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  1. I think JT will even better this year since he'll be back to normal (QB under center) and not running shotgun so much.
  2. Here's hoping Reich & Co. can get Wentz back to his former self (before last yr) and the change of scenery will help!
  3. Yeah I think Ballard got a great deal for the potential Wentz has if he stays healthy. Wentz was the next best option available (Stafford gone, Watson won't get traded to division rival/too much capital cost regardless) I just hope Reich's affinity for getting QB's that know his system is just happenstance that those QB's are available, and not a lack of him being able to tailor his system to fit his QB's strengths. I don't think that's the case, but something that popped in my mind. I do believe Ballard will find another veteran QB to fill the #2 spot (pl
  4. LT I've read (admittedly don't know personally) this year's Tackle class is deep, so hopefully that's where the board leads them. Since Ballard gave up picks for Wentz, I'd bet he trades down for more 2nd rounders since he "love those picks" I'm definitely not sold on Ballard picking DE with 1st rd pick (he does better picking O-linemen than DE's by far) I'd also like them to re-sign Rhodes so CB isn't a bigger concern than it already is.
  5. Woooooooo!!! Yay! Not to take away from Rivers, but can't wait to see some actual QB rollouts! I'm excited to see some actual PLAY ACTION I'm excited to see the Colts not play shotgun 95% of the time - JT will love getting back to QB under center Another great Ballard move!! Let's pray he stays healthy
  6. They should ask Romo for predictions. He's literally the ONLY good thing about CBS
  7. No prob! Glad I could help ensure you were able to follow along
  8. At first I was upset that we didn't land Stafford, until I saw the haul Detroit pulled in for him......pure insanity. Watson's worth just skyrocketed as well. I hope Eason is ready, and Brissett is NOT part of the equation.
  9. Texans need more draft picks since the Colts best friend O'Brien gave them all away, so it would make sense to get rid of Crybaby Watson. But man are they going to have a hard time replacing that guy.
  10. The Eagles are taking Colts coaches like the Jets take Colts players. lol The Philly Colts coaching staff!
  11. This is a huge loss. Thank you for all you did for this team and the NFL coach Rathman! You will be missed!!
  12. Would be great, but you still have to get someone to throw it to him
  13. It's not going to happen so the point is moot. But I agree he's a better option than anything else on the table. Cool thanks for breaking down what he said - just tired of hearing about Luck. Again, just tired of hearing about it.
  14. Enough with the Luck talk, Irsay......LET IT GO!!!
  15. After Nelson gets his contract, I heard he wants to build a pool to hold al his money:
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