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  1. Been solid thus far. Huge upgrade over Pederson. We got a consistent outfielder with pop to platoon the outfield. Boys in blue going all in this year. If we don't win it all this year, we'll never win a W.S. The excitement and success of this season has been overwhelming.
  2. Did anyone see Kevin Millar's rant on MLB Network just now? It was funny as hell.
  3. I thought we had a chance once we went up 2-1, but I just didn't feel it. A-Gon was the only one capable of getting a hit. I thought Puig matured a bit in the 2016 playoffs. He didn't hit, but his discipline on the plate impressed me.
  4. We have a talented roster; we just need them to stay healthy. We managed to make it to the NLCS despite having 28 players on the disabled list. Hopefully Kazmir can get healthy so we can finally have that deep pitching rotation we've all been waiting for.
  5. Let's go Dodgers, dun dun dundundun, Let's go Dodgers Dodgers over the Rangers in 5.
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