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  1. He was shamed into it. That’s nothing but bullying and hurting a persons reputation, forcing him into a position where he has little choice otherwise.
  2. It’s absolutely bizarre attacking Brees. One of the real good dudes in the NFL. I guarantee you he’s not a racist.
  3. The NFL uses secrecy to gain an advantage point. In the draft so they get their player. They hide plays until they are in the Super Bowl so teams can’t watch tape of them. Change signals regularly. Etc...we can’t assume a FO is going to publicly divulge their inner workings. I don’t anyway. I assume that Chad and JB know where they stand behind closed doors. Now if that doesn’t happen then there is a problem. Meanwhile, be respectful and honest without saying everything that your rival could use.
  4. I don’t know, Jordan is the one who introduced Tiger to “those ladies” that caused his divorce, got him hit with a club and began his eventual career slide. I don’t think that would be a good pairing.
  5. USA Today used to have Bryan Burwell handle their sports columns but he passed away a few years ago. He used to be pretty good.
  6. I took it that he meant we are wasting his real talent by asking him to come up in the box like a SS when he should be back deep ball hawking.
  7. I know one thing, they are boring. So much info online, they aren’t saying anything new.
  8. Skip Bayless ( Tom Brady lover) even said TB wasn’t a very good golfer and that Peyton Outplayed him and won the match with a clutch swing in the last hole. Wow! You don’t ever hear him admit that kind of stuff.
  9. I’m easy to please. World domination where our opponents are seen crying after each game.
  10. With an experienced vet like Rivers, I would think we go back to the Manning days where the QB actually knows what the defense is going to do and you run it or pass it accordingly. Except in the 4th with a lead, you run it a lot against a stacked line and impose our will.
  11. The NFL has always had some gurus who watch game tape and make their analysis, like Jaworski or Cosell, etc...I like those kind of people.
  12. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to Rivers, Rhodes and Buckner. 3 stars brought in to transform this team. They won’t get better in a year, they will get older. They were brought in to win now. Rivers and Rhodes May not be here after 2 years so you guys are completely discounting we are in Win Now mode. You’re talking about Eason being the QB after 2 years and he will be like a rookie. You can’t expect him to win his first year.
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