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  1. I'm not hear to compare Marino and Manning, they were both amazing. However, I think people forget how much less pass interference was called back in Marino's day though. WR's used to get mugged by DB's, so what Marino accomplished was even more impressive. Peyton was the master at calling the right play at the right time and usually executing it to perfection. All that said, I'm excited to see what Blackmon can bring. If he can hit half as hard as Bob Sanders did, but stay healthy, I'll be happy.
  2. Thank God you are better Stephen! Glad you are ok !! 13-3 or however many dang games they are playing a year now
  3. please don't take away football....please don't take away football
  4. Bills win the division - they are very good. I personally can't wait to see the pats trot Hoyer out there.
  5. Looking like Gary Brackett on the RB stop
  6. What the...... Instagram pose? Yoga?
  7. No more trades is about as realistic as I can be
  8. It would awesome to see Hines lined up on the line of scrimmage and Mack or Taylor at RB at the same time.
  9. I didn't know about him breaking his hand. I just hope he recovers from that ACL fully
  10. I have been saying this since before last year, so I hope so. But what do I know, I'm no head coach or GM. I just see that Hines is much better in space than between tackles, has great hands, and has lots of speed.
  11. It would be cool if they would move Hines to WR and have Mack, Taylor and Wilkins at RB.
  12. Man we haven't a good running/receiving RB since Bradshaw. Remember that goal line money play where Luck would throw to him a 4 yard pass for a TD?? Some will argue Hines is that back, but the Colts almost telegraph the pass when he's back there, and he's really not that great in between the tackles. I hope that Taylor is good at receiving (which he seems to be) and Colts offense gets back to throwing to backs out of the backfield. Kinda of like Philly did with McCoy (who would eat up defenses) or forgive me for mentioning Ray Rice. Really can't wait to s
  13. I hope he stays healthy. I'm a loner in my thinking most likely, but I think Mo Allie Cox is really good and should get more chances to prove it.
  14. I feel the same about most of your posts lol. I'm glad you brought up the fullback. Hopefully they just use him close to the goal line and not actually blocking all the time. I'd rather see them use another TE, especially with that O-Line.
  15. How did this thread go from the 3rd round safety pick and end up being about running backs ?
  16. I think he'll have more receiving yards than rushing yards. Rivers loves dump offs, which Jacoby hated. All I know is I can't wait to see this dude on the field behind our O-Line. He looks like he gets shot out of a cannon when he decides to take off.
  17. Ballard "loves them picks" so I'm setting myself for this. Just hope he doesn't miss out on Pittman.
  18. Man, hurry up draft so these dumb posts can be done with (for a minute)
  19. I was going to say awww yeah, Philly Special play coming up, but then I remembered who our QB is
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