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  1. If playing causes more damage to his ankle/calf/bone, then that will be just like him Playing with the bad shoulder which almost ended his career. I don’t want him to play if that’s the outcome. If by pain management, they mean it will continue to hurt until it heals then that’s different.
  2. LockeDown


    HH was a 4 year kind of guy at Alabama. A team captain. SEC battle tested. He is likely more mature than most rookies.
  3. “...when he gets the locker room strong enough”. That still means drafting lots of high character guys. That’s our default.
  4. Zeke has had several off the field issues. Jerry supported him and now Zeke is holding out early. It ticked him off. Zeke is thought to have character issues outside of the money grab.
  5. Every RB and his agent know their shelf life in the NFL. They don’t have much bargain power no matter how good. It takes a smart GM like Ballard who holds onto his money to pay his own players. If Cowboys can’t pay everyone too bad for them. They mismanaged.
  6. When Ballard does take risk on a player it’s always with the hope of him changing to fit the locker room . Not the other way around.
  7. Ebron said in camp he needs to block better so He can stay on the field more. True because Doyle MAC and HH all block well AND they can catch. I hope he holds to that because we proved last year that when Luck is protected our offense is elite.
  8. Who knew that hopscotch would one day be the drill of choice for athletic tra8ners.
  9. Like a few of us I also think there is something special about H H
  10. Definitely OT imo. Unless Mudd and company can transform them into solid players..
  11. I had a baseball coach who had been a MLB pitching prospect. One day In batting practice It got away from him and he hit me with A 90 ish wild pitch. Scary as anything and he felt bad but It is a different world playing with the big boys. I had zero time to get out of the way. I would never criticize Andrew. He is as good of a guy as it gets and we’re lucky to have him.
  12. He will stop posting after our first win.
  13. If there’s someone to trust, it should be Tom House. He is the de facto go to guy.
  14. Ir sounds like Luck is still clear for takeoff
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