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  1. I like how we're laughing at someone else's misery. Have my laugh upvote.
  2. Why does it feel like the New England Patriots have their name in literally every potential signing?
  3. Trevor Lawrence will fail. Just look at the guy; he looks like Fabio. During interviews, he's constantly having to brush his hair back. No good can come from this.
  4. Not a fan of "The Skins," although Hannibal Lecter would love it.
  5. Well if Houston was wanting to close the gap against us, they can wave that goodbye. Cya later DeShaun Watson (probably), and J.J. Watt.
  6. I'm kinda impartial here, because Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis on DE were my favorite Colts defenders, so I'd love to see us resurrect a fearsome pass rush. Imagine you've got Darius Leonard paired with two beasts at DE, and then we still have DeForest Buckner at DT.
  7. Man, the QB market has been crazy lately. QB's are moving all sorts of places!
  8. Not every game matters, otherwise the Colts would have had that 16-0 season back with Manning.
  9. Man this team really loves Tom Brady. I still think back to Gronkowski who threatened retirement if he got traded to the Lions. Then in a future season when Gronk retires on the Patriots, he returns to the Bucs because Tom Brady basically asked him to. On the flip-side, it will be funny when Tom Brady retires and all the players are like, "WHOAAA, OKAY I'M OUT!"
  10. Yea, they don't build them like they used to. Same with Alex Smith; guy suffered a gruesome injury, and you'd think he'd retire, but nah, he wanted more.
  11. Yea, the fact Love is in trade discussions so quickly tells me he's got issues, or Aaron Rodgers got so unbelievably upset that they are trying to unload the kid, although they should have known Rodgers would get upset on day-1 anyways; Rodgers won't get help winning a Superbowl from a backup QB.
  12. Looks too much like the Cleveland Browns, except the black stripes, so already we're not off to a good start.
  13. I was checking out what Trent Richardson has been up to lately and imagine my surprise when I saw this: https://www.americanfootballinternational.com/trent-richardsons-signing-in-chihuahua-a-glimpse-at-growing-mexican-football-arms-race/ Apparently, there are two competing football (not soccer) leagues in Mexico. The one Trent Richardson is on is called Liga Futbol Americano de Mexico, and he signed with the Caudillos on Feb 11th. The Caudillos had their first season in 2019, and much of the league is still new. The information I could find on the Internet is a mes
  14. ReMeDy

    New NFL rules

    Oh lovely, more rules for the refs to screw up on.
  15. This would be the part where I'm playing Football/Soccer Manager on PC and a rumor leaks that my team is signing someone, I'll think, "Hey, that's a good idea!" and I sign them and make the rumor come true.
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