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  1. Still having a hard time looking at his face after watching him be a crybaby for so many years, but I'm slowly getting over it. His throwing motion is so weird to watch, it's hard to tell if he is really trying hard to rip it or not. Regardless, he's light years better than Brisket and that's all that matters.
  2. Also ironic I heard the announcers say the NYJ have ELEVEN former Colts on their team.
  3. Man, the Bears WR's had quite a few drops on Sunday of what little I watched of the game. I hope the trend continues!
  4. Would be nice to see some better play calling. It always seems like when they have a good run, Reich runs it 4 more times in a row. Also, where's all the shots down the field? It seems like 15 yard throws are long throws anymore.
  5. He is deceptively fast, and besides having great hands, he's not afraid of contact. All he does is produce!
  6. Not sure how else to say this but.......
  7. He likes to wait until the last minute to change his mind, so hopefully that doesn't happen this time around.
  8. Everyone knows he has a rocket launcher arm (like Brisket) but let's make sure he can put some touch on the ball (unlike Brisket)
  9. I hope he gets better, I really do. He needs to drink milk or something.
  10. I've been wanting to see Mo-Allie Cox in a more prominent passing role for a LONG TIME and finally got my wish. That dude is a beast and I'm so happy for him. I love how he looks like he's running in slow motion but all the sudden he's 30 yards down the field. And, how he isn't afraid of contact either.
  11. I literally yelled out FINISH HIM when this happened live. Twas pretty awesome!
  12. Hate to say it (and I hope he gets better) but the Defense looked better with him out of the lineup.
  13. At least they have some tape on what not to do this Sunday....?
  14. Rivers also should've had 3 INT's also but one got taken away for a penalty.
  15. I said this in the other thread, but it really looks to me like Rivers has to really try hard to throw the ball with any zip. Maybe it's just me, but I hope his arm is alright.
  16. The dude literally has a slower 40 time than Manning. if he tried to run, the mascot could've caught him. Easy read for the Defense. Quit trying to justify overpaying him and leave him on the bench.
  17. Is it just me or does Rivers look like he has to try really really hard to throw a 20 yard pass? Oh, and stop trying to be cute and put Brisket in there. There's zero threat of him running the ball, he's literally slower than Peyton Manning.
  18. I think it's too early to be doing comparisons just yet. Rhodes/Addai (what a formidable duo that was in 2006) have SB rings, and Taylor has yet to even play in the NFL yet.
  19. The pancake producing player who pounds punks into the pavement is #1 in my book!!!
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