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  1. Lawrence Owen

    Improved or status Q ?

    This offseason just started. No need to worry about what hasn't happened, when we still have tons of time. Kelly and Heag can be extended right now if Ballard wants to. And next year Hooker, Wilson, Mack, Hairston, and Walker can all be extended if he chooses. There are places to spend the excess cap spend min to help get to the 89% average. But Ballard will get guys like he did last year. Scheme fit guys that are locker room friendly, but not going to break the bank.It's about building something that can be nearly completely refreshed with future drafts, as we loose players, not filling holes for now. It is a system that is proven to work with teams that draft well. Ballard does that. He's not changing his system just because there is excess $$. It's not being cheap, it's being smart within the system.
  2. Why you say Desire? He was a Free agent. Not a Colts pick. Kelly, Heag, can be extended now. Hooker, Wilson, Mack, Hairston and Walker next year. Some of those aren't huge stars right now, but they've shown to be good enough players to keep. And depending on the play, sometimes it takes 3 years to get into your groove.
  3. 1st: Wow. Gratz for the Browns. It is a steep price, but probably worth it in the long run since they have all those guys for the next 3-4 years under contract. And his 'deva' antics are misconstrued. His sideline exploits have almost always been him upset with himself. He's been a stand-out guy when it comes to the media/locker room talking/defending his team-mates and coaches. 2nd: Ballard hasn't necessarily been conservative. Everyone I've seen go, that I thought he might go after has went for WAY to much. 3rd: I hope Ballard does what he did last year with a bunch of 2nd/3rd tier guys that come in as scheme players and bring this team up the next level ...again. 4th: Sounds like to me between this year and next, Ballard will have the $$ to extend/resign everyone on their last leg of their contracts, or 3rd years of rookie deals. 5th: All My Opinion (for the most part)
  4. Lawrence Owen

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    I think Funchess will be better with Luck's touch than Superman's Laser's. And He did go after people, But when the opposing teams start mortgaging their houses for above average players, it is just time to fold your cards and walk away. I am for one VERY happy Ballard has the self control to do that when it is needed.
  5. I have no issue finding a Safety to add to depth and fight with other's in that area, especially if they have tools to cover TE's. I think Leonard could, if given a chance, and not in zone, But his abilities could also be used elsewhere. I see no issue signing Collins, who is a proven box safety, and drafting another safety for those purposes and letting them fight it out. Would actually be a decent idea anyhow when Colts are in sub formations.
  6. To be fair, not many can adequately cover elite TE's in this league. Kittle, Kelce, Ertz, Gronk.
  7. Not until he's able to turn speed into power.
  8. Yes. I have a funny feeling Eberflus would be really happy with 9 catches for 83 yards. His entire mantra is keep everything in front of you, and tackle well. Sounds to me like that is what happened. Anyone with 9 catches, and averages about 9 yards/catch is really low. Especially Kittle. But also, The biggest thing is, we need a key player for our pass rush. IF (big if here) we can get on or two good pass rushers, that fit Eberflus' scheme, then Collins/Hooker combo is perfect. QB's would be forced to throw quicker, and Collins could then use his athleticism and size to his advantage. The Giants were the 2nd worst team in the NFL in sacks last year. Meaning the DB's had to play coverage forever. No help from the front 7. Even though we could use a premiere pass rusher, we were not nearly as bad off as the Giants.
  9. This. Frankly, Collins had too much on his plate in N.Y. He second guessed himself a lot because he knew the guys around him was bad. On this defense, the secondary is pretty disciplined. And with Hooker back there, he can be let loose to make plays, and not worry about whether or not this CB, or that safety , can handle his job. Collins play's press coverage against TE's very well. But he's not a CB, he doesn't belong 1-1 with top WR's. He's play's in the box, and either plays the run, or cover's TE's. And he does both very well.
  10. Lawrence Owen

    Colts re-sign Margus Hunt

    My biggest takeaway from this re-signing is him saying : “The locker room that’s here and the people that Chris and coach has brought in, and the chemistry that we have now, it was something I didn’t want to change out for anything else." This makes me think what the coaches have been saying is very much real and tangible. Might be a player selling tool to other free agents like Collins. Hooker is good friends with him, so maybe we really have a shot with him. Hunt was a very solid piece to the D-line. was top 20 in NFL in TFL's also.
  11. Lawrence Owen

    For the Colture

    Believe it or not, them and Kevin Bowen are the reason I decided to go into that field. I also enjoy this guys youtube vids...he does a great job doing highlights.
  12. Lawrence Owen

    PFF & Football outsiders agree on Marlon Mack.

    I just don't think it'll happen. Ballard let go of Frank, he is solid short yardage though. I just don't think Ballard would go there, even on a deal on the cheap. But I do like Peterson, and think he could still be a viable help to a team.
  13. Lawrence Owen

    PFF & Football outsiders agree on Marlon Mack.

    Wilkins' problem is he doesn't consistently carry high and tight. A lot of times his forearm drops, and the nose of the ball comes down away from his body as he is running, giving an open space for defenders to get their hands on the ball and wedge it out of his grasp. Until he learns to protect the football better with his fundamentals, his roles will be limited. As a runner, he is absolutely fabulous. He has some of the smoothest cuts I've ever seen. But you are a bit right that he doesn't carry his weight and size the way most his size do. But neither did Eric Dickerson. Very similar running styles for bigger backs. (NOT saying Wilkins is in any way as good as Dickerson was).
  14. Lawrence Owen

    PFF & Football outsiders agree on Marlon Mack.

    Thank you. But I'm not allowed to talk about it on forums.
  15. Lawrence Owen

    PFF & Football outsiders agree on Marlon Mack.

    That's fine. We all like different things. Is why it is a discussion. But thanks for your support! I'm always up for debates, as long as they are kept intellectual, and don't get so heated someone pop's off and says something that attacks the other person's character because they don't agree. There are people everywhere like that.