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  1. How about instead of continually going after QB's that know Frank's "system", they tailor the system to use the strengths of the QB they already have.....?? I mean, that's what good OC's do.
  2. The Defense: Willis is a decent run stopper. He is a liability over the top. How can the run D be this bad? Was Walker really that good, and they let him walk for peanuts? The only one that was playing on the D-Line was Buckner. WHERE IS THE PASS RUSH???? Absolutely unacceptable how bad the Colts are off the edge. I'm so sick of the D giving 10 yard cushions. How many times did the Rams march down the field on 14 yard throws? I'll give it up to Rock Ya-Sin. He's the only one in the secondary that's been playing the last two games. The Offense: I'm beyond tired of watching the team come out and look great for the first 10-15 scripted plays and getting my hopes up that somehow Reich has become a good play caller. If you can't make in-game adjustments, then give the dang reigns to someone who can!!! The quick throws were destroying the Rams, yet Reich keeps calling for more long developing plays. Insanity. Why wasn't Doyle (who was killing them) and Mo-Allie (seems to be an after though in this offense) targeted more? It's like Reich has no concept of going back to what works. Running up the middle 4x........... "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Why didn't they run it to the left more where the only two O-linemen that were blocking were at????? Having your backup QB come in and try to start flinging passes down the field and all the sudden start playing Air Raid offense is inexcusable. Leaving Davenport on an island is just dumb. Especially against Aaron Donald. There is no excuse for not having TE's at the very least chipping. Wentz looked really good. He played great for little help he got. I hope he is ok. That replay looked nasty.
  3. With this O-Line, I'm surprised Wentz made it this long. Poor guy, that looked nasty on the replay. I hope he's ok!
  4. 1) Frank is 0-4 in the last two games on 4th down. At some point you have to put down the statistics analysis and actually make a decision based on how your team is playing against said opponent. 2) Leaving Davenport on an island (especially against Aaron freaking Donald) is inexcusable. Why wasn't there TE's and RBs' helping chip??? 3) The quick passes were tearing the Rams up, so instead Reich calls long developing plays???? 4) Your left side of the O-Line was actually run blocking decently, so hey let's call some more runs up the middle and to the right. Seems smart. 5) Don't get me started about how when your backup QB is in, and instead of throwing quick passes to the sidelines, you all the sudden expect to go Air Raid offense. It's been past time to take the call sheet away from Reich.
  5. Reality TV is hot garbage. I wish they would stop trying to infiltrate sports with it too.
  6. Man it's usually QB's and/or WR's that have career days against the Colts. Now the D-Linemen are getting in on the action.
  7. At the very least, chip with a TE to slow down the pass rush. Esp on Davenport's side. I'm also not opposed to an extra O-Lineman when Reich calls his dumb run Hines up the middle call on 4th and short........again.
  8. Agreed. He struggled the first half of the year last year as well, but ended up being 3rd overall RB in the league in yardage as well though. He'll figure it out.
  9. I love Hines, he's great at catching passes, and his spin moves are glorious. That said, you don't run the smallest dude on the team up the middle ALL THE TIME. That's like using a file as a hammer to drive a nail. Especially when you have a beast like Taylor watching from the sidelines.
  10. That was the worst game I've ever seen from Man Bun Rodgers. Was he doing that on purpose?
  11. It certainly wasn't Laroid Landry lol
  12. Reggie only had 27 rec for 345 yards his first year. I'm not saying Strachan is the next Reggie Wayne by any means. I'm just saying let's give Strachan a year before we go crowning him Megatron II after the first game. I just want to see this WR group produce as a whole and Wentz spread it around.
  13. I do think the Seahawks are better than anticipated, but the Colts are worse than anticipated. Hope they get it turned around sooner than later.
  14. Reich is a good head coach. Just either work on in-game play calling or hand that portion over.
  15. Hate to burst your bubble... but Ballard ain't going anywhere.
  16. I agree it's all about matchups. The Colts sure didn't do themselves any favors in that dept, that's for sure. Why did they forget Doyle existed until the 4th quarter? Why weren't they chipping with a TE to help Davenport (or Smith for that matter)? Why didn't they throw quick slants, hot routes (heck, even dink and dunk) to overcome how bad the O-Line was playing? I realize Reich hates screens, but I don't remember seeing very many of them. If you paid handsomely to have a mobile QB, where's all the QB rollouts? Not taking the points instead of going for it when you are down 11 points? I can go on, but the lack of in-game adjusting is very concerning. It's not just because it's the first game of the year, it's a pattern that has been going on since Reich got here. Like I said many times, after the scripted plays are finished, the offensive play calling falls flat. I love Reich as the head coach, but his play calling is very weak.
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