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  1. Clowney, Buckner, and Houston?? Yes please With pressure like that and I think we would see Leonard and Hooker ball out too
  2. I mean ya, if there is an actual difference maker at WR i'd be all for it... I just think Swift is going to be REALLY special. I just dont want another average skill player. We need someone that a defense fears. I'm not saying i'd rather have Swift over Lamb, but if it is the top RB and future probowler or the 3rd or 4th best WR from the draft class.... I think you go with Swift. Yes, Mack is fine... but if we want to run the ball 35 times a game, he cant do it alone all year. Swift and Mack would give us the top running game in the league.
  3. why would it be wasting a pick? we need another RB to go with Mack. we are setup to run the ball a lot. Swift is on another level than any other back available. The way he makes people miss, and our oline, he would be a steal at 34 we cant fill every hole with the 34th pick.
  4. what about Swift at 34? I think he is going to be an elite NFL RB
  5. i say we trade away both 2nd round picks and move up to get Ceedee Lamb or pick Jalen Hurts in the 2nd
  6. maybe NE is just going to tank this year for Trevor Lawrence
  7. Simmons made Casey expendable. I would guess this was done to free up money for a big signing coming soon. Possibly Clowney to Tennessee
  8. Trade JB back to the Patriots for a 2nd round pick
  9. Marlon Mack, James Conner, Aaron Jones, Dak Prescott
  10. Kyle

    Just asking

    Ya, the weather in Indiana was actually the issue.
  11. every single thing you and Jared are saying is hypothetical... you are both assuming there was another option...maybe there wasn't. none of us know
  12. neither... the question was "can your locker room handle a big name free agent" No GM will say no to that question. he talked up the locker room and it's leaders, and then said yes, like every single other GM would
  13. Ya, lets hire him for a bunch of money, then not make him work but still pay him. That will show him. Take that Tom!!
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