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  1. What a steady great player for ten years ,won’t be easy to replace .wish him well, class act as well .
  2. Anyone know when Ballard will have his end of season press conference ?
  3. Taylor and Hines are going to be special already pretty darn good
  4. Does that mean he’s staying? Or just doesn’t want panthers job ?
  5. We set at slot with Kenny then what ? Xavier a free agent and Rock not good enough at this time .pretty dire right now .Free agency and draft I would assume
  6. IMO he will not be the quarterback next season ,just a gut feeling .
  7. Well only one team will be happy every year .Titans fans feeling our pain today
  8. Taylor a beast he will be a star ,he gets a pass from me in his first playoff game
  9. Will be rooting for bills who I did predict to come out of the afc ,and the only real team in New York
  10. Window is open except for quarterback position that’s why a veteran like Stafford makes sense to me ,I see that like tannahill in Tennessee.He’s 32 not 39
  11. Himself as well as Pittman and the other rookies will use this playoff experience to be better next season
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