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  1. Let us remember that it was Peyton and Brady who spearheaded the movement that allowed each offense to use their own balls. This obviously led to Brady being able to use balls with below standard pressure. The plan was simple. Let his ball boys handle it after the refs measure. Good to go. Peyton has never been suspected or implicated of this practice. Dungy announced we won the Super Bowl the right way. That means we didn’t cheat and that he must know that others are guilty to say something like that.
  2. If Hilton shows up with “Just throw the ____ ball” hats, do you think the JB and Big Q would wear it?
  3. I hope JB and TY continue the success. Hopkins is always the one I fear.
  4. The Texans look like the better team than the Chiefs. Colts Texans should be a great game.
  5. Does a troll ever come here disguised as an optimistic Colt fan? No. They come here at opportunistic times and are negative nellies. Chiding most of us, denigrating the players, etc...It becomes difficult to differentiate between the trolls and the “objective” or “non fanboy” posters who are supposedly bringing light to our darkened eyes. They seem so incredibly much alike. There in lies the problem as to why some of us are defensive of our team.
  6. It’s not like Rebel and EastStreet picked Kelly and Reich picked Jacoby. They are both Reichs guys. He had a hand in bringing both of them to the Colts and we should indeed trust him to sift everything out. Also, the Colts have an analytics team. Theoretically, their data should match your data. So why shouldn’t we fanboys trust him to make the right decision regarding the most important position? Or do you think he is too biased in favor of Jacoby?
  7. Reich said anyone can be beaten.
  8. You keep your QB, LT and DE and pay them. In our case add LG to that mix.
  9. When he’s not in the lineup bad things happen. Pay him.
  10. We always start our streak the 6th week. So here we go...
  11. I think if teams take TY out, Ebron and Doyle and Cox need to be the main targets. I believe Reich is so good he will be getting these guys open as time goes on with his play calling.
  12. At least your honest. Most pessimistic people say they are “realists” but are somehow always negative.
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