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2023 Season, 17th game, Saturday, Jan. 6th, 2024


Texans @ Colts  

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  1. 1. Will JT break 100 yards rushing?

  2. 2. Will the Colts defense hold CJ Stroud to 2 or fewer TDs passed?

  3. 3. Who wins?

    • Colts
    • Texans
    • Game will end in a tie.

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Just now, MB-ColtsFan said:

I am SO ready for this game to start.  I want to see us lay some SERIOUS wood from the first snap.


Yep, knock that arrogant smirk off Strouds face on the Texans first offensive pass. Make him feel pain like Clubber Lang!

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1 minute ago, Restinpeacesweetchloe said:

We were so robbed of stroud vs Richardson.

My thought is scoring first and getting this crowd going.

Better to take a lead into halftime, then extend it to start the 3rd  Quarter.

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They will hype Stroud because he likley is the offensive ROY and seems to be another great qb in the making. Ironic that the Colts CHOSE not to move up just 2 picks to snag him. Hopefully AR ends up being better (injuries being the question mark) under the watchful eye Steichen but this game will be the measuring stick of WHAT Ballard has built in going on 8 yrs vs what Nick Caserio has accomplished in just 2 SHORT seasons! Don't forget Caserio also jumped up in the same draft to snag the likely defensive ROY in Will Anderson with the 3rd pick overall. So the media sees something in the making with the Texans just like they did with the Jags quick turnaround a couple of seasons ago....


BUT the Colts can QUIET ALL THE NOISE tonight with a victory!!! Go Colts....

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