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  1. I thought it was Hines when I first saw him running. He had some nice moves!
  2. Hilton should definitely be playing in the slot a lot more than he is now.
  3. I agree with you 100%. BTW Dan Marino > Phillip Rivers ........... BY LIGHT YEARS I bet The Dolphins Mascot * throws a less awkward looking ball than Rivers
  4. As long as it ain't Rivers or Brisket, I'm good
  5. As much as I don't think he's that great, that's not gonna happen. He's the best option we have unfortunately. At least they are loyal? I mean, look how long they kept Vinatieri.
  6. I agree with this They'll get into the playoffs but then get wrecked
  7. Well at least it's only a one year contract.
  8. Man, Rivers is just not very good. Having Castanzo out and leaving Leraven Clark alone against Miles Garrett (a lot of the time) is inexcusable. The defense bailed Rivers out (3-4x??) and gave him chances to win the game and he squandered every one. Not sure why they decided to wait to start running the ball until the 2nd half. Reich has an uncanny knack for running the ball too many times in a row as well. Very easy for defense to key in on. Speaking of defense, why the heck did they play so much zone????? They get carved up every single tim
  9. I'm not sure which is worse, River's arm or his decision making.
  10. Great post Easy! Mixed Feelings for sure. Great that they extend drives and eat up clock. They can't expect to win a bunch of games kicking FG's though. Redzone play calling has got to get more creative The constant forcing Hines up the middle has got to change. He's good in space, not between the tackles - we all know this They've lost Mack, Campbell(again), Pittmann, Burton just came back - that's a lot to overcome I believe Colts rank dead last in the NFL in rushing yards per carry (3.52) - that's pathetic, esp with the O-Line we have.
  11. If they want to get serious, start not paying players for not playing.
  12. Hey Texans, Ryan Grigson is available.....you'll LOVE him!!
  13. Blackmon is ballin' ......what a great move my Ballard to see the need and grab the guy he wanted (who most considered a reach)
  14. I would rather he didn't take reps away from Mo
  15. You forget he was playing in a 3-4 defense I hate to say it, but there's no denying that ever since Blackmon came in, the defense has played much better. Blackman is
  16. Good: Defense as a whole played strong - esp against the run Taylor seems to be the real deal (JT needs more reps) Bad: Can't expect to keep winning games putting up one TD Redzone play calling Ugly: Continually running Hines up the middle. STOP Use him on wheel routes or line him up on the line as a slot receiver Weird: Idk if anyone else saw it, but after Rivers overthrew that pass to Hilton and TY ran to the bench and sat down. Rivers came up and sat down by him (further down the bench) and they didn't even speak
  17. Maybe that Jefferson guy can replace Okereke in coverage
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