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  1. Injuries will eek out the Browns limitations. They will not have a winning record. IMHO....
  2. My dog could write a better article than that. Very poor.
  3. Excluding TY, having such high expectations on these WR"s who have zero Colts snaps between them is the definition of wishful thinking. Squared.
  4. Both Ballard and Irsay have 'gushed' about Cain. He must be a lock then, right? You just gotta laugh.
  5. The mystery of the Cain 'lock' continues. Crystal ball fandome me thinks. We don't really have a clue who will be in the 53 at the rear end of the WR depth chart. The coaches probably don't know, so how come folks on here seem too?
  6. You are not excited about players being 'monsters' yet you are about a bunch of rookies who may not even make the cut?
  7. Like always, injuries will help shape the final roster..... Unfortunately.....
  8. I don't have a Colts hat. Shame.
  9. I think most of us are thinking Ballard will strike again with this years draft, which is probably wishful thinking. We are also lapping up the 'good dressing room character' philisophy and the 'build from within culture'. Whilst good on paper, we may be getting carried away. But with Luck tucked up our sleeve, it could all just land perfectly. It' s good to dream, is it not.....
  10. I don't think he was a top 5 QB either.......
  11. It is nigh on impossible to understand the impact on the team regarding the social media attention we (or any team for that matter) get. How will the players cope with being rated in the top 5 of most Power Rankings this season, compared to last year when we were commonly placed last or near to last? Or is it all irelevant? Ballards considered words imdicate the latter.......
  12. So Ballard sees the 2020 rookie WR class as stacked. Funchess got a one year deal. No pressure then Devin....
  13. Being 'the best' doesn't mean they are perfect. Room for inprovement.....
  14. Nice. The receiving corps need to drop a lot less balls this year to get close to a B+. We were pretty high on offensive penalties as well if I recall. Clean up those two blips, we could be the clear #1 by end of year....
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