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  1. Colts in position to take best player available don't be surprised all I'm saying
  2. Dude gets me fired up a true leader
  3. Do not be shocked if colts grab josh Jacobs I've seen him mocked to colts .Ballard can take best player available but I see Jacobs at possibly the 34th pick
  4. Get crazy, this and 3 picks in first 59 in a great defensive draft .Im so fired up !!
  5. You said it takes a few years for rookies to make impact ?See Nelson ,Leonard ,and Braden smith
  6. I see 3 picks in first 59 with a defensive deep draft ,I'm anticipating we will get some good players.Ballard will takes us where we need to go .
  7. He's a ascending player,better than average
  8. I'm relieved to say the least ,let's bring Clayton back too
  9. But Ballard not done ,maybe he gets a better player than desir
  10. I disagree,with the chiefs losing Houston and ford and ravens and Steelers hurt bad .Pats lose starters too .We are contenders
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