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  1. MackAttack

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    What else is new
  2. MackAttack

    Most improved player

    Our corners.. Pierre Quincy and kenny playing out of their minds
  3. MackAttack

    TY Hilton Appreciation Thread

    Ty is a next level baller So thankful for what he brings to this football team
  4. MackAttack

    Colts Regular Season Surprises

    Both trenches
  5. MackAttack

    Trading Jacoby Brissett in 2019

    Jacoby is one of the best people on the team. I hope he stays our backup and collects his rings with us
  6. MackAttack

    Mack appreciation thread

    2 straight good games by marlon. Safe to say The Mack attack is back !!
  7. MackAttack

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Go Colts this should be fun!
  8. MackAttack

    Nelson at RT?

    This is why we can’t have nice things lol
  9. MackAttack

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    At the end of the day moving back three spots and still grabbing a potential almost sure fire HOF G is an A+ to me. Esp on this team ..
  10. We are gonna run the football down some throats
  11. Such an awesome pick wow! I love our GM thank you cb for not listening to the “you can’t take a guard that high” people they obviously haven’t watched big Q play!
  12. MackAttack

    Quincy Wilson (Article)

    seriously between Quincy Malik Mack and Hairston I can’t tell you who my favorite upcoming 2nd year player is. and 2 of them went 4th rd and lower. This draft is going to be insane. Life-changing maybe, inspirational. Someone will write a book about this draft one day
  13. MackAttack

    Jeremy Vujnovich signs tender

    Draft Nelson
  14. It’s nelson all day! I’m not worried about about the giants but the broncos at 5 have me a bit uneasy