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  1. Was hoping for an AR signed jersey from this, but the company I use is charging £450
  2. Watched a few Buckeye games last year and said to my wife before the draft that Stroud will be great in the NFL and Panthers should have taken him ahead of Young. Stroud played really well in the play offs too. Saw Young play a couple of times, and he never excelled enough for me for him to be a #1 pick. As others have said, he was just too small. Like others, I never expected Stroud to fall to 4, so in my mind it was always Richardson or Levis. As a Gators fan, I had everything crossed for Richardson, and was so pleased when the pick was announced! Can’t wait to see him play next year
  3. I spoke with Ballard in Frankfurt and had a chat with him, and he came across down to earth and cares for the franchise
  4. Finally in Indy this weekend, was surprised to see him still up on the side of the stadium with a sign saying thank you. Does not sound like a team that did not appreciate him!
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. I have enjoyed being part of this community for the past few weeks and feeling closer to the organisation from this side of the pond. Looking forward to my first visit to Indy next weekend! See the colts pick up a W, explore the delights of Indy and celebrate the start of 2024! Oh, and the colts topping AFCS 😉
  6. I really like Minshew (not as much as AR5, but certainly as a backup). Definitely a better option than Erlingher, and would even say he’s better than Matt Ryan was last year
  7. Sometimes Dazn run a promo where it is only 99p for a week. Usually a week pass will be £14.99
  8. The Colts are unfortunately rarely shown in the UK (we have not been on tv once yet, except the patriots game!). Most places will show the chosen game by Sky, which is announced in the week leading up to the game
  9. Hello guys! Just stumbled across this site from the wilderness and glad to be here and connect with other fans! I only recently found other colts fans in England (where I am from and live), so I have spent the majority of the time keeping myself to myself. I have supported the Colts since 2016. I had an interest in American Football but knew to get truly invested I needed a team. I looked at all the teams to see who I could resonate the most with, and chose the colts purely based on their colours, as they match the English football team I support (Halifax Town in the National League). I then found out the colts were due to play in London that year, so got to see them play the jags shortly after at Wembley and a love was formed! I now choose to watch the Colts over soccer (🤮) and watch all the colts games I can. So far I have attended 3 colts games; the aforementioned game at Wembley, @ Jags in 2019 (a trip planned specifically to see the game) and in Frankfurt this year. I have had 2 cancelled trips due to covid in 2021 when I was hoping to get to the Lucas Oil, but I am finally making the pilgrimage at the end of this year for the Raiders game, so will also be spending New Years Eve in Indy. Looking forward to getting to know you all, and possibly meeting some of you later this month or on future trips!
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