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  1. Hey, the last guy named Woods we had on the D-Line wasn't too shabby.....
  2. The last time the Colts won the first game of the regular season was............. 2013
  3. Tebow somehow got a bad rap and I'm not sure why. He is a great dude, and actually a really talented athlete. I hope he makes the team and puts everyone's foots in their mouths who have talked crap about him.
  4. Me if Ballard asked me to:
  5. Hard not to like Reich. Dude is as genuine as they come.
  6. I don't know who Jason Spears is......Brittany's dad? Regardless, this makes no sense. Houston is younger, way more durable, is familiar w/ the team, great locker guy. Literally better in every way.
  7. I think they will work together great. Now the rest of the team, and for how long, is the interesting part.
  8. I was forced to watch that trash show @ the gym, Highly Questionable, and they were talking about this. They were saying Cousins is a good QB, just not good enough in big situations. Idk anything about Mond, but I think Vikings are smart to look ahead past Cousins.
  9. I think Ballard got the best QB option for the amount/value of picks given up.
  10. Nice. Competition is good! This is purely off memory (could easily not be true) but I remember him seemingly not being able to kick very far.
  11. All of this is worthless conjecture until you see the players on the field.
  12. isn't this the site that makes you pay to read the lazy slop click bait they put out?
  13. Welcome to the offices of USA Today.......
  14. Love the Paye pick, and I hope the Dayo pick works out well like the Blackmon pick did. I don't get paid to draft NFL players, so reserving judgement til I see them on the field is what I have to do. In Ballard we Trust!!
  15. I read WFT a bit differently and was about to go look up what team picked @ 19
  16. Wow the "Ballard sucks" threads came sooner than expected. Haters putting in work on the weekend!
  17. Welp, this aged pretty well (so far) Go buy a lottery ticket lol
  18. The more I read about his guy, the more I like him. The 36 bench reps are amazing! The way he chases down people from behind coming from the backside is extremely impressive. Just shows how relentless he plays. Colts need to bring back Houston. Between Houston and Mathis, Kwity has the chance to learn off some of the greats!
  19. The footage of this guy running down people from the backside is really impressive. He is relentless!
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