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  1. This is good news. Does this mean those back from the Covid list are practicing today? If so, it means they only missed 1 practice over it.
  2. Probably, but it won't be a film room, because I am not allowed to use game film, and the NFL hasn't brought back the All-22 yet. So sadly, it will just be me talking about what I saw. He pulls pretty well, was used that way a lot. And finds his blocking assignment quickly when doing so.
  3. They both would have made their roster. But Clark was behind Pryor on the depth chat. Pryor was traded because it gave the Eagles a better draft pick, and also when both head coaches were teammates the last 3 years, There is a connection. Also, I bet you Wentz was asked about Pryor, they'd be stupid not to ask. If he gave Pryor a bad word, i doubt the trade would have happened.
  4. Go look at that sacks though. Not all of them were all on him. One sack he gave up, a WR attempted to 'chip' the outside rusher, and all he did was give the rusher a better angle around Prior. Stats don't always mean everything.
  5. I've been watching his game play since it was announced. He was solid in his game as a guard. As a tackle, he had minor issues, and a lot of them had to do with weird circumstances, or players beside him playing like crap. I honestly like this pick up. He has good mobility, good length, keeps his head on a swivel to recognize blitzes and stunts, and passes blocks off effectively. The biggest issue I see with him is he doesn't have awareness of his own players around him. Like when a player whiff's on a block right beside him, and would have a chance to move in to help, he won't see it, and continue on to something else. I think with solid play beside him, he could be an effective player. Better than Tevi or Holden. That doesn't say much, but at least it is an improvement. There is a lot more good, (Against starters, in game action last year) than bad. Where Tevi and Holden were beat up by guys who won't even make their teams.
  6. Yeah, I hear nothing but love for Ballard, from almost everywhere. D'Qwell Jackson even had praise for him, on how he is building the organization, on my first sit down with D'Qwell yesterday. (And he even mentioned how he had nothing but respect for how Ballard released him.)
  7. Also, the Defense gave up a total of 227 yards and only 3 points, the entire game. To a pretty good Vikings offense. (Both teams had certain starters not playing, (which offset's each other IMO) I hope we get to see Turay next week, because Banogu looked like a menace the entire game, even against the starters.
  8. I thought 2 plays for Eason also helped his credibility for the #2 QB. Obvious was the naked Bootleg. Really good fake, and movement, let alone the pass itself was pretty darn good. But I'm talking the mobility. That was Ehlinger's edge over him in many eye's. And not enough people are talking about his 2 yard QB sneak, (Where his helmet was ripped off). He came out the other side of that with a 4.5-5 yard gain,...on a QB sneak. Dude is big and strong, and can run those type of plays when needed, and it's good to see.
  9. Yeah, i have seen that in practice. TBF, he has had a lot less drops lately in practice, and get's separation better. He has also started using his size to box out defenders better this past week as well. He is taking to coaching, not only from his coaches and Fellow WR's, but from the defenders as well. Rhodes has had him under his wing, teaching him what to do, and how to win against CB's. Rhodes has two people he's been teaching, Strachan, and Rock. (who has also looked better this past week)
  10. Nah, Mack has looked absolutely great in practice. Better than I remember him in 2019. I think Mack's issue Sunday was he is used to following blocks, and directing traffic, and the run blocking early in the game Sunday was not very good. He was met in the backfield a lot. Wilkins is more like Taylor, who looks for crease, and hit's it now.
  11. I like that Jordan Wilkins played well today. It's a shame he is buried so deep on this RB Stable. I think he'd get a lot more reps on another team. Apparently Eason didn't just have a great 60 yarders to our 5th string TE today, but also had a great deep pass dropped by Strachan. Strachan has tools, and flashes a lot. But also has a lot of drops. But he's young, so he just needs time (I hope)
  12. I like them giving Elinger more reps than Eason today. Eason lit it up yesterday in practice by himself. They gave Elinger the same chance today(just did not look very good). And Eason still looked fire, with only 9 reps today. Remember preseason is about getting a look at a player while under duress. You don't find out how good a player really is if you just surround him with your best players. Eason will have a shot this Sunday to elevate himself playing with the 3's. Elinger will have his shot to see his full potential playing with the 1's, since he played with the 3's last Sunday. Remember, it's not all about stats in preseason. Those are team numbers. It's takes multiple people to make a completion. It's how to handle yourself in the situation you are put in.
  13. Just had a sit down zoom call with Coach Reich. He said he is glad it was called. (Not that he agreed with that specific call) He thinks players can celebrate, but it should be with their team, not in front of the guy you just did something against. And that call will help the players know when, and when not, to celebrate with the new rules.
  14. I been to a few camp practices thus far, and plan on going to at least 2/week, if not more. But from the first week, the 3 guys with a lot of question marks due to previous injuries have really stood out. Parris has been an absolute stud, not only showing off his speed, but doing things not seen before. Like coming back on an under thrown ball by Morton, using his body to block out the defender, and going up and catching the ball at the high point. Mack has been stupendous! He not only looks like he still has the side-side cut ability, and start/stop speed he had prior to injury, he seems to play with more confidence than what I saw from him in his 2019 camp practices I went to. Making beautiful catches on throws behind him, where he had to reach behind and below his hip to snag the pass, and turn upfield without loosing much forward momentum! As for Turay, he still has that great jump off the snap, and watched him multiple times turn the edge on both Tevi and Holden, especially on trench drills. He's even shown a few counter moves that have caught the o-linemen off guard, and allowed him to get advantage. So seems previous injuries are not hampering many of these players, even Fisher is seen every day running sprints along the sideline, doing hard start, and hard stops, on his injured Achilles. Would not be surprised if he was in uniform doing individuals within the next couple weeks (But I'm no doctor, just stating how it 'looks' to me)
  15. Wentz is doing what he needs to in order to improve himself, and get acquainted with the team around him. Extra stuff, like bringing his skill players to his summer house next month for throwing sessions, and get togethers. His QB trainer coming this week to help identify/work on mechanic issues that have slipped, and other things. I believe he realizes he was part of that 2020 Eagles team as well, and as bad as it was, he did not play his best either, and is working on making sure 2021 starts off well with his new team.
  16. Yeah, I was discussing the Colts cap & contract situation with a specialist the other day. He expects Leonard and Smith before the season, and Nelson to get his most likely near the end (Even though he has his 5th year activated) He also said since the Colts actual cap and APY are so close to each other, there should be no issues finding the cap space to do it. And it won't hamstring them in signing future players.
  17. Yeah, they have the Browns and Colts #1 & #2 in the NFL, in both RB stables, & Offensive lines.
  18. Not really Wentz for me. I feel the offense will be too vanilla to get a true look at what this offense will be like with him from preseason game. (Week 1 vs. Seattle will give a better view of that) Campbell is someone I already have faith in if he stay's healthy. But I want to see Turay's burst back Paye's pass rush skills vrs the pro's. Strachan & Eason are going to be who my eye's will be glued to when the offense is out there. And then ofc how our back LT will perform until Fisher get's back to health.
  19. It's weird? I've been married twice. And had 2 very long relationships prior to both marriages. Fact is, when dealing with women, and having only one restroom, sometimes you have to share time..lol.
  20. I assumed most women. As all of them that I have dated/Married have.
  21. I asked Kylen Granson what he would say to the people who said in their pre-draft eval of him, that he could not block. Usually those questions are reserved for vetted players, or who have retired. I just wanted to see his reaction, and how he would handle it. (P.S. I loved how he handled the question)
  22. Over the years, many fans complain about the vanilla/everyday questions they say media regurgitates to players/coaches/ect at media pressers. I've had the gift/pleasure to receive the opportunity over the past month, to ask questions myself. And I've realized that many questions have to be taken off the table due to the Colts obviously not wanting to give away any advantage to another team, or that you may feel a question might be against the organizational rules, and you don't want to be taken off the list for future pressers. If you had the opportunity to ask a player, especially a rookie, a question during a presser, what would it be?
  23. Yeah, the main issue I have with Eberflus is that he doesn't blitz...hardly ever(I think 2nd least in the NFL last year?). And in a zone scheme, you NEED the QB pressure to get errant passes and turnovers.
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