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  1. Was even worse the way we lost Manning. He went and played for a different team and we still didnt get a comp pick
  2. Looks like we left it in Baltimore
  3. ok.... seems like everyone thinks the Jags won this trade. I kind of disagree. Ramsey is a difference maker on a defense. The dude is easily a top 3 CB in the league. The Jags could draft a CB with both the 1st round picks they got and most likely will not end up with a CB even close to as good as Ramsey. It is hard to find the real stars in the draft and when you get one on your team, it is never good to have to get rid of him just to try and find a replacement. Congrats Jax, you now suck on offense AND defense
  4. What if it was all a setup to get Jacoby on the field this season and raise his trade value or tank 2 things could happen: He plays like garbage, we draft early, Luck comes back next year and we have more around him, Colts win the Superbowl in 2020 or He plays very well and Luck comes back next year... We trade Brissett to the Bengals for multiple good picks, Colts win the Superbowl in 2020 #Sarcasm #WellMaybeKindaSerious
  5. i heard once that if you say something confidently enough times, then it becomes true. thought i'd give it a shot
  6. i think he has it backwards.... arent you actually suspended from being on an active roster?
  7. I think we have to take into account what Brissett wants for his career. This is his last year under contract. we keep him this year, then let him go, we would get a compensatory pick. so if we are going to trade him, it needs to be for more than what ever comp pick we would be receiving. This is all if he wants to be a starter in the NFL. If he is content with being the backup in Indy for a few more years then you consider resigning him. My guess is he wants to be a starter so I say, if you can get a 1 or a 2 for him then you take it.
  8. I think we will keep 6. those 5 and Fountain
  9. You forgot our head coach.... 2nd pick - Frank Reich
  10. just a camp body. he won't make the final roster.
  11. He sounds like a good kid.... the girl apparently "tried to obtain a legal restraining order, but was unsuccessful. Lawyer Michael Armstrong represented Okereke in this case." Okereke was accused by another student in 2015; the case was handled through the university’s Title IX process, and ultimately he wasn’t disciplined. The Colts confirmed that they were aware of the Title IX case against Okereke as detailed in the NYT story. In a statement to FoHo, Steve Campbell, Colts head of communications, wrote that "Considering our extensive due diligence, we felt comfortable selecting him." “When we looked at it and talked about it, in talking to the young man, [it’s] an incident from four years ago, no discipline by the university, he was never charged with a crime, and then you look at his track record from that point until now … from 2015 to 2019 in the draft, everything we gathered and the high recommendations we got, we felt it appropriate to take him,” Ballard said. Ballard said the Colts spoke with Okereke several times, and also spoke to people associated with Stanford and people “really close” to Okereke, and the team also reviewed the results of the Title IX investigation.
  12. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day.

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