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Preseason Game 1: Colts @ Bills, Aug. 12, 1PM ET


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2 minutes ago, BProland85 said:

What!? Titans OL sucks. 

Idk They got a touchdown and went right down the field first drive 🤷🏿‍♂️

Just now, Restinpeacesweetchloe said:

That was. Pretty good drive for Richardson. He looks calm and collected. They drove the ball down field pretty good. For there not being much scheming ect looked decent.

They said that last year

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12 minutes ago, TaylorStillTruckedYou said:

It’s only local games showing for anyone outside Chicago or Idiana unfortunately.  Luckily I get full game replays as soon as the game ends

Nope, I am in AZ watching Colts game on NFL+ via iPad. But NFL+ app on my Sony Bravia wouldn’t show the game. Technical glitch maybe. All preseason games are supposed to be live.

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3 minutes ago, Restinpeacesweetchloe said:

I like Steichen is letting started play more in the preseason the Reich did.

The crappy overall starting field position is good for learning scenarios.....just as important as learning what to do starting at the 50..... And yeah, anything that's a shakeup is welcome....maybe we can avoid looking completely lost the first 2 or 3 games this year.

This is a seriously aggressive front four.....

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Just now, gspdx said:



Not worried about play calling at this point.   I'm sure Steichen has specific things he wants to see.  


It's preseason, but it will probably be conservative for much of this season.   When Herbert was a rookie, Steichen told him the checkdown is your best friend.

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