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  1. REGGIE...REGGIE...REGGIE!!! Besides him arriving in training camp in absolute and utter style every season, he was a classy dude. He was such a great player and such a bad man! Besides the game where he played in orange gloves (for Pagano), this were some of my fonder catches/memories of him late in his career:
  2. *insert RAWR* He'll suck here, then go to the Bills and be awesome! *ribble rabble grrr* AM I DOING IT RIGHT???
  3. Simply moving out of Philly will do wonders for a person
  4. "That’s the No. 1 thing because it’s the No. 1 thing.” - Matt Eberflus
  5. Wow that TItans homer dude is a putz lol. Hahahaha @ 2:08 the other guy puts up stats on #2 WR's that have better stats than Julio Jones....... Zach Pascal.
  6. The thought of Julio Jones lined up across from Ya-Sin
  7. I would hope Tevi's rating doesn't drop. I don't see how it could be lower.
  8. Agree 100% Now it's Brady's turn in a few years
  9. Flus seems like the type of dude who would be fun to go have a drink with.
  10. Grab him next time he unretires lol
  11. When he gets into the HOF everyone will be upset we got rid of him!!! (we need a sarcasm font)
  12. Yeesh....Poor guy must've had nightmares every Sunday night.
  13. Are other GM's in the league as cool as Ballard?
  14. How bout actually throwing to Mo- Allie Cox and using him more? That dude is a beast !
  15. Oh, you mean the site that argues with themselves?
  16. tvturner smashing everyone's hopes and dreams:
  17. Hey, the last guy named Woods we had on the D-Line wasn't too shabby.....
  18. The last time the Colts won the first game of the regular season was............. 2013
  19. Tebow somehow got a bad rap and I'm not sure why. He is a great dude, and actually a really talented athlete. I hope he makes the team and puts everyone's foots in their mouths who have talked crap about him.
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