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  1. We should refer to him as Marcus or Marcus Brady unless it's absolutely clear we're not referring to Tom Brady, or at least until members get used to the OC, lol.
  2. Hmm, I'd have to check the number of blocked FG goals that are close to the endzone. The advantage of being close is the kicker can kick it high, so unless the kicker and holder shank it (ie. Tony Romo), it's incredibly difficult to block.
  3. Maybe Eason will be the next Tom Brady and we can all laugh about this situation 10 years from now when we've won 3+ Superbowls.
  4. I hope they make some Tony Romo-esque predictions.
  5. Wow, they built a statue of Foles!? Did Philly fans think Foles was Peyton Manning? Now I want to see Foles fail.
  6. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
  7. Well and another problem is even the people who got shots, I heard next year we might need booster shots, so I don't know if this drama is ever going to end. Btw, I got my 1st dose of the Pfizer shot last week and at least for me I have had literally zero symptoms.
  8. Uh oh, he's going to "rip our hearts out." Watch out!
  9. Is an elephant big? Yea baby, we're winning the Superbowl.
  10. Yea, Manning loves his horses.
  11. I'm still privy to Mike Hart myself. Man, if only he hadn't gotten injured...
  12. I had to reread that. "Suspends retiring?" Wha-? lol
  13. I would ask how many years he plans on playing football. I'm tired of this new generation of players taking their first paycheck and running.
  14. I like how the Colts and Eagles are becoming synonymous with each other, lol.
  15. I like how we're laughing at someone else's misery. Have my laugh upvote.
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