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  1. I say we resign him on a 1 year prove it deal. I'm not sold on Julian Blackmon as the starter next season. I believe Hooker is a better player.
  2. He made a couple of head-scratching decisions. I don't understand the stacked formation the last 3 plays before the hail mary too. It looked gimmicky and out of place. Run a traditional formation and let the best man win.
  3. Ravens just ran for over 400 yards against Cincy.
  4. Take care of business today gents and we're in. Let's GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Trent Green has been awful the entire game. He's just rambling at this point.
  6. Dam, I can smell it. Don't let us down Buffalo.
  7. It's going to be exciting and nerve-wracking. I can't wait. Still believe we're going to get in and make some noise too.
  8. I feel exactly the same way. The way he can design guys open is only surpassed by Andy Reid. However, it's like he doesn't read the room at times.
  9. Frank needs to get the play-calling together. He's great at designing plays, but he might need to pass the calling duties over to Nick. The fact we didn't start chipping consistently till the 2nd half is ridiculous. We completely abandoned the run despite Pitt never displaying the ability to consistently stop it.
  10. Turay walks with a limp. It doesn't seem major, but it's noticeable. It I don't think he's as healthy as I'd like to think he is. If the Colts weren't in contention, I don't think he'd be suiting up tbh.
  11. D has to improve in man-to-man coverage. Soft zone will only get you so far.
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