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  1. What was left on the table was enough talent around him. Particularly right in front of his nose.
  2. We can't forget the final 4 mins of the Lions game. Fantastic.
  3. Seattle at LOS. Only because I was there. Almost met Jskinnz, Gramz and Schwam. But I blew it. Drink and battery management has never been my strong point.....great game though. Followed by the Denver Cowboys shoot out in some random bar. Indy is some town!!!
  4. I would love to say you are a bunch of *s. But the best Mods in the world would not allow me to be so brash. Go Cooper....
  5. I hope he never quotes a Kylie Minogue song......place would go berserk......
  6. All these tears over a game of football. A bit silly really...
  7. Do some research please on how these London games are benefiting the Jags and their town. Have your opinion for sure, but do not stumble around in the dark regarding the overall impact this London connection is having on Jacksonville.
  8. Jags playing back to back home games in London. 3 teams already ruled out, and unlikely Houston will be back again so soon. So really a 50% chance. Queue moaning from the other side of the Atlantic........
  9. .............or he aches from head to toe, has millions in the bank, and wants to spend his days play golf with Andrew and designing cathedrals.
  10. QBs do not grow in trees you know. Well apart from Ryan Leaf......
  11. I have been to Foxboro a few times, I can give you directions. You do know that you sound like a spoiled little child, don't you. Every time things are not going our way.......
  12. Have you seen Smith play RG in the NFL? If not, are you basing this on his collage career? Just curious. Would you risk moving him an unsettling his current status. Being fine might be the best we can hope from him. Surely easier to replace one moving part than shoogle around with two?
  13. You clearly do not watch much football. Odds are stacked against us but........oh, hold on, I see what you are doing. Trying to steal Chloe's mantle as chief pessimist. Nicely played sir. Fooled me for a second.....
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