of one person and that is why I think we will win a championship one day.
  8. I have a few choices. Im not completely convinced yet. Christian Wilkins DT Jerry Tillery DT D.K Metcalf WR Montez Sweat DE
  9. Some people just don't get the concept of doing your job. A player's impact doesn't have to be reflected in the stat line
  10. CR91

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    I honestly don't think there is anything you can do defensely to stop the pats. Brady juat doesn't hold on to the ball longer then 3 seconds. The only issue I see with their offense is their not a big play offense. Its death by a 1000 paper cuts and the only way to limit that is to play sound red zone defense and make them kick FGs.
  11. I am not doing a draft mock mostly because I haven't research the draft and I don't til after the season so heres what I think we'll do in FA Cap Space 120.7 mil Colts FAs Resigns Geathers 3 year 17 mil 8g Glowinski 5 year 30 mil 15g AV 1 year 3 mil Inman 2 year 8 mil 4g Mitchell 1 year 3 mil As much as I want to resign Desir, I can see us losing a bidding war for him and unfortunately we lose him. Cap Space 99.1 Colts RFA and Misc 10 mil Cap Space 89.1 FA Signings Jason Verrett CB 2 year 10 mil 5g Yes I know he has been injured a lot in his career, but when healthy hes been a very good cover corner. I think this a low budget, but high reward signing Tyrell Williams WR 3 year 20 mil 6.5g Underrated deep ball WR that can compliment TY nicely Devin Funchess WR 3 year 15 mil 5g Big bodied WR for Andrew Luck. Does have drop issue though which is why I paid him less then Williams. Dante Fowler jr Edge 3 year 18 mil 6g Hasn't lived up to his top three draft pick, but does have 12 sacks in the last two seasons. Can be another good value pick up Shane Ray Edge 1 year 4 mil Another good bargain pick up that can help our inconsistent pass rush Cap Space 62.44
  12. I meant 5.5. Sorry about that.
  13. I appreciate that. I just cant see the giants letting go of their best defensive player. I would have no issue getting Collins. I just dont think its realistic
  14. A injury free Andrew Luck in his prime. Think about that for a second. No more rehabbing the shoulder, no mental block of worrying about getting hurt, no more answering questions if he can ever play again. This is going to be his first off-season in years where he can focus on his craft and not about getting better injury wise. To throw 4600 yards and 39 tds with basically just Hilton and Ebron to throw to is another scary thought. There is no doubt in my mind Ballard will get Andrew and Reich the weapons they need to really make this offense prolific. I can't wait for September already. GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!! Side note, I just might be going to the chargers game next season. Crossing fingers
  15. Collins is not hitting the market
  16. Look im not saying Geathers is a great safety, but he is productive for what we ask him to do in our defense. Its not like im projecting him to make 10+ mil a year
  17. Because thats his job. Geathers is the dime backers.
  18. Because their main responsibility is to be the last line of defense when the play breaks down
  19. Is that why he had more tackles then all of them probably playing less games
  20. How did Tre Boston or Kenny Vaccro do? What point? Geathers is not a backup safety. Backups dont finish third in tackles.
  21. A lot less. Mike Mitchell made league min
  22. I dont see the difference. You really think we can sign a player off the streets and have him be third on the team in tackles? 6.5 mil a year destroys our cap?
  23. 6.5 mil is what im projecting. Its not like hes gonna get 10+. Its a good deal
  24. You're really not seeing his production if you consider him a off the street player Because you dont win in March.