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  1. And trying to prove means many times over doing it and making mistakes. I think if things go right, and Indy stays calm and methodical, they win in a blow-out. Shocking not just the rest of the world,..but Colts fans as well.
  2. This is counting Hooker playing and it being cold and snowy. Colts give the chiefs first touch of the ball. Colts lean on short passes to WR's and TE's, mixed with runs. Eat clock and end up ahead by halftime 18-10. Second half Colts get the ball, and T.Y. burn them deep for a 40+ receiving TD because Chiefs are worn down and not expecting it. Putting Chiefs down 25-10. Mahomes then tries to make ill-advised big plays in bad weather and coughs the ball up a couple times, while Indy just put's the gas down to the floor afraid Mahomes has the ability to make massive comebacks. This Makes Mahomes even more hysterical (like the Rams game) and throws deep into double coverage to try to make things happen. Colts-42 Chiefs 24 (Colts get 4 turnovers)
  3. And I'm not by any means saying you are wrong that we need a fullback type RB. Hewitt does alright, but he's not a RB. I'd love for us to get a Rosy Pott's type RB that can lead block if needed, but also take the ball on 4th and 2 at the goal line, lower his shoulder and push the o-lineman in front of him over into the end zone.
  4. not sure. Haven't looked. But I just saw Mack has more yards after contact than any RB in Indy since James. 3.04 yards after contact average.
  5. Which makes me wonder why we dropped one of the best short yardage RB's we've had in some time.
  6. This is post-season. Everyone is banged up really good. Look at the injury report, as much as Mack is banged up, he's not on it, yet 12 others are. I'll never say T.Y. nor Mack is soft. Not with Mack playing through that shoulder injury the entire year last year, and T.Y. doing what he has the last month.
  7. Lawrence Owen

    What has happened to this colts team?

    IDK. Chiefs will score. They score against everyone. It's how they score that will determine the strength of this defense. If we make KC and Mahomes shy away from big plays and become meticulous, then we know our defense is for real.
  8. Lawrence Owen

    When do oline men reach their peak?

    I am fairly certain, scientifically, LG's peak around the 18th start of their careers. RT's maybe 14th. Not sure about the rest of the positions though. edit: @LJpalmbeacher2 darn you...beat me to But remember, Smith hasn't started all year.
  9. Lawrence Owen

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    Even though Gonzalez picks Chiefs to win.
  10. Lawrence Owen

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    Thing is, Mahomes is NOT patient. He'll throw to Kelce,..but he WILL take his shots downfield whether or not his receiver is covered,..even double or tripled. The Rams game shows that. Make him be methodical,...because he won't do it and try anyhow. Which leads to turnovers.
  11. Lawrence Owen

    Oh boy according to Colt's fans!

    Being balanced as an offense is great to be able to be. But if you start running, and they don't show signs of being able to stop it, run that until they do show it. We have Luck, T.Y. Inman, Ebron Rogers, and Allie-Cox just in case that doesn't happen.
  12. Lawrence Owen

    Oh boy according to Colt's fans!

    Man, on twitter, i have at least 10 Chiefs fans saying the score will be 50-0..or about overzealous, and homers who don't even look at the team, whom their team will be facing.
  13. Lawrence Owen

    Marlon Mack is learning and growing as a RB.

    He breaks a LOT of arm tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage. But until recently he always tried to bulldoze defenders who were 'squared' with him and fall forward. Those two things gave him the YAC. The shiftiness he showed last game, gives him more total yards though. Don't confuse not avoiding contact, with getting buried the moment he is touched.
  14. Lawrence Owen

    Marlon Mack is learning and growing as a RB.

    Also, Remember all those in this forum saying we NEED to tank for another good draft this year? I am just wondering if they still feel that way....
  15. Lawrence Owen

    Gameplanning for KC

    Do you have twitter? I can give you my twitter handle. I post all my write-up's and future podcast's on that. Or I can just give you the link of my FPC coverage site. (I'm not the only writer there.)