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  1. It’s like “Leave you jerk or I’m calling the cops”.
  2. So much for Hollingsworth Mcgillicutty from the Butte School of Optometry.
  3. I agree. He’s my favorite and Gordon next. Fromm is a natural leader much the same way Jacoby is. He is a motivator and I think that is a style of leadership most accepted by fellow players .
  4. They’ve been Extra careful with the locker room. I say smoke signal.
  5. Curse you, scientists !!!! Why you didn’t clone him is on you!
  6. I’d like to see Brady go to a new team because for years I have predicted and said he would fail without Belichik or Gronk and I would like to finally see if the former is true. The latter has been proven imo. He looked lackluster without the greatest offensive weapon in the last decade. Imo. Time To prove he is no Peyton Manning who could win under Fox, Caldwell and possibly my grandmother, God rest her soul. Haha.
  7. I don’t think there is a good situation for Brady really. Back to the Pats to the only system he knows.
  8. McShay just told Rich E. that he doesn’t have confidence in any of the QBs outside of Burrows and Tua. They’re all projects.
  9. Peter King said he just can’t see them throwing Tannehill to the curb after the year he had.
  10. “Lower our endeavor for Trevor”
  11. I have to make a correction. That was one of our inside DTs. 6’2” 218 LBs. Haha
  12. Frank was really excited to have Groh coming on board, calling him the best receivers coach in the league.
  13. Ballard will not be on the hot seat anytime soon. Crazy talk.
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