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  1. Once again, I agree with u in sine points. Also as the season progresses, teams get more film ti look at. I am just not a big beleiver in this scheme. Feel it is out dated.
  2. So, the failure of the D was a direct result of the offences ability to sustain drives? Yes, I will buy sone of what u r selling but not the whole piece of pie. U keep the defence off the field and it keeps them fresh. I am just wondering if u have stats that show when the D gave up the majority of their points?
  3. Hmmmmmm.....u sure we have the talent? This defence is basically the same as last year and they were horrible. Yes, they added Buckner and they r hoping he is the final piece. Thwir player are a year older so thay may help. Listen, they can win their next 6 in a row and I will not be impressed. I am waiting till they play the meat of their schedule before i get excited about this defence.
  4. Win. The must dominate and thourougly trash the Jets if they hope to establish themselves as a play off team going forward. The Jets 3 top receivers r injured. If this game is close.....turn out the lights.
  5. That is why I have little faith in them. Yea their O may improve as the season moves along. However, this D has the ability to make Trubisky look like Marino. I will never buy into as scheme as taking us deep into the playoffs or if we will even make the play offs. Im sorry, but the Jags game was a huge loss for me. Loss to a weaker divsion. Looked severely out coached on defence. This is suppose to b an easy defence for players to learn. The only problem it appears is that it is easy for the opposing offences to learn as well. Also the one thing I absolutely detest is this. I hear about how
  6. Dolphins just hammered the Jags. I do not have a lot of faith in this Colts team. I expect the offence to improve as the season goes along. I have little faith in the scheme and less in Eberflus.
  7. So noe he is motivated because his grandmother called him out?? Now I can sleep tonight.
  8. But....but hes a genius!!! What is his record without Luck?? No hiding this year. It is year 4. This year will tell us how much talent we truly have on this team.
  9. I didnt say he wasnt good at tackling. I said he hss trouble getting off blocks.
  10. He is id not a premier RB. He cant stay healthy. U cant call someone a premier player if they cant stay on the field.
  11. Actually, that was the concern with him coming into the league. He was seen as fragile and that is probably why he slid to #15. Ballard took a chance and it didnt work out
  12. The beat indicator on the severity of an injury? The player in most cases. He was crying. I think he himself knows that his season is over but we shall c.
  13. Lets way and see till we actually play a balanced offence. We will about mid way and then we r going to see who is legit on this team.
  14. Lets all wait and see. I am not going to jump on the band wagon. When they play the meat of their schedule and play well, then mayb then I will look at the D differently. Until that time. I am basing my view of the defence on 2 years under Ballards drafting and Eberflus' coaching. My assessment so far is that they r a below average defence. After 2 games, I am not overly impressed.
  15. Seriously. Thats your take on yesterday's game? A game like yesterday infuriates me even more. Eberflus should have had the same game plan against the Jags. He played off the receivers and allowed Minshew to complete 95% of his passes. Thats a joke. I have read and heard ex gms say we were out coached in the Jags game. We played vanilla D and allowed Minshew to complete shirt passes by playing sofr. I am still not impressed with him as a coordinator. Has done nothing to wow me.
  16. My pick coming out to excel. He needs to learn to throw with touch. He has all the skils
  17. Hard to b all pro when u have never started a Game
  18. U think Quinn should stay? I said after the super bowl loss this team would never be the same. They need to do a deep clean and get rid of everyone associated with that loss. Quinn hired to improve the defencr. How has that worked. If he cant fix the defence what is his value??
  19. Im not whining. I never said anything till someone asked me to comment after the game. They brought up old stuff not me. Read please read before commenting
  20. Me and its a long season. Kinlaw will b starting and we shall c how good he is
  21. I dont think many people said it was a mistake. Kinlaw was sitting there at 13 and I just think people thought what if. Vikings have a bad O line. I have said numerous times, I am just not a fan of this defence
  22. We shall c if they have the ability to play man against some of the more athletic offences. Sometimes I think that is why he chooses heavy zone against atheltic offences. I dont think he trusts the back end.
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