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  1. My favorite is the topic on this board when he called Luck a nerd and wanted Luck to shut up about pointing out architecture on the bus ride, lol.
  2. ReMeDy

    Saints have only 1 pick in the first 4 rounds

    The sad part is I guarantee that ref closest to the blown call got death threats. He probably took Goodell's "let the players play" slogan a bit too literally.
  3. ReMeDy

    Report: Jaguars expected to sign Nick Foles

    It's nice to see teams try to compete... Unlike the Pats division with Miami, Jets, and Buffalo just giving up.
  4. ReMeDy

    CFL Team Dumps Manziel

    It's being reported AAF teams have contacted Manziel to request a workout immediately after he got banned from the CFL. Then if that doesn't work, he can look to the XFL! It'd be funny if he gets banned from NFL, CFL, AAF, and XFL. What an accomplishment!
  5. For every good scouting story though, there's two bad ones we'll never hear about. I want the name of the first person in our scouting department who whispered Trent Richardson's name. I imagine the scout was like, "This guy's tough as nails! If you want 1-yd, he will get you 2! How cool would it be to say we own the 1st and 3rd overall picks in the same draft!?" Grigson pulled the trigger, but I wonder if it was some random scout sipping the Kool-Aid who said the name first. Bad scouts can set your franchise back for years, and whoever that was may have cost us a Superbowl. We'll never know.
  6. ReMeDy

    AAF league

    If you're saying did they botch Lasik surgery, then I'd be inclined to agree. I don't know if black visor helmets are legal anymore, but if so, they should give him one. At this point, we may as well not hide it.
  7. ReMeDy

    AAF league

    True, but something tells me Alabama isn't going to let Trent Richardson back into a uniform, so that's like comparing apples to oranges.
  8. ReMeDy

    Former Colts in AAF

    Sounds like a pretty good gig to me. I picked the wrong career path!
  9. ReMeDy

    AAF league

    I'd like to see more games for a bigger sample data. Richardson's expertise is brute raw strength, which is also why he did so well in college -- his opposition was undersized. Now we're placing Trent in a development league and suddenly we're surprised he's doing well? I'm not biting yet. You put me into a game with a bunch of old ladies and I can make myself look strong, too.
  10. ReMeDy

    AAF league

    Agreed. The fact the NFL has its blessings and routinely is posting news about it on their own NFL website is huge. Big names in the business are helming it, including Hines Ward and Bill Polian. I like Kurt Warner also reporting on it. It's marketed as a developmental league; NOT a direct competitor, which I think is huge because the AAF knows it can't compete with the NFL anyways. Also, it's worth noting since the collapse of the original XFL, fantasy football has expanded a lot more, so that might give people a motivation to root for teams/players when money's involved.
  11. ReMeDy

    NFL vs Colin K settled

    I knew I'd do that, lol. Edited.
  12. ReMeDy

    NFL vs Colin K settled

    I find it an interesting coincidence they settled once the AAF unfolded to good ratings. I imagine Kaepernick knew he was going to get hounded with questions like, "If you feel teams are refusing to sign you, then why not play in the AAF?" Nevermind the fact he turned down the Broncos, but we're not supposed to know that.
  13. ReMeDy

    Antonio Brown Madden Curse?

    It my opinion it did get to Brady. One day, during a routine practice session before the Superbowl, his hand came down hard on Rex Burkhead's helmet, giving his throwing hand the nastiest cut I've seen. Warning, slightly gross: Brady said, "This is it. This is the way the season ends." Considering how close the Eagles game was, I have no doubt that might have affected the game's outcome if it meant him missing even just one pass completion he would have made.
  14. Oh okay, so from the way it sounds, Andrew Luck actually said: "Heh heh, shut up, heh, don't talk ahaha in my huddle. Hyuk hyuk."
  15. ReMeDy

    AAF league

    The only issue I have with the AAF is the defenses are only allowed to blitz a maximum of five guys. I understand what Barry Sears said above, but does this mean this is a temporary rule until teams can get acclimated to their coaching staff and the speed of the game? If it's for safety reasons, then I find it ironic they allow these hits on the QB: So I don't know if the AAF is trying to promote more safety or less, lol.