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  1. 2nd play of the highlight is almost a 40 yard sprint. He takes off from about the 38 but has to go around and angle outside of some players... I ran a stopwatch in another window and he runs about a 4.6.... take off the pads, and give him a straight sprint with no defense.... he might really have 4.4 speed
  2. This is an easy one. Mack: Has had trouble staying healthy. He can't handle being the workhorse alone for a whole season + playoffs. We drafted a back to keep Mack at 100%. He will get his carries still. We did nothing wrong by him. Hooker: Signing his option would have meant paying him a top 10 S salary this season. He has not had the same effect on our defense as Earl Thomas, Harrison Smith, Jamal Adams, Kevin Byard, Devin Mccourty, Adrian Amos, Derwin James, Malcom Jenkins, Eddie Jackson, Tyrann Matheiu. I am sure there are other safeties I could list here but these names came to mind. Hooker just has not been a difference maker. Now, he has 1 season to show that he IS a top 10 safety and then the Colts can resign him. The Colts are just making him earn his pay... no harm done. Brissett: We traded for him and gave him a shot as a starting QB. He didn't look like a guy that could lead us to a Superbowl and that is the goal right? So we brought in Rivers for a year AND kept Brissett on the payroll. He is on the roster to get another shot if Rivers (almost 40 years old) gets hurt. He is being paid like a starting QB.... we did no wrong by him either.
  3. Biggest breakout player this year will be........ Malik Hooker The pressure is on for him to shine.
  4. I think this idea is awful... sorry. 3 strikes, you are out. Give it up
  5. could is your key word there though. He "could" be.... lol Edge was probably my favorite Colt ever. was so fun to watch him play. just being hopeful that we "could" have us another feature back on the Colts!!
  6. no no no, Williams proved any RB could have a good game behind this line. Mack proved, an above average RB can look elite at times, behind this line. Now we hope Taylor is an elite back, and behind this line, we can see what a REAL run threat looks like. I like Mack, but no team is afraid of him. I'm hoping Taylor is that RB, that the other team has to fully game plan around and stack the box. We have not had a RB like that since Edge
  7. Maybe they just didn't pick up his option because they don't want to pay him that much and feel they can work out a cheaper deal
  8. Brother. It aas brief, but he did play for the colts
  9. Not even close... lol Clue: I have never played in a superbowl for the colts, but I have a superbowl ring
  10. I played for the Colts. I have 4 children. My brother also played for the Colts. I played in 1 Superbowl but lost.
  11. I lead the NFL in rushing yards and total TD's my rookie season.
  12. Child Please, Chad Johnson love it, great clue!!
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