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  1. LockeDown

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    Let’s see. A coin flip that decides the game. Who would be happy about that? Maybe a villain....maybe a Batman villain...
  2. Darius will show up as the water boy who miraculously becomes a great defensive player
  3. We aren’t drafting at the top anymore. I think Ballard is interested in getting young raw talent, each one a good scheme fit and then coaching them up. There will be no trading up, only trading down for more picks because it’s like grabbing a handful of candy in a candy jar for him. He expects 7rounders to compete.
  4. LockeDown

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Whoops, I knew there was another Pat fan i needed to put on ignore. Thanks.
  5. LockeDown

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Dee Ford saved a Brady choke, but nobody is going to write that article.
  6. LockeDown

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Ahem! Pats lost last year. This Rams team is better imo than those Eagles. McVay is the model coach that is being patterned lately. Offensive genius type. Best defensive player in the league is Donald.. Wade Phillips knows how to prepare a defense. I think the Rams win this.
  7. LockeDown

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    Peyton figured out how to. beat them. I hope Ballard and company do too.
  8. LockeDown

    Colts Team MVP

    I voted for Leonard but realize Luck really is.
  9. LockeDown

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    Ballard wanted his guys and eventually got them and Reich wants his guys. You get one good shot at being a HC in this league and you need to go all in with your people and your strategy.
  10. LockeDown

    Inman on the herd

    LIke you, I come away thinking this guy is smart. Same as Hines.
  11. LockeDown

    Reality check

    I’m interested in how we can better our offensive line going forward to where they can handle a group like KCs. Technique? Strength? Scheme? Experience?
  12. LockeDown

    Kenny Moore Highlights

    He and Leonard are a good foundation. I hope to see Hooker highlights next year.
  13. LockeDown

    Colts and Cowboys both say cleats we're a problem

    Parcels accused Bill Walsh of turning their communications off while the 49ers worked and Walsh said it was just a bit of gamesmanship. 49ers won the game.
  14. Congrats, Chris. Well deserved.
  15. LockeDown

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    It’s your choice but I think you guys are wasting your time pining for Bell and or Brown. Ballard has said so many things that points to him NOT doing this.