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  1. They've made dumber draft moves in the past......
  2. Only time will "Tell" ba dum tssss ......I'll see myself out
  3. I'm all for change.....if it's for the better. This seems like they are just changing it just to change it, and that's dumb.
  4. I know this is not indicative of the future, but if we are going by past picks, Ballard's better at picking O-Linemen than DE's since he's been here. Regardless, I hope it'll be OT for the first pick. As long as it's not Phillips DE, I'm good. His injury/concussion history is way too much of a gamble for the first round. Buuuuuttt, I also won't be surprised (would be disappointed) to see him trade down either lol
  5. Only one more week of nonsense posts. Then we get to listen to some more nonsense posts about Ballard's picks
  6. Who Got What The breakdown of the NFL draft trades involving the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday. YEARSELECTIONSFROM TO MIAMI2021No. 6, No. 156Eagles 2022First-rounder, third-rounder49ers 2023First-rounder49ers TO 49ERS2021No. 3Dolphins TO EAGLES2021No. 12Fins via 49ers No. 123Dolphins 2022First-rounderDolphins
  7. Idk who they'd get (also don't care), but the Pats are out of their minds if they let Newton run the show again this year.
  8. I am a Houston fan, so don't get me wrong when I say this, but: When a 32 yr old DE with 8 sacks is your best option, you have issues. I don't get the warm & fuzzies thinking about their current options after him either.
  9. As long as whoever they pick can play LT, I'm good
  10. I'm a Houston fan, and I'd love to have him back. That said, when a 31 yr old is your best option at DE, your stable is pathetically empty.
  11. Can't talk Veldheer into coming back?
  12. Great, now sprinkle in some actual talent!
  13. Great. Now use him waaay more this year!!!!
  14. Hahahahha that mannequin video underneath that tweet
  15. Think about it if you are Eberflus. Use can't use YaSin only in zone and then tip off the offense by putting somebody else in (Carrie?) when you play man.
  16. Gotta be good at both in this defense
  17. This seems like a dumb money grab to try and make up for them losing money last season
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