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  1. Man he's got the power and the speed. You can se Mathis's fingerprints on him for sure. If he can get the tomahawk from Leonard and the spin from Freeney.....
  2. I think being behind the starting O-Line will help Eason immensely. He does have a ways to go, but as long as he learns to anticipate throws more instead of rocket launching it to the WR, he will become a solid backup. He's already better than Jacoby. That's not saying much, but at least the Colts have improved a position.
  3. They will keep 5 WR's before Campbell gets cut. My not very hard guess: TY Pittman Pascal Strachan Campbell Other 2 make PS
  4. NFL Rule book change meeting Everybody else:
  5. This horse has been beat, but Wentz will be on a MUCH better team that he was with in Philly. IF he stays healthy after this surgery, he'll need the first few games to get back in the saddle. After that, I (we all) expect that he will do well.
  6. Neither does just having a strong arm. Just sayin!
  7. It'll be cool to see him with actual talent around him for once. He hasn't had that since Megatron.
  8. I still want to see Hines and Taylor on the field at the same time. Line them up split back, or line Hines up at RB, then motion him up to the line. Or line him up as a WR, he's got great hands. One of them would be open at all times.
  9. As long as they don't have any more injuries, that will be considered a win
  10. How are you going to know what a player can truly be if he never plays with the 1's ?
  11. Colts would be remiss not to at least try Ehlinger with the 1's if he continues his good play. There's no agenda. How else are you going to know what you have unless the player plays more? Put him in there with the 1's, and see if it elevates his play.
  12. Why on Earth would anyone mention Brissett as a possibility??
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