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  1. Dude hit the nail on the head @ 2:36
  2. The worst thing is Griggles was a former O-Lineman. You'd think he'd be able to figure it out a little better.
  3. I'd personally like to see waaaaaay more play action, regardless of Rivers thinking it's better to have your head down the field or not. I'd have to re-watch the game to get exact numbers, but the 3 or so times they ran it they were successful with chunks of 30+ yards.
  4. You know who he reminds me of? (obviously without all the nasty attitude) Grover definitely is a great player that Cotls should try to keep!
  5. Man I hope he is ok. He is a huge part of the Defense! Side note: I sure do miss him blitzing.....he is sneaky good at it
  6. Our Defense is pretty nasty! Stewart and Buckner together....woooweee Hines came to play! He was the fastest guy on the field last night. For awhile there I wasn't sure is Titans Specials Teams or Frank Reich was trying to give more points away. Congrats to JB on his $7.5M touchdown lol Good job to the team for finally putting two halves of a game together.
  7. He looked a lot better than Yasin tonight, and I've been a Yasin fan.
  8. He came to play last night, looked like the fastest dude on the field! Good thing he bounced a lot of those runs to the outside. Colts do so much better with runs to the outside.
  9. Never been a fan of PFF grades, but........ Crazy that the O-Line has regressed that much, but at least Glow is getting better. Sure miss Howard Mudd !!
  10. I hope they start using TY in the slot more. I'd like to see them scheme Mo Allie Cox more anyways
  11. I bet this alone lowered their offsides penalties by at least 97%
  12. I predict the Colts will look awesome for half the game.
  13. 1 statue made of Syrup and 1 statue made of Molasses....what could go wrong? lol
  14. Comparing Reich to Pagano isn't fair/warranted at all. I still think that INT was called incorrectly. I also have a sneaking suspicion JB was put in there because Rivers can't throw it that far.
  15. Please stop trying to justify overpaying JB and leave him on the bench.
  16. Man that guy (supposed to be expert on rules) they always check in with is a complete joke. Gene Steratore I think is his name? All he ever does is agree with the call on the field regardless of how horrible the call was to begin with.
  17. Thanks for doing that. I'd be interested to see how many times the Colts ran on 1st (and 2nd) down. That percentage in the first half had to be extremely high. I know it wasn't exactly this, but it sure seemed like RUN, RUN, PASS every set of downs.
  18. If it wasn't for the great defense, this team would only have a few wins
  19. Hate to say it, but I'm glad it was only a year contract.
  20. How can the Colts be soooooo bad at running (and defending) screens for literally years? I wish this team could put 4 quarters of a game together. It's crazy how they either look great in the first half and terrible in the 2nd half, or vice versa. I'd like to see the percentages of how many times the Colts Run it on first down vs. Pass. Is it 75%? I know it doesn't, but it sure seems like Reich's playbook simply says run, run, and when you are stuck in 3rd and 6 try and pass your way out of it. His play calling is really suspect. Philip Rivers is maddenin
  21. I think Eason learning off of Rivers and seeing how a pro does it is better for his development than just throwing him into the fire.
  22. That's interesting. Do Steelers and Chiefs play man or zone? I don't watch them so I don't know.
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