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  1. braveheartcolt

    NFL.COM Ranks colts 2018 draft class the best

    Great draft, but give some kudos to Frank for the way he bonded the team, created the locker room vibe, and turned them into winners. Great all round job. Hopefully we take the next step next season...
  2. braveheartcolt

    No International Games for Colts in 2019

    We have this same tired debate 2 or 3 times a year now. Get used to it. As long as the London games sell out like they do, they will be there for decades to come. The owners agreed to this, not Goodell. The world is a much smaller place now, embrace it rather than bemoan. FTR, I would not like to see an International franchise either......and the teams that mostly 'lose' a home game can hardly fill a thimble, never mind pull in 80,000 fans.
  3. braveheartcolt

    Dallas Clark

    Met him when the Colts played in London. Smashing man.
  4. Exactly. Take the points. Well managed Mr McVay. Frank, take note.
  5. braveheartcolt

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    The biggest issue is the refereeing in the playoffs v reg season. It is a chronic failing. A foul is a foul. Some of the pathetic penalties in the reg season is ruining the game. Come playoff time, it's like Bird Box.
  6. braveheartcolt

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    We are a very good team on our day. As we showed in jacksonville and Kansas, we can be very average when we are not on it. It's hard for a young team to be truely consistent. We will improve with age.....
  7. braveheartcolt

    We are the Colts!

    What coaching staff?
  8. braveheartcolt

    Andrew Luck is heading to the 2019 Pro Bowl

    Everyone knows the game is secondary. Top level players getting together for an end of season jolly. What is wrong with that? No need for such vociferous bleating. I'm pretty sure the players know the significance of the actual game.
  9. braveheartcolt

    Letter from Frank Reich to Colts fans

    As much as I admire Frank, I find this (and others of this ilk) all a bit hokey. But we are in great shape and I really like where we are headed. Just not a fan of the 1-0 mantra etc. I personally don't think we need to brand 'doing your job' with something so tacky and contrived. But if it works for the organisation, who am I to judge.
  10. braveheartcolt

    This years FAs

    Unless Glowinski is exceptionally demanding in his price, I think we will keep him. Just armchair guesswork.
  11. braveheartcolt

    Leg Room

    If being a 'bandwagon' fan means having the choice to say and to support what sporting culture and performance and management you prefer or appreciate for your team, then it is hardly a crime. I've never liked the phrase / concept, so no big deal here. But I understand the reverse opinion on this. So I give this the 'who cares'.
  12. braveheartcolt

    Reich and Ballard

    Excellent stuff. Need to work on the on field discipline though. 3rd most penalised team on D. The rest? A handfull of big ticks. Well done Frank, fantastic rookie year all round.
  13. braveheartcolt

    Reich and Ballard

    I remember them well. They were, in no particular order: Josh is a fart Josh is a fart and Josh is a fart. Thank you.
  14. braveheartcolt

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    Is Manning not 3-2 v Tom Bundchen?
  15. braveheartcolt

    Weather Forecast for Saturday's Game Does a 360

    Well, the weather outside is frightening.......