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  1. LockeDown

    Colts WR Deon Cain working out with NFL Legend

    Moss: “So, remember, young man... outrun your man and score a TD. Alternate that With catching the ball using your superior height and score a TD. Any questions?”
  2. LockeDown

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    Isn’t Luck an architect major? Wonder if he designed his own house.
  3. LockeDown

    Interesting draft analysis from Rob Rang

    Rob Rang randomly released righteous ringtones ....by the seashore?
  4. LockeDown

    is wr Hakeen Nicks now a colt?

    You’re right. I also have the Buffalo Bill Super Bowl Champion t shirts series. Free.
  5. LockeDown

    is wr Hakeen Nicks now a colt?

    Dang, I just ordered his jersey.
  6. LockeDown

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    No offense, but you are hoping they can ( I am too) , but Turbin actually did it behind a bad line. Look at Douzers post. I agree with it but hope it all turns out good anyways.
  7. LockeDown

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    3rd and 1. Turbin behind Nelson. Money play. Rats.
  8. LockeDown

    Andrew Luck Update

    Good to see Luck weeding out young Pats fans.
  9. LockeDown

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    I love the warm summer weather, the golden era of football the 70s and Peyton Mannings brilliance at the line of scrimmage ( greatest thing I've ever seen in football ). Loved MNF in its original version. i hate Fall weather. Everything is dying. I don't like steroids and free agency and millionaire players. I dislike most sportscasters today. anything with skip and Stephen A. Is bad. Not much I like about the game today except that it's football and that's better than most sports. That sounds grumpy but im not.
  10. LockeDown

    Colts Preseason Update

    Even if we got dark, menacing uniforms, were still the Colts. A nice little pony. I guess we could have An angry pony emblem on the helmet. Update: this is not a knock By the way. I love the Colts as a mascot.
  11. LockeDown

    Nashville awarded 2019 NFL Draft

    I don't like the draft in New York at all. Jets Jets Jets!!!!!! All they do is Lose Lose Lose!!!!! Nice hearing different fans for a change.
  12. Well, coaches play veterans over youth because they make fewer mistakes. Right? We don't have a lot of veterans on this team, so the young guys will get lots of playing time. They'll make mistakes but hopefully learn from them. I think,it's going to be a really fun team to pull for. Look for creative offensive plays and defensive interceptions. This team is being built for that.
  13. LockeDown

    Top 11 Colts of All-Time (NFL.com)

    I grew up a Baltimore Colt fan. I've seen both Unitas and Manning. They are the 2 greatest QBs and possibly players in the history of the league as far as I’m concerned. The contemporary player from Indy that blows me away was Marvin Harrison. Route running, speed, hands and competitive spirit. What a fantastic player in any era.
  14. LockeDown

    Post OTAs 53 man roster

    Wasn't Haegs main issue his strength? He's solid technically and football IQ, but can be pushed around a bit. I always thought the weight room would fix that issue eventually.
  15. LockeDown

    The Colts running game

    Wilkins, though a different style of back, is Chris Ballards version of Grigsons Vick Bllard I think. Ole Miss and Miss, State ar both smaller SEC schools who, year in and year out, have to compete with Bama, Auburn, LSU and the like. They've had to run against a lot of NFL caliber players and have played favorably. They won't be intimidated. Hopefully health wise he lasts longer.