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  1. coltfaninnewyork

    Improved or status Q ?

    You said it takes a few years for rookies to make impact ?See Nelson ,Leonard ,and Braden smith
  2. coltfaninnewyork

    Improved or status Q ?

    I see 3 picks in first 59 with a defensive deep draft ,I'm anticipating we will get some good players.Ballard will takes us where we need to go .
  3. coltfaninnewyork

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    He's a ascending player,better than average
  4. coltfaninnewyork

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    I'm relieved to say the least ,let's bring Clayton back too
  5. Lol,I agree but at some point it has to end ?Doesn't it ?
  6. coltfaninnewyork

    Desir a test for Ballard?

    But Ballard not done ,maybe he gets a better player than desir
  7. He's taken us this far so fast ,he will take us all the way .
  8. I disagree,with the chiefs losing Houston and ford and ravens and Steelers hurt bad .Pats lose starters too .We are contenders
  9. coltfaninnewyork

    Notable FA's still available at positions of need

    Bring back desir and geathers and I'm good
  10. coltfaninnewyork

    What would you do if you were the Colts GM?

    I'm all in with Ballard but I would be happy with desir and geathers being resigned
  11. He is ,we are good soon to be great .Stay the course ,he's earned that right .
  12. coltfaninnewyork

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    Very good player
  13. coltfaninnewyork

    Colts fans around the World

    Yonkers, New York local sports bar
  14. coltfaninnewyork

    Article about Jacoby's future

    Just breaking that Alex Smith will not play in 2019,could this be a possible landing spot ?
  15. coltfaninnewyork

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    We got beat we will be better for it .They had a week rest .we have tons of rookies playing they might of hit That so called rookie wall.I do know the most improvement comes in your second year.Thats scary for the rest of the league