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  1. AlanNC

    Ty to play

    Thank you Dr. Chloe6124 for be all knowing.
  2. AlanNC

    Ty to play

    If it will help TY to set two weeks to get healthy then do it. It is not worth risking TY making his injury worst. We will need him after the bye more than one game today.
  3. Any player with a medical issue should not play this week with the bye next week. With what we have out and nicked up it will be a long shot at best to win Sunday night. Get healthy and win the AFC South.
  4. They won’t need them. They have proven it. We have to many injuries to win this game.
  5. We will be 2-3 after next week. We need to get healthy during the bye week or it will be hard for us to win the AFC South. Today was ugly for sure.
  6. He is a big bodied receiver with good hands. He also was a good blocker. Not obsessed but he is good option.
  7. Hope we sign him since 17 is gone for a while. I don’t think he signed with anyone.
  8. Only for a 7th round pick. Eli is not worth more than that.
  9. Should have never been a GM period.
  10. Jacoby is one of the best back up QB’s in the NFL. A back up will not take us to the playoffs. We will win 6 to 8 games but that will keep us out of draft at the top of the draft.
  11. Chad Kelly has to stay now. He has more upside than Jacoby.
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