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  1. I'd take Fournette or Cook in the 1st in a heartbeat... "You don't use a 1st on a RB" is nonsense if he's the best OVERALL player available... either of those guys easily COULD be just that if they even make it to our pick... Besides the afformentioned 2 backs, which I believe both can/will be great, everyone else is a RBBC back to me... Thats not a bad thing at all... I personally want someone to fill that role from this draft if we don't get Cook/Fournette... Thank you all for a couple of guys to read into/watch tape on if we don't end up with either of those 2
  2. The only players on that list that "excite" me at this point in the season are Berry, Poe, and Brandon Williams... Teams don't let ELITE talent hit free agency unless they simply can't afford them most times... not sure of Baltimores cap situation but I HOPE Berry and or Poe hit free agency... In my dream "maddenesque" world we get Berry and Williams... build the rest through the draft... none of the other talent screams "overpay for me" in my humble opinion...
  3. Personally I feel whoever our new GM is they are somewhat handcuffed to Pagano... They may not share the same "vision" per say but I'm not too hot on any of the available names for head coaching gigs this late in the game either way... If I was our new GM I'd ride it out with Pagano this year... The defense needs playmakers PERIOD regardless of position or possible scheme change next year... Pick the best players this year... Find the man to lead them next year... This may not be the optimal situation to fall into regarding coaching... But as a GM knowing I'm inheriting
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