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  1. AlanNC

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    I watch the Panthers I know this is a bad signing. I love Enron signing because he was awesome when he played for the North Carolina Tarheels.
  2. AlanNC

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    First boneheaded move by Ballard. I have watched KF for years with the Panthers and he is awful. Bad bad bad signing.
  3. AlanNC

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    Better blocker.
  4. AlanNC

    Colts Re-sign Jalen Collins to 1-Year Deal.

    Could help save a draft pick for another need. Good move by Ballard.
  5. The game plan was horrible today.
  6. AlanNC

    Where are the Naysayers?

    I am one who said 5-11 would be the final record. So happy I was wrong. Andrew , our O-line, and this young defense have be a wonderful surprise. GO COLTS!!!
  7. AlanNC

    1975 Baltimore Colts Analogy

    I also am an old Baltimore Colt fan since 1969. I remember the 1975 Colts to and Bert to Roger Carr was fun to watch. This year does have some of the 1975 Colts feel. This team is so young and is fun to watch. I like going to YouTube and watch highlights of the mid 70's Colts. Thank you for starting this topic. Brings back so many memories.
  8. AlanNC

    Ryan Kelly OUT

    Ryan has become Mr. plastic. Not sure if will ever play a full season. Sad, it makes the difference in or running game.
  9. AlanNC

    Will 10-6 even make the playoffs ?

    Not without help.
  10. AlanNC

    Props to that Colts Defense

    This defense so fun to watch. It is also fun to see a defense again. It has been so long since we could have confidence in a defense that can make a stop and make big plays. GO COLTS!
  11. You beat me to the comment.
  12. AlanNC

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    Of the 6 losses, 3 are all on Frank. Today was just awful. Terrible game plan for sure.
  13. AlanNC

    Colts Releasing Denzelle Good

    Phillip Walker is the human Yo-yo. Why release him yesterday to resign him today. Crazy.
  14. AlanNC

    I do not like Luck as receiver

    This BETTER be the last time Andrew is a receive. The way he landed on his shoulder we are so luck-y
  15. Hope that decision doesn’t cost us a playoff spot.