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  1. Soon as I read this, Taco Fall came to mind lol.
  2. On paper this team has the talent to beat anyone. Eberflus has to figure out how to defend against all those weapons.
  3. Ballard is not done yet as he always makes moves late in FA. The trade for Bucker was a no brainer. A top flight DT in their prime doesn’t become possible to acquire very often. He will instantly improve the pass rush and in turn the pass defense. Day gives the team quality depth on the dline and familiarity playing next to Buckner. He is going to be a good rotational piece. Rhodes at minimum provides veteran leadership. We need for him to return to near Pro Bowl form. He was once a lockdown corner that followed the best receiver on the opposing team. Rhodes will most likely be more of the #2 with Rock improving and showing flashes of a lockdown corner. Rivers is a huge improvement over Jacoby. His quick decision making and willingness / ability to get the ball into tight windows will instantly improve the entire offense. Carrie will be fighting to make the team hopefully. At the moment he’s behind Moore in the slot. Nix is a very good blocker from the FB position. He also plays special teams at a high level. This is the first FB that we’ve had since Havili so I’m intrigued by whatever they have in store for him. Burton is more of a Hybrid TE than what we currently have on the team. Plus he should already know at least a chunk of the offense from his time with Reich in Philly. Have the injuries caught up with him? Draft Pittman should hopefully be the #2 receiver by the first regular season game. Big body with sure hands that is fast and hard to take down makes him a threat in all three levels. Taylor has the ability to put up some serious yards week in and out, especially behind this oline. Hopefully Rathman can fix Taylor’s ball security issues and improve his pass protection. Blackmon was a CB that switched to safety and looks to be able to play both. Can he be a Swiss Army knife in the secondary? Eason is a project that was worth the risk in the 4th round. He can make every throw on the field whether on a rope or with touch dropping it behind the defenders. He makes bad decisions under pressure and holds onto the ball to long, recipe for disaster. Good thing is he has Reich, Rivers, and even Brissett for now to learn from. If he doesn’t improve on his deficiencies we can move on. They should have a very good idea if he has a future as a starter or not after the next season. Pinter is very very athletic but has shorter than desired arm length, thus his move to the interior. With added strength he could provide needed interior oline depth. Windsor gives 110% from the snap of the ball to the whistle. Has some pass rush upside but he’s a rotational piece at best. Rodgers could push Carrie for a final CB spot. He’s also a terrific kick returner which is a bonus. Patmon is a height and speed freak that needs a lot of work. Glasgow is an end of the roster or PS linebacker. Hot Rod is going to push Mcglaughlin for the K spot. Hopefully it’s a good camp battle. I like the offseason Ballard and his team have put together so far. He has addressed many of our weaknesses from last season on the dline and weapons for a veteran QB. The Colts are going to “Run the damn ball” again take advantage of the playaction game this year finally. I would still like to see more depth along the Oline, Another Hback type TE, and more competition at DT. Clowney at the right price would be the cherry on top at DE. On paper this should be a playoff team with potential to make some noise. I can’t wait to see how this team comes together next season.
  4. I would love this draft. Getting 2 quality WR prospects. Bryant is my favorite TE in the draft. A possible future starter at QB. The future LT. And depth in areas of need.
  5. Ballard has done a great job so far. Yes he’s made some deals and picks that haven’t worked out, but he hits more than the majority of GMs. The roster and cap was in shambles when he took over, minus a handful of guys. If Luck doesn’t retire all of a sudden this team is competing for a ring I believe.
  6. If they can get Carr for a day 2 pick then sign me up. Instantly upgrades the QB position for a little over what Jacoby makes. Plus still allows them to go BPA in the 1st and not reaching on a QB. Hopefully that is a Kinlaw or Jeudy IMO. If Costanzo retires that may change.
  7. Check out Jauan Jennings WR out of Tennessee at the Senior Bowl.
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