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  1. Nadine

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 7

    Jets game there were an uncountable number of shots of their was like Frank wasn't even there.
  2. Nadine

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    Wish it was. Perhaps you were looking info for 'members' General admission price varies depending on the day
  3. Nadine

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    it's not free
  4. Follow this link to enter the drawing for two tickets to Jaguars @ Colts·-sun-1111-·-100-pm-est/ You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  5. Nadine

    Patience is the key fans

    need to start brewing coffee before game time again
  6. You are not the only one. There is an issue that we are waiting to have addressed. However, if you avoid hovering over the 'who reacted to this' or the thread preview, you should avoid it. Those things trip the issue. Also, uploading a profile pic has the issue
  7. All the drawing dates are here Bills drawing is on 10/15/18
  8. Nadine


    Game talk is in the game day thread until after the game
  9. Nadine

    Denzelle Good's Brother killed in drive by shooting.

    This makes me feel so helpless. I'm so sorry
  10. Nadine

    Empty Stadium Seats

    I think people stayed home and watched on TV. I was astounded at the game day traffic we had. Usually home games are slower here than away games
  11. Nadine

    Some People Complain Too Much

    I was thinking the same thing after the game. I was entertained. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. That's a whole lot better than last year........I needed a LOT of coffee for those games
  12. Nadine

    Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

    tied again
  13. Nadine

    Bad Game Plan. Offense Looks Gruesome!

    no game threads other than the official game day thread while the game is on
  14. Nadine

    The NFL conspiracy report

    LOL, clever article
  15. Nadine

    Edwin Jackson

    What a wonderful tribute to his story. Few of us are that driven. Wonderful family.