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  1. I would agree . I thought he played well and is a great run blocker. If he is available sign him to a one year deal and let’s go.
  2. Both are made of glass. Neither will make a impact this year. It is a shame, both have so much talent.
  3. Eason. Don’t waste cap space on JB.
  4. I’m okay with it. Just giving a third and a conditional second pick has a good trade by Ballard. He is still young. Can throw deep and can run. Under Frank I think he will be good. Can’t wait for the season to start.
  5. I would like to have him but a 1st round pick is step for his age and injury history. 2nd this year and 4th next year
  6. This team needs a better QB and River 's and JB don't fit the part. Where we will be drafting the top QB's will be gone. There will be options for trades and FA.
  7. Barkley is playing QB now for the Bills. Bummer.
  8. I didn’t see they changed the game time for the Texans and Titans. Nope Eason will be inactive.
  9. Since the game has been moved to 4:25 Sunday, we will know if we are in or out of the playoffs. If all the teams win that we need to lose why not play Eason? They can see what they have or need to draft a QB.
  10. He is not my Eason. And I hope Rivers is one and done.
  11. Probably not. Packers are playing for the #1 seed and that means more.
  12. That is why Rivers can't be the QB next year. We need a QB that can pass and run.
  13. The good thing about next weeks games are all teams that control OUR destiny play at the same time. The Bills will have to play all their players to keep the second seed. The Steelers will play all their players for a chance at the second seed. The Ravens will not loose next week. Looks like the Titans will get beat and will still win the division. The Texans will pack it in next week and not show up. We do have a chance to get in next week if we win. It just sucks having to hope a team gets beat for our Colts to get in.
  14. If we get in we aren’t going anywhere. We showed that today we this ugly loss.
  15. Frank and Rivers lost this game. Yea the Defense played bad the second but who decided to play Rock at corner today. Frank did. Why is he still on the team? . Rivers looked old and it is not going to get better. We need to go in a different direction next year. We can’t go into next year with an old man at QB.
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