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  1. With our 1st rounder most likely gone, I seriously doubt Ballard is coming of any picks
  2. I thought Buster Skreen would've been it (no idea how well he's playing, just recognize the name) but Colts secondary needs all the help they can get. Nice moves
  3. Okereke needs to step it up. Like, a lot. I noticed one play in the Texans game the RB blew past him and he was completely turned around. For being supposedly a coverage LB, those numbers are ridiculous.
  4. If this happened in training camp Wentzszn would've lost his mind!!!
  5. Hey I'm just glad we finally have a QB that can throw the long ball (accurately I might add) Nice to see what Wentz is capable of when he's given time.
  6. Your best ability is availability
  7. Totally me when people say this about the Colts already:
  8. The ultimate irony would be if Bears fired Nagy and traded for Rodgers next year LOL
  9. I'm so over the announcers checking in with the "expert ref" they have on call when replays happen. All they do is agree with the ref's call on the field (whether it was bogus or not)
  10. I'm just glad they are/were both Colts! Colts picked Edge back then instead of Ricky Waters thank God JT is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches it.
  11. 1) I hope Ya Sin is ok, but Rodgers had a heckuva play on that INT 2) This defense needs some pass rush BAD (not named Buckner) 3) Reed is impressive taking over for Big Q 4) I'm glad Reich listened to whoever had a talk with him about opening up the play book 5) Excellent to see Wentz airing it out 6) How the heck did Campbell get hurt? That dude's health is extremely concerning 7) Okereke had career high tackles, but man did he get spun around a few times 8) Good win - now string some together! 9) KEEP THROWING TO MO ALLIE!!!
  12. Not sure how Campbell and TY even got injured, but if they go down, Strachan should get more opportunity.
  13. I like how he was looking for the handoff again after he nabbed that INT. His situational awareness is impressive. I love when he punches out the ball, but his tomahawk is a thing of beauty.
  14. I think the players are good for the most part. We could certainly do a lot worse than Ballard, and I'm personally glad he and Dodds are at the helm. Coaches not scheming said players to play to their strengths is what I would like to see improved upon.
  15. Oh how everyone forgets Davenport @ LT
  16. Trade Wilkins instead of Mack. Ham sammich?
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