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  1. Rivers has had two bad games in a row. The podcast is correct about his arm strength and we all see he is slow and can’t escape a pass rusher. He never took some good San Diego to the promise land so how could he start now?
  2. I like this pick. Good speed and motor.
  3. He is hurt. Won’t play this year.
  4. One of my all time favorite Colt. RIP Mike Curtis.
  5. No just No to Cam. I have watched him with the Panthers for years and no way would I want him as a Colt.
  6. Andrew is coming back LOL
  7. JB is a backup QB at best. Glad we have him after Andrew quit playing, but he is not a long term solution. See what Kelly can do in one of the remaining games and see what he can do in real game action.
  8. TY will be starting is 8th season next year and he has been hurt two years in a row. This year much worse than last year but I can see him missing more time as he gets older. WR is a must on the draft board and free agent list for next year.
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