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  1. He'd probably be a top 10 pick if it wasn't for the injury history. I'm not saying I agree with the pick, but I understand it.
  2. The players union needs to step it up. I remember Eric Dickerson talked about this on Speak for Yourself a few years ago after the new CBA was ratified. The current players didn't want to expand the benefits for the retirees. Eric Dickerson was trying to get them to understand by taking care of the retirees, they'd be taking care of themselves in the future. He was upset because a lot of former players he played with are struggling mentally.
  3. That's sad to hear. He played for 9 years & didn't get a chance to enjoy 9 years of retirement.
  4. No. Anthony's clearly the better quarterback. I know he's injury prone, but AR5 is better option when available.
  5. Anthony Richardson's injury prone. No sliding or running out of bounds will help. Hopefully everything works out because he's electric to watch. He oozes superstar potential.
  6. Might as well kept Frank if we're going to continue to run his offense. I'm sick of watching safeties comfortably play 8 yards of the LOS against us. Just take a few deep shots a game. Is it too much to ask for?
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