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  1. Solon

    Power Running Game

    Our 1st two drives ended on 3rd and short. 3rd and 2/ 3rd and 3. If I'm not mistaken, we ran no back sets on both of those plays. Frank didn't give them a chance to establish the run. Our run blocking was there. Don't mistake those two big plays in the backfield made by Ford and the other guy. Our line was getting push, but Frank didn't commit to it. Mack could've easily ran for 150+ yesterday.
  2. Solon

    Mindset: Why it cost us

    What was the gameplan? Run the ball? Short or intermediate passes? Deep ball or play action? What was we doing out there? I'm thoroughly confused. I'm inclined to believe Frank Reich thought we could do whatever we wanted on this defense and didn't come into this game prepared for a fight.
  3. Solon

    Darn Steelers

    Well Titans, we're coming.
  4. Solon

    Question..where is Komiko Turay?

    Yep, he saw 1 snap and had a QB hit.
  5. Solon

    Report: Leveon Bell eyeing Colts

    Yeah, but when you're a premium player, you expect more in guarantees. The overall number may be 70, but you're only guaranteed 33 of that. I don't blame him. The Steelers are non-committal about him in the future. If he would've got hurt, they would've rescinded that contract offer immediately and let him walk in free agency. The chances of signing a major deal on another team would be unlikely if the aforementioned would've transpired. If the Steelers wanted him, they would've at least matched Todd Gurley's 45 million in guarantees.
  6. Solon

    Report: Leveon Bell eyeing Colts

    If Bell would've taken the deal the Steelers offered him, he would've only been guaranteed 33 of the 70 million. The Steelers had the contract set up that he would receive the 33 million in the first two years. After those two years are up, you're basically at the teams will. If they want to cut you for whatever reason, they could do so without penalty. They could also trade you to offload your contract and your newer team could cut you without penalty.
  7. Solon

    Report: Leveon Bell eyeing Colts

    I'd take him in a heartbeat. Bell and Mack would be a hell of a duo. With our line, we could be in position to have a dominant rushing attack. I'm also sick of people mentioning the contract situation with the Steelers. If they truly wanted him, they would've offered more guaranteed money. Steelers offered Bell 5 years 70 with 33 guaranteed. The money would've been paid within the first two years. So basically it's a 2 year 33 million dollar deal. Only a fool would've taken it. For perspective, Sammy Watkins signed for 3 years 48 million with 30 guaranteed.
  8. Solon

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    Of course, the one time I want the Patriots to win, they stumble out the gate.
  9. Solon

    Elliot 18 carries 87 yards

    I don't think it's misleading. Take away that fluky 24 yard run on 2nd and 19 and he's at 53. Cowboys line didn't open up many holes, Zeke just created some with his craftiness.
  10. Solon

    Where are you at with the Colts?

    I'm going with #3. The loss last week was huge. I don't see us catching Baltimore.
  11. Solon

    Colts @ Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Falcons too!
  12. Solon

    Miami hopefuly is not a trap game.

    Both teams are 5-5 and fighting for playoff positioning? I doubt the Colts overlook the Dolphins. If anything, they should view this game as a must win and leave everything on the field.
  13. Solon

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Kelly left with an apparent concussion.