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  1. Nadine

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    As do ALL TEAMS in the world. We unite behind a purpose and everyone brings their strengths and learns how to make the best of all of it. Although, it would be nice if all the other teams felt that resistance is futile, we are NOT the Borg (star trek fan)
  2. Nadine

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    Goofy antics? Their personalities don't mesh even though they get along? I think that Luck's play speaks for itself. I don't think anyone on this team wants him to be anything other that who he is. Maybe some fans feel like he doesn't fit their idea of a football player. But, that's not a problem for the team
  3. Nadine

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    If feel like you have spun an entire story around this that has no basis in fact. Goofy is the precedent for the Colts? Nelson is carrying the burden of making other teams afraid of the Colts? There's a mesh problem? Everything I've heard would indicate that there's been a significant 'mesh improvement'
  4. Nadine

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    If Nelson was talking to Luck, he was out of line. Not sure it's anything other than divisive to correct a team mate on the field like that. Not his job. Not sure how that's a recruiting tool other than to show that Nelson has passion to compete which he clearly does. Nobody can say that Luck lacks a competitors heart.
  5. Nadine

    Colts fans around the World

    It's great to hear from all our fans. We are glad you are here. However EVERY ONE, please do not talk about illegal streaming here In short, watch the game from an NFL licensed source
  6. Nadine

    Enter to win a REGGIE bobblehead!

    Follow this link to enter the drawing for a Reggie bobblehead You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  7. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    That's a good idea. Kids on social media will live to regret the things they posted. Also, I think it gives kids a very superficial view of the world and themselves in it. They create these 'personas' of coolness and post way too many pictures. Not healthy for kids I don't think
  8. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    I do like twitter but I use block extensively. So many trolls on there. you also have to verify everything you read because there's plenty of truth stretching going on. It can be like a pack of wolves there. On the other hand, there are some incredibly witty people on twitter. Far more clever posting there than on facebook. Twitter explained to me why people were on about ASMR in a super bowl ad Also, turns out that soap cutting is a very satisfying thing Random stuff abounds on the web. Some of it interesting. Twitter is for sure my go to destination for cat and dog videos
  9. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Not to open one of these but, I've been watching a program on A & E and have been astonished at what you can get good people to believe. speaking of cults, I just recently realized that the Jim Jones 'People's Temple' started here in Indianapolis. A lot of good people became part of something that turned horrible. Also just watched An American Crime, which was also a true story from Indianapolis about horrific child abuse. In this case, children participated. I guess horrible people are my genre these days. Then I need to off set that by watching something about the amazing good that people are capable of. Like this Some people are so amazing. I hold on to that.
  10. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    We sure try to do that. There's a lot of garbage out there and people seem to love it. It's like they 're rageaholics or something
  11. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    I think a better start would be for websites to take this stuff down. We only have so many judges and they cost money. Anyway, I'm not sure that that single post is enough for any lawsuit. It looked like posting under the influence to me (and I've seen some of that here). The post was taken down. Agreed it got picked up and passed around. Even came here. Only reason I'm leaving this open is so that there is something on the web that points out it is seriously sketch. Until there are formal charges and a proper investigation, this sort of thing falls into the category of 'rumor' People love rumors and gossip. It's hard to stop but, we each should try
  12. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Then you'd have to prosecute all the trolls on the wide wide world of web. I think people need to stop passing stories around unless they have some basis in fact. The web contains a lot of vitriol. You've got to filter it out
  13. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Yeah I had a hard time figuring out what she was talking about. Anybody can post anything so, until I hear otherwise, it's just internet trash
  14. Nadine

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Looks like this is just gossip at this point anyway
  15. Making the playoffs! We were so excited at my house! WEEK 17 · Sun 12/30 · FINAL W 33 - 17 AT Tennessee Titans Followed by winning the WILD CARD · Sat 01/05 · FINAL W 21 - 7 AT Houston Texans Aside from those 4 consecutive losses, it was a good season to be a Colts fan.