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  1. Ahh the dog comes crawling back to his master. So will Matt Patricia have to work his way back up to defensive coordinator?
  2. You got me to look, lol. No, he's not coming to Indy. At least not that we've heard.
  3. When I think about a QB being a coach, I think of Peyton Manning and how Jim Sorgi and Curtis Painter developed. (Hint: It wasn't good).
  4. Nah, he definitely sold his soul to the devil.
  5. Sounds like a rule that could be abused, and what a surprise, New England's name is on this, because of course it is. Also, how does the NFL determine who falls under this compensation rule? What if you're mixed Hispanic mixed African American? Do they use DNA kits, or what?
  6. Problem is our GM traded for Brisett and our owner paid Brisett big bucks. Do you want me to be the one to walk into their offices and tell them they're wrong? Otherwise, I totally get it. The only thing Brisett is good for now is QB sneaks, his arm, his clipboard skills, and his smile.
  7. Oh man, this is going to get ugly. It will get ugly. It's getting ugly right now!
  8. Here was the play: There were only four Colts players remotely close to being in position, but even if they had made the catch they wouldn't have been in the endzone. Frank Reich should have put Jacoby Brissett in for the extra arm strength.
  9. Agreed with this vid. That Steelers performance was quite possibly the worst quarter of football I've ever seen. Certainly in any playoff game. How does a starting veteran center botch the very 1st snap towards his 6'4" QB? This is the NFL, not highschool football!
  10. Ahh that explains why Madden did a Spongebob themed field.
  11. Yea, to say he's not done in the NFL doesn't infer he's joining another team. I think it's media related, if anything.
  12. Yea, but imagine you're the Texans and a team is offering three 1st round picks and you know you're going to be in rebuilding mode anyways with a new GM. The new GM is going to be licking his chops for three 1st rounders. Also, he's a former New England scout, so if he's good as legends say, then he could make magic work with those. Although I do say if given the choice between three 1st rounders with the Colts and three 1st rounders somewhere else, then yea, they wont pick the Colts.
  13. I watched Pat McAfee discussing this on his show. The key here is "two years with incentives, $40-50 million." I don't believe these incentives are reported, but my guess is the contract is heavily structured on Cam performing at a high level and if he fails to do that, then he won't satisfy many of the incentives and it would be a cheap contract.
  14. Is it common for teams to mention literally everyone they interview at GM? lol. The fact they're announcing him makes me think they like him.
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