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  1. Fair enough. If PFF says so..... It's like 'a guy down the pub says so......'. Gospel.
  2. I would back any player being successful in the NFL against what they did in college. Two different beasts. Leave him where he is....
  3. I started the name thing (Colts players only), very early in the thread. The idea behind it was to show that many combinations could work if you had the right guys, and to show what might have been in the Peyton years if we had that luxury. Supes jumped on that premis pdq and made a few very interesting observations. My bad if it threw the thread off kilter.
  4. With an evil twist...... QB, WR, RB, OT, C, DE & S. Painter, Basket, Keith, Ugoh, Satelle, Werner & Landry. May just beat the current Dolphins mind you......
  5. With a twist...... Manning, Freeney, Harrison, Glenn, Nelson, Sanders & Viniateri......
  6. Nah. As that famous saying clearly states; "if it ain't broken, no need to re-invent nor tinker with it....."
  7. Yet you almost seem to fear anyone we play? Weird that.
  8. So you think CB would agree to have him back without some form of due dilligence? None of us know the real storyline behind his retirement, so I would trust CB and Irsay to make the right decision. But as you say, it is not going to happen, so moot.
  9. I beg your pardon. I was responding to a cropped quote. I thought you were talking about Luck. No more to be said.
  10. Saying no? Indignant business decisions fulled by sour grapes is not how you run an organisation.
  11. Good team. Perhaps a really good team. Not sure they are great. Yet.
  12. Fed up with the fawning over the 2019 Pats. The eye test says they are not the best team. About ten teams would be 6 zip vs their opponents right now. Brady is finally looking his age. Unfortunately BB can still work his evil magic.
  13. Exactly. Should be in the General section.....
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