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  1. He's judging his performance based on stats like many on this board did. Teams rarely threw the ball at Hooker. It's funny how NFL teams respected his talent, but not his own fanbase. Our team was clearly better when he played. If he wasn't injury prone, he'd be one of the top paid safeties in the league.
  2. I never understood Ballard's free agency approach. We had the draft capital and money to go after some decent players, but we didn't. I hate to use a basketball analogy, but Ballard's closer to Danny Ainge than Mitch Kupchak. Sometimes you have to lose a trade or money to acquire a player who'll get you over the hump. Danny Ainge could never sacrifice his ego and lose a potential transaction for the greater good. I put Ballard in the same boat. However, with all that being said, Titans aren't better than us. Titans have always overachieved. From Steve Mcnair to CJ2k, they somehow always find a way to win despite glaring and obvious holes. They will not win a SB before us. I guarantee it.
  3. Colts 27 Ravens 17. Ravens aren't the same team from last year. Matthew Judon signed with the Patriots. Marcus Peters is out for the year. Villanueva is a step above Julien Davenport. I expect the Colts to perform well on Monday.
  4. I agree. We need a run stopping LB to pair with Leonard. I think he'd flourish in our system despite his limitations.
  5. Only thing I was worried about with Carson was fumbling. Outside of last season, his resume shows he doesn't throw many interceptions. He's being protective of the ball and it's keeping us in games. Once our offense gets healthy, I foresee multiple 300+ yard 2+ TD pass games coming.
  6. I won't say I disagree with the article. However, I don't believe we ever lost our identity. It was more about execution and injuries. We have a formula on how to win games and we faced two top 5 run defenses in the 1st 3 weeks of the season. It's not a coincidence we got on a roll vs Miami with their porous rush defense. It's going to be real difficult again this week facing another elite rush defense, especially without Big Q. We have to find a way to get the ground game rolling against this Baltimore front. If not, our offensive output will look similar to the 1st 3 weeks of the season.
  7. He was able to do it with Jacoby despite the uncertainty surrounding Lucks injury that off-season.
  8. 2019 Frank was elite with his RZ draw ups. What happened to that guy?
  9. Where did you see that? I've been searching for it and couldn't find anything about it.
  10. He's still the best QB of the 3 despite hampering injuries. However, if Ehlinger was healthy, I do think he would've made the start. He's a game manager type of QB.
  11. He was in there when it happened in the 1st half. It didn't result in a sack. It occurred again in the 2nd half when he was out too. It resulted in a sack.
  12. Injuries continue to bite us in the rear. The interior of the line needs to step up. Kelly and Nelson don't seem to be the same page. 3rd consecutive week they've allowed a blitzer to run through the LOS unscathed.
  13. Just screwing around with the Titans. I doubt the Colts would take a chance on him
  14. Line has to play better. Two games with 3+sacks 10+ QB hits. It's unacceptable going forward. Our defense lacks top end speed to compete. On the Kupp screen, you saw how soon Carrie broke out of his stance to take off down field. It was sad. Kupp literally took 1 step lol.
  15. Colts 31-Lambs 20. Rams have no where near the talent Seattle has on offense. Their defense is nowhere near the same as last season too. I'm from LA and I've watched nearly every Ram game the past 3 years. Losing Michael Brockers and John Johnson III was huge. Michael Brockers was more than a competent running mate for Aaron Donald. He was a big part of their run defense and it allowed Aaron Donald to focus on rushing the passer. Johnson III was an excellent clean up guy at safety. We have more than a decent shot at winning.
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