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  1. No need to get personally rude sir, just because I disagree with your point of view. I will assume it was a light hearted jibe.
  2. Ok, not a great leader? What utter tosh.
  3. Manning having a stinker and blaming the O-line....
  4. No way Peyton went with quitting on the perfect season. He was fuming. I really considered packing it in that night. Lucky I calmed down.
  5. Dallas Clark? Probably didn't do enough, but he was a smashing player....
  6. Why is Mathis's sack record a Colts record when Freeney has more? Is it average by game?
  7. Being 'offended' by what someone says is pretty much at the bottom of my list right now. NFC is a cranky old git, just like me. Cut him some slack for goodness sake. We need a bit of cut and thrust. He also doesn't need anyone to stick up for him, but I felt like doing it. Right, back to my jigsaw...
  8. I'd like to explore NFC's comments re 'a rash of likes'. There was five. Is that really a 'rash'? Mods, is it ok to count five likes as a 'rash'? I think NFC might be playing loose and fancy free with his words, but perhaps I'm just more cautious. I got 25 likes once, and I would call that a 'glut of likes'. But I don't really know anymore. Perhaps we could have a table to allow us accurate classification? Nadine, you'd be good at that I bet. You are good with words. Please note, it's 7pm here in the UK, and I've been on the 'pop' since 3, and I've probably had a 'flock' of beers since then. Go Colts!
  9. Not as funny as Watson at four. The guy is average...
  10. What makes a good comedian timing.
  11. I found it rather easily. Saw it had been merged, clicked on the link and went to the last post and traced it back until I saw today's post. And I do not consider myself a budding Bill Gates....good article though!
  12. Seattle would stick with Russell and take Donald.
  13. Austin Collie for me....
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