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  1. He's horrible ,too skinny looks like a yard marker .
  2. Booger a nice guy but his commentary is a joke ,mispronounces words .He is horrible
  3. We saw accuracy issues again ,I feel those are things that are hard to teach.You either have that gift naturally or you don't .
  4. I think they are smart,finding thee guy is never easy .Not like other teams in the league are not in the same predicament.We have been in quarterback heaven the last 20 years.
  5. Brees going to HOF,no guarantees JB even our starter next year .
  6. Ok so now Cain is ballin out with Steelers,further proof brisett not good .
  7. I mean to be fair he's playing without his top 3 wideouts during this horrid streak .I will just trust in Ballard as we go into offseason .
  8. I agree he will be on team but that doesn't guarantee he's the starter .Imo
  9. I do think that's a overreaction.This team is still a overall good team .If brisett the starter we still can win maybe not a super bowl but I can see playoffs .The D will be better and brisett will have more weapons .
  10. I have complete faith in Ballard and Reich.After all its not anyone's fault your all world quarterback retires 2 weeks before season starts .As for Jacoby bashing we fans are speculating on what they are planning and thinking .And unfortunately he will be the major off season Topic
  11. Well coughlin paid him like one .
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