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  1. Many interviews were released today on youtube by the colts. Also some video's of coaches talking to players, and a few snippits (As you say) of practice plays. But I would not want full plays released, for other teams to get a hold of, and put in their film rooms as study against the Colts.
  2. Seems Chase went 7-7, and Rodrigo went 6-7...meaning all those Lb'ers, O-linemen, and D-linemen had to run because they were tied to Blankenship.
  3. In a brilliant move, the Colts coaches have came up with a way to put pressure on both the place kickers, so as to simulate it without playing preseason games! They have split the team into two separate groups. Numbers 0-49 are assigned to one kicker, and 50-99 is assigned to the other. Which ever kicker loses the day on kicks, the players assigned to that kicker have to do extra running. No better motivation, than having 1/2 a team ticked at you!
  4. Sup Andrew! Easy question for you. Which players would you prioritize for extension before the end of the year? T.Y., Hooker, Walker Jr., Mack, Houston, Autry, Stewart, Pascal, Alie-Cox, Muhammad? Those are all contracts that end after this season. I think it is obvious that Rivers is a 'wait and see' situation. (Only a portion of the 37 players on the 80 man roster, that contract's end after 2020)
  5. The Colts have had their fair share of injuries the past few seasons. Many of these players were either expected to have good/great years, or contribute much more than they did, because of their season being cut short. If there was a single player on the roster right now, whom has had injuries in the past 3 seasons, that you could put imaginary 'bubble wrap' around to guarantee they don't get injured this season, who would it be? Mine = Kemoko Turay. There are many players i'd want to have a healthy season, Hilton/Campbell/Hooker/ect. But to me, I truly b
  6. I love me some Taysom Hill. Just his overall abilities, and the way he attacks the game is just impressive.
  7. First off, the Colts RB stable is deep, maybe top 3 depth in the NFL. No need for guice. Secondly, the Washington team had to drop him near as soon as they found out, and then make the announcement that they released him, before media made a circus of it. With the off-season they had, there was no choice for them. They could not take another hit to the teams PR.
  8. Darius has stated many times that he prefers to play around 220. He was weighed in at 230 for the combine. But was nursing an injury, and was not able to work out for a lot of that time, and gained some weight.
  9. Good podcast!  (I just found it)

    1. Lawrence Owen

      Lawrence Owen


      Did someone post it on here?

      I've had the most pod downloads i've ever had today.

    2. Smonroe


      You were mentioned on Bleacher Report.  Good interview.  

  10. I've been on the A.J. Brown bandwagon since the off-season began. I think he is the #1 wr for Indy. Will he be the best in the NFL of this class when all said and done? I'm not sure. But I think of everyone in this class, A.J. has the best shot of being tops for production in Indy.
  11. You can follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/kimberly_v78 .  I can't post ALL my thoughts on Colts.com...lol.  I am new to the media game, and it is so hard to get followers :( But it's nearly all Colts, all the time.

  12. Now that we're getting healthy again, and our tough teams are behind us, we're going to start winning.

  13. November 2017, Andrew Luck:" The world is still spinning"

    April 26 2018, Quinton Nelson: "There, how's that?"

    August 1 2018, Andrew Luck; " Much better, Thank You"

    1. southwest1


      If we protect Luck, the sky is the limit. I totally agree Lawrence. :hat:

  14. I know i disappear for the most part during the season and VERY active during off-season. Sorry, it's my way of getting my Colts fix. If me posting news and opinion topics so much during this time is a problem, just let me know.

    1. Lucky Colts Fan

      Lucky Colts Fan

      Haha, I'm in the same boat, brother.  I feel like I over-share in the off-season...  Oh well, we do what we gotta do, right?

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