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  1. I think the Colts need to start playing wrs as dbs! Put Dulin as db! He's good as a STer! Put Patmon or Strachen back as safties to take away deep balls! I know its unheard of in todays NFL for a player to play both sides, but some still do this in college and in high schools! Just sayin!
  2. Pascal and Hilton dinged up when they shouldnt have been in the game! Campbell will probly be out multiple more weeks! Eberfluss still sucks! I still saw our safties 20+ yards back most plays! Yea its the Texans, which this was and shoulda been an easy W! But I still see a ton of flaws!
  3. Pascal and TY hurt in consecutive plays! Why TF are our starters in the effn game! Cmon Frank! Our coaches are blooody effn *!
  4. According to Colts trivia at the game, the Baltimore Colts stole the team from Texas! And were green and white! I did not know that!!!! So Baltimore fans should have no room to talk anymore when it comes to the Mayflower!
  5. Fisher i dont think is still close to 100%, but id rather him out there than Davenport or some other scrub! Hes getting beat quite a bit, but as a veteran, he should still be very helpful towards the end of the year!
  6. The middle of the field is always open against our D! You bet every other team in the league knows this!
  7. Is this Paris’ 1st career td? Im sorry i just cant remember the last time he went deep like that for a td other than college!
  8. How can this happen when they start 20-30yds behind the line of scrimmage???
  9. As a season ticket holder, the rest of this season is gonna suck going to home games if nothing is changed! Our tailgates have become the best part of the day! Its actually been like that for the last few years! Oh well!
  10. Wrong! It also shows we have no depth whatsoever!
  11. Our safety started 30yards behind the los on that last play!
  12. This loss will most definately put an end to our season!
  13. They call holding there and that wasnt even close! Baltimores been doing that all game!
  14. Thats the 5th time a raven OL tackled a defender on the back with no fkn call!
  15. Thats what being too damn conservative will do to you! Now we will probly lose this!
  16. Someone tell Eberfluss there’s an opening in Vegas!
  17. Can we fire eberfluss yet??? The injuries are no excuse!
  18. Robbed one way or the other! Total nonsense! Wow! How tf do they call that nonsense! RIGGED!
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