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  1. Defense is still not a concern for me. We're still top 10. If you're expecting any defense to consistently hold teams under 20 points and 300+ yards in 2020, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The days of holding teams under 200 points and 3000 yards a season are over.
  2. Our defense is not overrated. Even the best defenses in NFL history have given up multiple 30 point performances in a season. Still the best in the NFL this season. More worried about the offense than the defense.
  3. Not worried about Clark. He'll be fine. He's a decent run blocker and I firmly believe we'd chip Garrett on every down regardless of AC's injury. No need to panic.
  4. Colts 28 Browns 10. All you need to is sniff Baker Mayfield and he'll scramble to the right every time. Eliminating half of the field won't bode well for them against us.
  5. I like Tony Jefferson. He'd be a good rotational piece for us.
  6. If the defense plays well, 28-10 Colts. We control the T.O.P and force them to be one dimensional on offense. If the D struggles, 31-24 Colts. Bears have a good defense, but I see our line holding up against their pass rush. Philip will have enough time to make that one throw to win the game.
  7. Colts 28, Jets 10. It'll be similar to our win against Min. We dominate T.O.P like we did today,
  8. Our D will be fine. No more free releases for receivers and we'll see a big difference.
  9. Philip Rivers is still the same quarterback he's always been. You're going to have to take the good with the bad. Next week, he'll throw for 36/46 363 yards 4TD's with no interceptions. This game didn't change my perception of Philip at all.
  10. And to think, some of the posters here wanted to pass on him b/c he was a guard. "Guard at 6? Not valuable enough".
  11. He doesn't have any recorded fumbles according to ESPN statistics.
  12. No you're not the only one. He's proven he can play in a pass first and run first offense. I don't know why he's not getting more hype. It reminds me of the disrespect Lamar Jackson received. I'm willing to go as far as to say Jordan Love getting drafted over him is a joke. He's going to be a steal for whoever drafts him. Hopefully it's us.
  13. Good fit. Our defense isn't complicated nor does it put as much pressure on DB's like Zimmer's blitzing scheme. He should have a good season with us.
  14. Been solid thus far. Huge upgrade over Pederson. We got a consistent outfielder with pop to platoon the outfield. Boys in blue going all in this year. If we don't win it all this year, we'll never win a W.S. The excitement and success of this season has been overwhelming.
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