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  1. Rivers arm is not a fit for BA’s offense. He can’t throw the deep ball anymore.
  2. Signing free agents will be hard for Ballard because of the the lack of a QB. Play makers will not want to sign with JB at QB. It will be a build through the draft year again for Ballard. He will be forced to stay the course.
  3. Well Chad is inactive again for the last game of the year and nothing but a meaningless game. Makes perfect sense for this crappy season.
  4. JB is a backup QB at best. Glad we have him after Andrew quit playing, but he is not a long term solution. See what Kelly can do in one of the remaining games and see what he can do in real game action.
  5. The two picks from 53 but after that nothing.
  6. Yep. No QB or Kicker along with all the injuries. Was so excited about this team back in late April.
  7. AC should get some blame for the blocked kick but Hunt deserves most of the blame. Watch the play again.
  8. TY will be starting is 8th season next year and he has been hurt two years in a row. This year much worse than last year but I can see him missing more time as he gets older. WR is a must on the draft board and free agent list for next year.
  9. Man this has been a long season.
  10. I would cut Hoyer and keep Kelly. Hoyer is awful and Chad has more upside.
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