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  1. I would travel to the ‘No’ shop and buy the biggest ‘No’ I could. I would then take it to the best word enlarger in the world and make it as big as possible. Then I would use a special app to make it look even bigger and then post it on here. But I can’t be bothered.
  2. I wasn’t hand picking the games, I was covering all 9 games. Tough yes, but not brutal...
  3. Brutal nine game stretch? Vs the 1-6 Texans (x2), the 1-6 Jaguars, vs the 3-3 Raiders, vs the 3-3 Lions? Vs the paper tiger Titans (x2). The Packers and Steelers could be tough, but not unwinable. I think our definition of ‘brutal’ could be very different... It’s a shame we don’t having a purring offence though.
  4. Nope. He was from Indianapolis. Like me. Perhaps. .
  5. Does Natalie Portman ever write or talk about the Colts? Asking for a friend...
  6. Sorry pal, must be a British thing. ‘Please turn over’. Meaning there is some additional info on the other side of the page, or there is another page to read etc. I was just being foolish.
  7. PTO... Andrew is back in training...
  8. I agree with the OP. Look at last week, only 371 yards through the air. Joint best in the league. Pathetic, none of our catchers can catch.
  9. No. You can eat really bad food. It is allowed. My wife by her own admission is a terrible cook, and I am still alive and well. enjoy the game!
  10. You could be right, but the certainty with which you talk is a bit premature and lacks the fragility of how the league frequently pans out.
  11. Perhaps we should be afraid of the Titans, but history tells me not to. We have seen it all before. Henry is the difference maker, but he can be stopped. Plenty twists and turns to go.
  12. I missed the game. Could you please give me a rundown on his good plays? Thanks in advance.
  13. A gateway game. I could not agree more. If I knew what it meant.
  14. I fully expect that these false positives will be identified as being OBJ’s fault. He is a rapscallion of the highest order. Those pesky Browns should be fined heavily for this.
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