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  1. Lunch apparently Dang, ok thanks for the update.
  2. I hope the Rhodes lead back to Indy!
  3. Man, remember when the Colts had Bradshaw and would run that throw play to him and score every time? That was money! Play calling becomes even more important the shorter the field gets.
  4. One of Reggie's best games was with those orange gloves for the game dedicated to Chuck!
  5. Maybe with Castanzo retiring, that might factor into Rivers decision? I'd like to see a 1st round and Brissett to Lions for Stafford. I don't want to lose Dodds, but if he becomes their GM, maybe that can help make this happen.
  6. Hhahahaa, I had just said the same thing to my bro-in law!!
  7. Well Castanzo says Nelson can do it......hmmm........ https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/12/anthony-castonzo-quenton-nelson-has-all-the-skills-to-play-left-tackle/ Anthony Castonzo announced his retirement on Tuesday and that decision adds something to the Colts’ list of needs for the offseason. They will need a new starter at left tackle, but they may not have to look all that far to find one. During a press conference after his announcement, Castonzo said that he’s seen left guard Quenton Nelson have fun taking some reps at the position in practice and
  8. I'm with Superman on this one......I don't like that idea at all
  9. Congrats on retirement Castanzo - thanks for the many years of outstanding play. You were severely under rated! and........
  10. If Watson went to the Phins, would that make Tua be available?
  11. Sure he dropped two passes, but Taylor didn't lose this game, come on.
  12. Keep Frank as the head coach, but he needs to hand over the play calling to Sirianni. While I don't like the call to go for the TD (instead of taking the FG) Rivers has got to make that throw to Pittmann. I also think we kept the wrong kicker, but that's for another time.
  13. Gotta draft a 1st round pass rusher assuming they don't trade away the 1st pick for Stafford. Let Jacoby do his thing somewhere else and Eason is #2
  14. Thatta boy! I hope Dodds and Morroco Brown both stay in Indy
  15. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/08/matt-eberflus-turns-down-offer-to-interview-for-texans-head-coach/ Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus has turned down the Texans’ request to come in for an interview for their head coaching vacancy. The Texans initially sought permission to interview Eberflus before hiring General Manager Nick Caserio, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports. Although no reason has been given for why Eberflus turned the Texans down, it raises the question of whether he’s leery of the issues going on in Houston, where many peopl
  16. Here Elway can be seen greeting the new GM
  17. Including, but not limited to any one of the following: 1) Actually use Mo Allie Cox in the passing game 2) Throw some slant routes 3) Run play action more than 3x a game
  18. I hope Irsay does this and persuades Dodds to stay:
  19. Bills will stack the box to slow down Taylor, but somehow the Colts manage to be up at the half 14-10 (7 of it within the first drive since only the 15 first plays are scripted) Then in the 2nd half, they will make zero offensive adjustments, but the Colts D switch to soft zone and Allen will go on a tear. Bills 38 Colts 17
  20. He did great for someone who hasn't played in what, 2 years? Especially since Nelson was taking almost all the reps at LT during the week. Hope Castanzo doesn't retire, but if he does, Veldheer would be willing to play again next year.
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