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    big Q will surpass Larry Allen.

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  1. im still so hurt the giants snatched will hernandez right before us
  2. Ill take big Q every time
  3. Real ground breaking stuff here lol yes this fan base is bottom tier in every way. I doubt it can change either
  4. Crazy how hes about to be a back to back all pro and our own fanbase still cant spell his name right
  5. I heard she wasnt a stranger when he actually saw her she was his old teacher
  6. Congrats Andrew and Nicole!! Go Colts
  7. Our corners.. Pierre Quincy and kenny playing out of their minds
  8. Ty is a next level baller So thankful for what he brings to this football team
  9. Jacoby is one of the best people on the team. I hope he stays our backup and collects his rings with us
  10. 2 straight good games by marlon. Safe to say The Mack attack is back !!
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