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  1. My favorite part of the Browns @ Colts game. Awesome comeback ! https://www.colts.com/news/ross-travis-emotional-scores-touchdown-vs-browns
  2. MOD NOTE: several posts were removed from this thread because they were talking about one of our posters. if you have something to say to a poster, message them. Don't gossip or try to publicly demean.
  3. I remember Freeney saying that about himself. There are even google results for Dwight Freeney quick healer
  4. Another scene from Airplane that works in this thread
  5. Actually, I think Colts fans are long accustomed to not winning in the preseason. To the point where when we do win people are like 'wow, we won one of those'
  6. I want to get this spice girls song out of my head
  7. Thanks for not posting links
  8. Well, I've never been in a cryotherapy machine but I was talking to someone last week who does this all the time. She said they have a person right there the whole time you are in there. Surely one of their jobs is to not let you in without the proper footwear. Weird that you have to wear shoes when the rest of you is naked imo
  9. Interesting. They should include us, we have no profanity
  10. Second team in NFL history to win a playoff game after a 1 and 5 start. Excited for 2019!
  11. 'He led the league in tackles AND good vibes' 'This IS my game face'
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