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  1. JB mobility??? He literally runs slower than Peyton Manning. Does he have an awesome cell phone service or something?
  2. If Kenny Moore is cool with it, I am too
  3. I like that Ballard is changing up his approach personally. It really doesn't matter what he does, some people are insatiable and will complain regardless.
  4. I just hope he got a "buy 2 ankle surgeries and get free hand surgery" deal
  5. Looking up some stuff on Day, he plays/looks like/reminds me of Autry
  6. Actual footage of Kent Sterling saying *ic things on the internet: Seriously though, STOP. This is total bullcrap and he needs to be fired from whatever "job" he has
  7. Love Rock...I think he's going to keep getting better and better. Also, Rap sucks nowadays....like really really bad.
  8. Buckner > unknown at #13 by millions of light years
  9. Surprised about Bobby Anderson signing for $10M/yr....that's what Colts paid Funchess for 34 yards. I've thought they should move Hines to WR for awhile, but WR is a definite need for sure. I hope Campbell and Fountain can stay on the field.
  10. With letting Desir go, I thought we would've heard something in terms of a free agent CB signing by now.
  11. While I won't enjoy looking at his face every weekend, Rivers is an upgrade over Brisket.
  12. Rumor has it he dropped the pen signing the contract
  13. Kept Quincy Wilson but let Desir go??? Crazy. I hope we get someone even better, and/or we re-sign him for cheaper. Zero interest in watching Clowney jump offsides in a Colts uniform.
  14. I love this trade. Proven game wrecker, team capt, good attitude. Plus it makes the LB's and secondary jobs easier. Imagine Buckner up the middle, Turay off the side, and my guy Kenny Moore coming off the blitz. I don't care what offensive coordinators come up with, that's hard to handle.
  15. When a unstoppable force meets an immovable object
  16. Keep doing whatcha doing O'Brien!! The AFC South thanks you
  17. Don't take away football. The NBA and soccer sucks, but it will be warm by the time the season starts and this virus will go bye bye. (Hopefully)
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