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  1. Many people don’t have Aikman ranked that high. If he played for Cleveland I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be a HOF QB.
  2. Right, but if he had retired before that Super Bowl, he still deserved to be in the HOF is my point. Nobody did more with less than Walter Payton except maybe Barry Sanders.
  3. Tarkenton broke Johnny Unitas long standing record and he went to 3 Super Bowls. That would classify as special.
  4. I think an eye test is necessary. Walter Payton belonged even if he never won a SB. Yardage? Maybe but watching him, you saw his team was crappy and what he had to do to get those yards.
  5. Nobody’s really talking about Ben these days. An older QB coming back from injury, Rusty, and no Antonio Brown and he’s always talked retirement for some reason. Really don’t know what his year will look like. He could be great or he could struggle.
  6. Super excited. He’s not through either I bet. He works in groupings. This year is the Dline.
  7. We still have room to improve on our Oline. Wouldn’t you want to dominate in the playoffs no matter who you play?
  8. Yes he does. He’s the most open WR I have ever seen. It’s the system not Edelman because many before him got separation too.
  9. As you can see with this QB draft and most, not all QBs are accurate. When I played in HS, we had 2 guys with the strongest arms. One was a great leader and runner but his passing never was accurate. The other ended up not playing football because his Dad wanted him to get a baseball scholarship as a pitcher and didn’t want him injured. . He was extremely accurate and would have made a great QB. He did get a pitching scholarship.
  10. If he is there at 13 then lots of teams passed on him including teams drafting after us because they didn’t try to jump in front of us.
  11. Brady to Edelman Is an example Where separation is part of their success. The only successful contested throws I saw from him were to Gronk who caught everything.
  12. Kevin Hanson has the highest rated average. He won 2015 and was second last year. Even Silva is high also.
  13. Mayock was in the booth with Rich and Daniel and he touted Carr’s season and said his defense is what needed improvement. He was Very high on Carr. He could just be raising his value too. Idk.
  14. Right but that wasn’t my point. She acted like QB would play immediately and he wouldn’t. What’s his immediate impact if he’s not playing and JB is?
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