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  1. braveheartcolt

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    What if our new coaching staff are worse than the last lot. What if Andrew comes back very rusty. What if our fledgling running game is toothless. What if TY gets injured. What if our draft picks are busts. What if our new D is just as bad as last year. What if Doyle and Ebron get the dropsies. What if Vinateti finally drops off the edge. What if someone actually enjoyed Ugly Betty. Anything is possible.
  2. braveheartcolt

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Very strong possibility I will be in New York when we play the Jets. If I am..........I will be going to MetLife. So, Jskinnz, Gramz or Schwam, if you are in town I promise not to miss you this time!!!! And GoPats, if you fancy a we trip down to the big apple......
  3. I would never contradict an NFL professional over such things. I'm pretty sure our back office knows more than a mere armchair fan does. Plus the draft has a large element of luck involved, so to be so sure makes me feel people have too high an opinion of themselves. Opinions are good, but don't ridicule people who have different views on something which has no current evidence of fact. I do do hope your are right however......
  4. braveheartcolt

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Surprising cuts? I"m not seeing any. It took us 3 bleeping years to cut Pagano for goodness sake. Note to mods: that took a long time to type.
  5. braveheartcolt

    Ballard's Draft Brilliance

    Jacksonville have had like one good season in forever. You are easily impressed which makes me take very little stock in anything else you have to contribute in this matter. Be interesting to see who you wanted prior to the draft..... And you know what, you could be right, it might be a very poor draft. It also might be a great one. And I might be a little crazy here, but I trust Ballard and his staff's judgement a liitle more than I trust yours.
  6. braveheartcolt


    Year 2. Trenches. Luck gets reaclimatised. Year 3, another solid draft, cap space heaven and boom. Skill player 1, skill player 2 and the Luck era starts in earnest. No whinning for this part of Europe......
  7. As an adult you are allowed to stay up late you know. Like I did....sleep is overrated and during the Manning years we had plenty all nighters......
  8. braveheartcolt

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    Nicely said.
  9. braveheartcolt

    Reggie Bush says it's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON (merge)

    Just being Beelzebub's Backer your opinion also 'white noise'? And should we also ignore what you opine? To be fair, I agree with your latter stance re short term scepticism and long term hope.....well phrased.....
  10. Re chances, I'm drawn to 25%. Not sure why though.....
  11. braveheartcolt

    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    So bad teams get to the playoffs 3 years on the trott. Ok. Oh, and Luck is a part of the team. It's like saying the Patriots only won 5 because of Brady. Change your moniker to Hindsight18.
  12. braveheartcolt

    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    Is that the joke Grigson team that went to the playoffs 3 years on the bounce. Haters forget the good times, as they revel in the bad.
  13. braveheartcolt

    Complete Rebuild

    What bleedin difference does it make what we call it. It will not change our record. I think I will just watch it all playout next season and take it from there. Way too much drama around all this.
  14. You don't half post some rubbish.....