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  1. Car vs TB Ari vs Bal Dal vs Was Ind vs Ten Sea vs Pit Buf vs NYG SF vs Cin LAC vs Det Min vs GB Jax vs Hou NE vs MIA KC vs Oak NO vs LAR Chi vs Den Phi vs Atl NYJ vs Cle
  2. Not even if he paid the colts to play.
  3. If we are picking that high I would expect a QB
  4. I’d like to see Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in round 2. With Geathers injury history a SS is needed IMO
  5. Supposedly Mortenson was told by A&M coaches that you can’t even yell at Sweat. Now I’m not for berating a guy but if a player can’t handle getting yelled and check his emotions then I want nothing to do with him. Was a tweet from Greg Doyle last night for what it’s worth.
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