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  1. I think the players are good for the most part. We could certainly do a lot worse than Ballard, and I'm personally glad he and Dodds are at the helm. Coaches not scheming said players to play to their strengths is what I would like to see improved upon.
  2. Oh how everyone forgets Davenport @ LT
  3. Trade Wilkins instead of Mack. Ham sammich?
  4. Wentz played great last night. I like seeing the zip on the passes that need it, and the touch on the other throws. If he gets those sailing passes (seems like he has like 3-5 a game?) under control, his numbers will even be better.
  5. Remember what MJD (Maurice Jones Drew) used to do to the Colts?
  6. Me this morning after reading this It's too soon for me to get all hyped up and start believing just yet
  7. Hey, let's play soft zone when the game is on the line and let them march down the field! Especially when we are down to 4th stringers...what a great idea! That long TD Ravens threw was completely on Flus for not giving safety help. This pass rush is beyond PATHETIC. Buckner has been taking double and sometimes triple teams almost every game, and QB's still have waaaay too much time to throw. I want someone to ask Reich why he runs JT outside the tackles (both for 10+ yards) and then sends Hines up the middle YET AGAIN (for a 3rd run in a row) Reich needs to stop with the analytics and takes the * points. He tries to get cute waaaaaaay too often. They kept the wrong kicker. Nice to see Campbell doing something. About time they figured out that using Mo Allie Cox leads to good things! Also, I'm a big Mack fan (and he did well) but not when he's taking carries away from JT when he's running absolutely elite. Wentz looked really good. At the end....Reich using Wentz for the "QB sneak" to get 2 yards instead of going for the 1st down was an absolutely * poor decision. Esp when your kicker is having issues. Reed and Pryor have really stepped in well also. Should've won that game. That was a back breaker.
  8. They should've kept the other kicker
  9. The flopping wasn't the worst part, Doyle pushing down of the dude's head was. That's very uncharacteristic of Doyle, so I'm not sure what the dude said to him. Either way, not cool.
  10. Colts track record in primetime games.......
  11. Idk, Rhodes looked like his hands were pretty "sticky" last Sunday the way he was mugging those WR's
  12. Colts don't do real hot in primetime games Ravens gonna have some deep shots too Leonard being hobbled and trying to keep up with Jackson doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies either. Ravens 24 Colts 13
  13. So could the Colts get him this year w/o having to pay him the $7M? if so, I'm with you....go after this dude. He's a Fort Wayne native and I would love to see him on the Colts. We need a Walker / D'Qwell Jackson type of run stopper LB on this team.
  14. The Titans use play action extremely well. I would love to see A LOT more of it on this team. Especially since they have the run game to back it up.
  15. I guess alot can happen in 3 yards..... but how the heck would he have gotten injured on his one catch?
  16. Yup, need more of that
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