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  1. LockeDown

    Quincy Wilson- "Mike Mitchell saved my season"

    He’s going to ball out now I bet. The light bulb went on in his head.
  2. Franks decision could absolutely galvanize a YOUNG professional team which we are and it did. A mature team? Maybe not. I personally think it was for Andrew Lucks sake. Reich showed and shows supermen confidence in Luck and you can tell
  3. I don’t think we stop slinging the ball until somebody is able to stop it
  4. LockeDown

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    It’s obvious Wilkins has good instincts and good vision but he looks like a tweener. Not big and not fast. If he could develop Hines toughness I think he could be the guy that though.
  5. LockeDown

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    No to Bell. I like the idea of a stable of RBs. Fresh legs, young, etc
  6. LockeDown

    Does anyone like this MNF broadcast crew?

    If Dallas’ waterboy retired, he would get his own broadcast team too.
  7. LockeDown

    The Man, The Myth, The Machine, The Monster

    The Q-Men (oline)
  8. LockeDown

    The final 6 games

    We’re obviously playing better than anyone we play here on our but a lot of you are Leary about being over confident. I get that, but we are playing at a high level right now.
  9. LockeDown

    Blue Wall

    I’m naming my next pet Q.
  10. LockeDown

    Blue Wall

    Nelson is taking a strong leadership position on this team. I can’t imagine him letting anyone come in. And play subpar. I’m talking subs and future rooks
  11. LockeDown

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    That drive broke their will
  12. LockeDown

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Our offensive line is a well oiled machine. Please be good backup center.
  13. LockeDown

    Big Q Scouting Breakdown

    High praise coming from a Texans fan. I like it...and I believe it too.
  14. LockeDown

    I Wonder??

    I live in the area, too and you are correct. Everything is Dallas around here.
  15. LockeDown

    How do we beat the titans

    I completely respect the Titans this year. But, will they try to take away Hilton or Ebron? That's a pick your poison scenario. I don't think they can do both. But if they are able to, I think Reich has no problem dialing up other players. That is not our issue this year. Rookie drops, an injured AV, special teams mistakes and not enough pressure on the opposing QB have been. The 1st 3 are correctable, the last one who knows. But, I think that Darius Leonard "shows off for the legendary Colts players that will be there and makes up for some of our defensive defficiencies. That's my hope. I actually see it playing out similar to the Jags game. However, if the Titans are the one to jump out to a big lead, we know we have the ability to catch up and overcome. Anxious.