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  1. Ballard love to hear your excuse for this bum
  2. I'm livid I Want him released ,I would take a old Eli than this bum
  3. Brisett his miserable self at his usual 50 percent completion percentage
  4. This is unacceptable the jags are a joke ,moving at will .
  5. Scheme is trash, look at jets no talent and injuries and d way better
  6. Elberfus should be let go this is a utter disgrace
  7. I don't dislike him as a person,I really wanted him to succeed as a fan.Its not personal it's business .He is not good enough .
  8. I think Ballard will not reach ,he will stay true to board .
  9. Ballard will make the right moves more often then not .Let him roll up his sleeves and get to work .Colts 2020!!
  10. keep jersey number ,remove name insert Bert Jones .Now u have old school classic jersey .
  11. He's horrible ,too skinny looks like a yard marker .
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