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  1. Yup. Because we have only played one game. Do we really need to overlook a positive, based on future unknown results. ‘So far, so good’ may have been a more upbeat stance.
  2. Every year now, it does make me laugh about the post draft comments. The ones that are way over the top, either too enthusiastic and over the top, or equally as pessimistic. You would think that educated people would eventually work out that the reality normally turns out to be fairly somewhere in the middle. it is rather amusing right enough, especially those who boast a knowledge far more worthy of any General Manager. Tittersville, Arizona. edit: sorry for that last comment. Received my first Covid jab today, and it may have rendered me a bit stupid. edit2: Mrs Braveheart here. Ignore him, he has always been a stupid fool.
  3. I think you may have misunderstood.
  4. I am currently running around my lounge banging my head on all five walls cursing the man we call ‘picker of trash’. I have set fire to all my Colts regalia (including my Tony Ugoh jersey) and I have emailed Bill Polian asking forgiveness for mocking his ‘great draft of the Centers’ in two thousand and bust. Note: my wife has pointed out that I can sometimes over react. But anyway, I am done with this team forever. Be good everyone.....
  5. So you don’t really agree with most?
  6. Not the worst idea I have heard. Just as long as we don’t trade Blue. Franchise mascots are really hard to find.
  7. Rivers is not the future, but he did not cost us victory yesterday. Far from it. If Eason is not the guy, my preference would be Stafford, if we could get him. If we traded for Darnold, I would support the Jags.
  8. We have a good team. A win against the unstoppable Bills was ours. Next year could be better. Gutted but not down. Frank perhaps needs to be more conservative. Just beat the Bucks!!! Anybody...
  9. Hi pal. I am very well, and enjoying retirement in the South of France! Hope all is well with you and yours! Still hoping to catch another game in Indy when the time is right!! Hopefully we can meet up this time!!! All the best to you for 2021, and hopefully we squeak a win on Saturday.
  10. Run the backside out of Buffalo on Saturday. That’s the weekly stat we want.
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