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  1. This Luck news is really no news IMO. It's just a soft tissue injury, that because he has compensated that specific muscle's workload to another muscle/tendon, that started hurting also. It happens anytime you injure a muscle or tendon, yet still try to work with it. He's now just being cautious, and doesn't want to push himself or the leg, because what happened to his shoulder is still so fresh in his mind. As for the minor injuries to other players,..I say those are absolutely awesome! When was the last time you remember a training camp/off season where no-one who was projected a starter, or fringe starter, ended up going to IR? Most teams have a serious injury or two by now, we've been so lucky. (knock on wood). Really excited for this coming Browns game. Can't wait to see how our defense handles the potentially dynamic offense they have.
  2. I would if we could, but video is forbidden. (the Patriots at the Jet's camp comes to mind)
  3. https://twitter.com/LarraOverton Was hired as her replacement.
  4. 5 years...almost $5 mil...If Luke Rhodes loses his spot,...it'll be to the best LS ever...lol.
  5. Yeah, I have personal interest in Shippy myself. Even if he is slightly undersized for the NT role. He and I have spoken right before the Colts signed him, and have been following him closely ever since.
  6. I know Cann left. But we had this meeting set up 3 months ago prior to her leaving the organization. She kept her word on this, even after she left, she set this up between me and the Colts. Great woman.
  7. I'll be going to a few practice sessions at training camp this year. Any of you going also? I plan on doing some scouting of the team, mostly some of our unknowns, and see if I can get a feel for what we really have out there. I'll be there the 25th, that's the date I'm doing something for a fan that cannot make it to training camp. Caroline Cann and the Colts organization have set something up, so I can do this for that person. While I'm there on that day, I'm hoping to get to speak to a few people, Colts and media both. Any of you have anything specific you'd like me to check on, watch for, or ask if I get the chance? Pretty excited to be able to do this, hope I can make at least this one fan's wish come true! (I'll explain what's going on in that area after it happens. Reason's.)
  8. I'd say that would be impressive, considering Edgerrin James never topped what Marlon Mack did YPC wise last year.
  9. Let me say this, The fact that we can argue that even if Fountain is doing great, but STILL may not make the team, speaks wonders for the scouting dept.
  10. I think our Run defense has stood the real test last year, as holding some of the best running games to minimal stat lines. But this year, we face lesser RB's, and much better QB's and WR's. So that will truly test our DB's. But I feel with a second season in the system, and a better understanding by our young players, they should be up for the task. Especially since I think our run defense is legit, and be able to hold opponents run games in check, and making them go one dimensional, since our offense is, shall we say, very well balanced, and will be putting points on the board. They will be playing catch-up, like the good old days.
  11. I don't see Walker as a Sam, and I don't see him losing his starting Mike job any time soon. He is the reason the Colts were so good against the run last year. His ability to break down film on his own, and use that for play recognition on the field, allowed him to put the defense in the right positions last year to be as good as they were. The guy is like having a coach on the field. He makes everyone around him better. The drafted linebackers will be fighting for starting jobs, but the only linebacker position i see as take-able is Sam. Not saying the other two will be useless players though. Depth is really important. Being able to let starter's have a breather while not lessening the talent on the field too much is a huge benefit. But no matter who wins the starting positions, our defense definitely took a step forward in this past off-season.
  12. That part doesn't worry me as much, As Shippy said to me, "My height can be used as an advantage, getting lower than the blockers when I come off the snap. Helps with getting by then."
  13. A lot of people said Shippy was too short to play DT for the Colts, but after my interview with him, and watching his tape, he has a lot going for him. Humble, really great release of the ball, constant 100% hustle, And the fact he knows he has other shortcomings that he hopes pro coaching will help him with. I've congratulated him, and hope he becomes the next John Randle. (I don't expect it, but it never hurts to hope)
  14. Honestly, When i noticed we really didn't get any new 'true' DT's, I started researching our UDFA's. Then after talking with Shippy, I really like his chances. Good kid.
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