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  1. I'm hoping this is the week we hit on some big pass plays .I assume they will focus on stopping the run early time for play action .
  2. Look ...I'll listen later okay ?
  3. I will release my five star pick on this game later in week .free of charge ...of course
  4. Darn, was looking forward to hearing him .
  5. Yea and we have had more than our share .That was my point.
  6. Jacoby is guy to root for but I just don't see that franchise guy look .Stats can be misleading.seems to take forever to go through progressions.Stares down targets frequently as well.Ballard will have to figure it out .
  7. Spread opened at 9.5 now 11 and climbing
  8. You hear anything on Mack Injury ?
  9. We should start a drinking game take a shot every time CB says" look "
  10. Question is can we all be 2-3 after next week ?Because we will need that
  11. Shocking to me was that Oakland played nickel for majority of game ,yet we couldn't run the ball.Very disappointing.
  12. I recall how excited CB was after drafting him
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