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  1. His pass rush potential is undeniable. But until Burns can get a lot stronger he is a liability in the run game. Ferrell is more complete but not near the pass rushing potential imo
  2. 10 Million for one year in this FA period isn't bad at all. A WR will still be taken in the first 3 rounds.
  3. Mods can delete since I posted in this section and not the other
  4. Great article! I love hearing stories from scouts since we don’t get to hear a lot from them.
  5. Ford doesn’t fit a 4-3 defense at all, he’s strictly a 3-4 olb and not a DE.
  6. Signing James and moving Smith back to guard has been on my mind.
  7. I think one of the better WR prospects will be there with our first 2nd round pick. But I can also see a coveted DT, CB, or safety will n that spot. Things will start becoming more clear in the coming months.
  8. Their should be a few good 3tech pass rushers available around 26. The better edge guys will probably be gone. I’d like to see how Turay and Lewis progress next season on the edge.
  9. Cocaine is a heckuva drug
  10. I hope to not lose Desir but his play may start a bidding war. Verrett is a perfect corner for our style of defense if he can stay healthy. Williams and Funchess are both on my radar as well. Im hoping somehow a better edge rusher doesn't get tagged but Fowler may end up being the best one to hit the market.
  11. Kelce is the key imo with their passing game. Hill May hit more big plays but Kelce keeps the chains moving and opens up the deep ball for Hill on the outside but eating up the middle of the field. BB will figure something out as usual.
  12. I love N’Keal Harry but he most likely will be long gone. He’s a 1st round guy I would think.
  13. Pass Rush is a definite need. Eberflus manufactured a lot with the stunts and twists but it takes time and opens running lanes at times. All the FA pass rushers on the line will most likely be tagged and won’t hit FA. Hopefully one of the talented UT will be their in the first and Ballard can find more help later on. I like Geathers at SS but he can’t stay healthy, Landon Collins could hit FA but also sounds like he could be tagged. Another WR is also a big need but I don’t see a lot in FA. The Colts made big strides this season which I think was a year earlier than expected. A handful of moves this offseason and they will be back in the playoffs and better next season.
  14. Very big loss. Who steps up at FS? Maybe Hairston gets so snaps at FS
  15. I have thought before about what it would be like to meet some of the members of this forum. Wasn’t there a get together years ago before the season?
  16. Another thing that has impressed me with Mack this year is getting small into the hole while its closing. Something Gore has always been good at since his Niners days.
  17. The Chiefs will obviously be the biggest test this defense has faced all season. Mahomes and crew love to make the big play in the passing game so we really need Hooker to have a good game. The pass rush also needs to keep pressure all game long. Balance on offense with a good game from Mack will go a long way to slow their pass rush and setup the big play downfield to TY and Ebron. Could be a shootout so ball security could be the deciding factor. We cannot take our foot off the gas at all if we get a lead going against that offense. Should be a lot better game than the Chiefs fans believe it will be.
  18. If the Defense can get a turnover or 2 and a few stops the Colts will be in good shape. Their defense cant stop anything. Also cannot let them get a few score lead since they have a good pass rush.
  19. Completely disagree with that call. Gotta move the ball this possession.
  20. I was always very superstitious when I played sports but never watching until the comeback game against KC a few years ago. I was ridiculously tired during the game while we were getting smacked. Made a pot of coffee and as soon as I poured that first cup we scored. Needless to say I was feeling like cornholio after a few pots of coffee and a comeback. The French press is sitting out waiting lol.
  21. Glad they finally got internet in Iowa Lol.
  22. Officiating across the NFL gets worse every year. Especially those game changing calls like the fumble the Browns picked up that should have been a td return.
  23. Eberflus may be one of those guys that just want to coach and not be a head coach but I’m not holding my breathe. They also like Siriani which would be less of a loss being Reich calls plays and its his offense. Hoping Eberflus stays.
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