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  1. Lawrence Owen

    IHSAA(Indiana) Sports 2018-2019

    watch #4 Marion Giants Vrs#8 Evansville Central Bears for semi-state live on youtube. Brought to you by IHSAA Sports.: I am from obvious whom i root for.
  2. I guess the NFL players are now filling out the top 100 list's.
  3. Lawrence Owen

    Ballard will find us that RB

    I like what we have.
  4. Lawrence Owen

    Nelson Scream was edited.

    Oh, you know the reason was exposure. and the edit was for imprinting the exposure. But you're right, the redaction of the video has already commenced. and now it's off twitter.
  5. Lawrence Owen

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    Working him out is one thing. But with him on the P.S., they can get a real look at him practicing with our team today. This can give Indy a better idea of what they are working with to sign him to a real NFL contract.
  6. Lawrence Owen

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I am wondering if they signed him to the P.S. so they had a little extra time to work out an actual contract? You know, get him off the market so to speak. i know he's still on the market,..but less so while on P.S. Colts showing him they are wanting to sign him. Give him a reason to stay.
  7. Lawrence Owen

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I absolutely love this signing. I think he's on P.S. to get back into football shape and learn our Defense. Then if he can catch up fast enough,..maybe week 13? 6'1"and 4.43 speed. With good ball skills. I watched some of his highlights and he watches the QB on zone defense, and the receiver on man. When the receiver looks back, so does he. Not enough CB's do this. He's looking for the ball to get it, not just break it up. Athletic as heck also. If the Colts feel his past is behind him, I'm all in. Hope he bring something to this secondary that it's been missing.
  8. Lawrence Owen

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    If you go by how they've done the past month, it is. But this is a coalition from the start of the season. They started ok,...but then turned on when we got healthier.
  9. Lawrence Owen

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    This is why we have good penetrating tackles. (supposedly.) Lewis and Hunt need to show up sunday.
  10. Lawrence Owen

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    Did anyone think this was possible coming into this year?! I know Big Q was going to be a huge addition but Kelly had not looked great towards the end of last year (now looks like an All-Pro) and we still had no real idea what the plan was for the right side of the line with Smith still being raw, Slauson being a bit of an unknown and RT being anyone's bet. I still believe the success in keeping Luck clean has been as much about the scheme as the O-line, but both have seen a huge change in the team's outlook. Interestingly, 3rd vs 4th this weekend. Fact is, Kelly played well his rookie year. And last year he was hurt multiple times. Basicly played the entire year hurt. He's back and healthy now, with 2 years experience behind him.
  11. Name recognition as you say. We, as fans, can help with name recognition by voting our players into the pro bowl here:
  12. A lot of scouts and coaches have said the Kelly is playing at an all pro level. Some say he's playing better than Alex Mack. Also i repaired the link.
  13. Shaun talks a lot about the best linemen in the NFL, and who he thinks should be in the top 100 NFL players this year. He specifically names Ryan Kelly and Quentin Nelson as being on the list saying "Every time I turn on the film, it's like turning on a highlight film." That specific statement happens at 32:00 in the program. Would you agree? And whom else do you think has performed well enough thus far to be considered top 100? Luck, Ebron, And Leonard comes to my mind.
  14. Lawrence Owen

    Nelson Scream was edited.

    This wasn't the media though. It was the that posted the video clip. To me, that is very bad PR.
  15. Lawrence Owen

    How do we beat the titans

    Our #1 corner is Moore II. And actually he's pretty good. Also, you talk about nickel corners like they are the gutter trash of the DB world. That is the furthest from the truth. MOST #1 corners can not play nickel. Most #1's are bigger, stronger, more physical, to match up with most #1 receivers. Nickel corners usually have to deal with small shifty, fast receivers. Usually big corners have a lot of trouble with those.