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  1. So you don’t really agree with most?
  2. Not the worst idea I have heard. Just as long as we don’t trade Blue. Franchise mascots are really hard to find.
  3. Rivers is not the future, but he did not cost us victory yesterday. Far from it. If Eason is not the guy, my preference would be Stafford, if we could get him. If we traded for Darnold, I would support the Jags.
  4. We have a good team. A win against the unstoppable Bills was ours. Next year could be better. Gutted but not down. Frank perhaps needs to be more conservative. Just beat the Bucks!!! Anybody...
  5. Hi pal. I am very well, and enjoying retirement in the South of France! Hope all is well with you and yours! Still hoping to catch another game in Indy when the time is right!! Hopefully we can meet up this time!!! All the best to you for 2021, and hopefully we squeak a win on Saturday.
  6. Run the backside out of Buffalo on Saturday. That’s the weekly stat we want.
  7. Totally agree. Why should teams get an 'easier' game because of the scheduling? Rest your starters in week one or week 10 etc if you want to see the development of your younger players.... Disgusting, just like the Pollian shambles of 2009.
  8. Bills are not the team many are suggesting. What ‘top’ teams did they beat? Steelers at a push, and Seahawks. Their schedule could be papering over some cracks. I expect we have a chance.
  9. Good to see our TE’s in the trenches blocking like champs!!!
  10. Yep. And perhaps finishing 2nd or 3rd....
  11. Breaking: Potential HOF QB retires because he was pulled from the field on a random snap. I don’t blame him.
  12. The very best to you all. Be good, be wise and be kind.
  13. They did not look tired in the 2nd half on Sunday. They have had a poor run for 3.5 games. They will want to build on that last half. I do not think they will rest any healthy starters......
  14. On my one view, it looked like the PI happened before the tip. Who cares, it's gone.
  15. I am super frustrated that we only got a win. I wanted a win win. Frank needs to go.
  16. Don’t really care. Apart from McDaniels losing more street cred. I dislike him more than Brady or Billy-Bob Hoodie....
  17. If we play to our best, we have a chance of beating any team, and that includes KC. As long as we make the playoffs, I don’t really care who our opponents are or what our route is. We have a fighting chance.
  18. Definitely let him go. Only being a very very good player is not good enough for us. Only HOF type ability is what we need.
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