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  1. You heard it here first... he will sign with the Arizona Cardinals
  2. Colts win this one by a blowout. Colts 31 - 9
  3. Why you all giving up on this dude? He is human, like the rest of us, and maybe he had some things going on in his head. Sometimes you don't know what you have until you lose it, and this guy lost football. Maybe, just maybe, he realizes that without football, he has no opportunities like it and is ready to put in the work. Or he is a complete turd... just saying who knows what is going on with this dude but maybe he just needs another chance
  4. thats a lot of excuses. Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, Tee Higgins, Brandon Aiyuk all look legit dealing with the same stuff
  5. I just don't see it. Pittman doesnt look like anything special to me. I think Pascal Campbell and Straughn will all have bigger years
  6. So many people with not enough info giving opinions on when he will be ready to play.... https://arrowheadaddict.com/2021/03/01/kc-chiefs-news-eric-fisher-injury-update-achilles-mid-august-return/ The only info we really have is this link, the most recent article i could find with a timetable for his return, and the Colts medical staff and team giving him a physical and then signing him.... I'm guessing he plays week 1 of the regular season.
  7. This is where my head went immediately also.
  8. Step 1: Sign golladay... Step 2: draft defense Step 3: win superbowl
  9. Matt Ryan has been throwing to Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley... we have nothing close to those 2. He also has about the same mobility as rivers. I'd like to think we'd get the 4500 yards and 30 td Matt Ryan he was in Atlanta, but I just don't see it
  10. I mean... really we are gaining a 1... so we lose 2 3rds and next years 1st to get a Fields. Yes please
  11. So... just spit balling here... What picks would it cost us to move up to #2 and get fields?
  12. Why does it seem he has a problem starting Eason? Could have brought rivers back.... nope Could have traded for stafford.... nope No other qb has been brought it. Nothing has been done to give any negative sign. Do I think Eason will start? No, I think we trade up and get our qb in the draft... but until we sign or draft someone early, all signs point towards Eason.
  13. He showed no heart or desire this year. The dude tried to basket catch a hail mary....
  14. Some real head scratchers. Penalty on the PAT so then we can go for 2 on the 1 yard line. Moving us 1 yard closer made him decide we should go for 2 because being 1 yard closer makes a big difference. Then we line up in shotgun!!! So stupid.
  15. Scantling is a solid deep threat and they will probably have Lazard back. Not to mention Jones out of the backfield. They have lots of weapons and will be a real test for our defense
  16. It's not like me wanting Metcalf was the exception. Metcalf being great was much closer to being a fact than Campbell ever being great. picking Campbell over metcalf was stupid. That is a fact. Ballard went against the grain and it failed. It gets real annoying when people state that a GM doesnt have the gift of hindsight when drafting. That is his job, to know more than the average person. He has made great picks at other spots, this one should have been another great pick.
  17. Umm... You do realize Metcalf was the clear and obvious pick for any team taking a WR. We chose to take Parris Campbell, another 5'9 WR, instead of Metcalf. Parris had about the same knock on him as Metcalf when it came to the route tree. Parris was thought to be a project player, Metcalf was thought to be 6'4 with 4.3 speed. His ceiling was immensely higher than Campbell's. I have complained about this pick since day 1. (I complained about picking Werner over Rhodes up until the day we passed on Metcalf)
  18. Sounds like you think the only variable in yesterday's game was us not having TY. Pretty sure the variable was that we played the Ravens defense and not the vikings, jets, jags, or bengals.... They even played missing their best CB. We are an average team that has looked better than that based on who we have played. We will be lucky if we finish above 500
  19. I liked when Dez Bryant came in the game and the announcers brought up the "Dez no catch play". They went on to talk about how stupid it was to call that incomplete and then asked Gene about it... "I was the one who reviewed that play and ruled it an incomplete" and then tried to explain why.... there was a brief awkward silence. Gene still claims he got that call right too.
  20. Maybe that is why we don't have a #1 WR on the team. At some point the trenches are built and we need to get a real, must double team every snap, threat at WR.
  21. I'm with you. I have said this since week 1. Biggest disappointment this year is Hilton playing with no heart or passion. Just looks like his head is somewhere else this year...
  22. Is he though? I don't recall the situation he is referring to in the Colts game... but in last night's game they almost called helmet to helmet on a play and decided not to call it.... the very next play they called the defense for leading with the helmet, when he clearly did nothing wrong. Sometimes it seems when the refs have a couple close calls that they decide not to throw a flag, they find a reason to throw one on the following play. It is probably just a mental thing due to being human and not anything malicious. Basically they feel it might look like they are being too one sided so psychologically, without realizing it, they make a call on the other team easier than normal. I can't tell you how many times I have said out loud, "here comes a make up call", and there is a random holding call on the offense they don't show a replay of on the next play. Maybe I'm thinking too deep into this?
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