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  1. AlanNC

    The Current State of The Colts Roster (March)

    Thank you BlueShoe for this post. I was thinking about this all day yesterday at work and this lets me know someone else is thinking like I am. Great Job!!!!
  2. AlanNC

    Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    All this cash and no one wants to spend it.
  3. AlanNC

    Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    I am a UNC fan and don't feel bad. Eric destroyed a lot of college teams when he played at Carolina. He would be a major upgrade over all our all TE we have other than Jack Doyle. That is because of Jacks blocking ability. Eric would be a big fast target for Andrew.
  4. AlanNC

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Welcome back Frank. So happy you got the job. I wanted him all along. Never wanted that other guy anyway.
  5. AlanNC

    Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    R.I.P Edwin.
  6. AlanNC

    KC coaches

    One and done playoff team and not good coaching.
  7. AlanNC

    KC coaches

    One and done playoff team and not great coaching
  8. AlanNC

    KC coaches

    What is so interesting about any of KC coaches? The o-line is just average and the play calling is not great. Toub or Nagy don’t impress me that much.
  9. Who will we beat? 2-14 is more like it.
  10. AlanNC

    Coughlin Jaguars 2.0

    Every QB goes off on us.
  11. AlanNC

    Who likes a challenge? Defend Pagano

    He has been the problem for a long time. Yesterday did surprise me. Just more of what we have seen for years. Poor decisions , lack of decisions, and not willing to make adjustments or making the wrong adjustments.
  12. To early to tell. A lot of strange moves over the past few days.
  13. AlanNC

    Andrew Luck taken off PUP list (Merge)

    Good news but after trading Dorsett why take up roster spot with four QB's.