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  1. ReMeDy

    Twitter mocking brady on Un-athleticism

    It's funny seeing these shenanigans backfire on Brady. Throughout his career, they've written up plays that inflate Brady's ego, including flea flickers, QB sneaks, multiple times going for it on 4th down (including games they didn't even have to and were rubbing it in). Now, the aura of invincibility is finally crumbling.
  2. Gregg: "Hey Peyton, sorry for being such a pain in the neck." Peyton: "No problem, I understand the NFL is just a business." ::Snaps Gregg's neck.::
  3. As long as Tom Brady doesn't become President...
  4. How is he open to opportunities!? I thought he pulled out of the Colts job because he wanted to keep him and his family in New England? What that a blatant lie, or did his family change their mind? The Browns must be desperate if they're reaching out to McDaniels considering what he did to the Colts. If McDaniels goes from the Patriots to the Browns, that tells me he too is desperate. With that in mind, I guess it could be a perfect fit -- a desperate man for a desperate team.
  5. ReMeDy

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    Yea, same here, lol. I put a curse on him. Now if the NFL is smart they won't give him another starting job.
  6. ReMeDy

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    First thing that jumps out to me is why is Sam Bradford still being paid so much?
  7. Not only that, but Darius Leonard is basically a rookie defensive player of the year, had he not missed a game. Ballard has scored huge victories on both sides of the ball.
  8. ReMeDy

    Giants appear to be in full tank mode

    Is Eli just getting old, or do you think Peyton's retirement caused Eli to get complacent? I feel like Eli's just going through the motions at this point to get paid.
  9. ReMeDy


    They somehow do that every year though: Darrelle Revis (like seriously, wth?) Albert Haynesworth (thank god that didn't work out, but remember he used to be the best DT in the NFL) Reggie Wayne (past his prime and quit on them, but still, he had the credentials) LeGarrette Blount (why were people scared to sign this guy in free agency? The guy does nothing but win). Chad Ochocinco (again, past his prime signing but the guy's a competitor, no doubt). Tim Tebow (no other team was willing to give him a chance? Okay, but he was still a better QB than whoever the Browns had at the time.) Jeff Demps (no one wanted a silver medal Olympic sprinter? Really?) I could go on, but basically, they somehow find a way to overcome the waiver wires and prey on every other team being too scared to sign problematic players. Some players aren't even problematic and the Pats pick them up anyways. I can only assume the Pats are cheating.
  10. It helps immensely that we're starting to get healthy again. Luck's better than ever, Hilton's back, Marlon Mack attack, Darius Leonard still fine after that one-game scare, and then yea got a convincing win under our belt to build from. No more excuses.
  11. ReMeDy

    Eagles Missing Reich?

    Which is why Atlanta blowing their chance at winning it is so brutal for them. It's hard to bounce back to the Superbowl on a consistent basis.
  12. ReMeDy

    Hue Jackson may be close to being fired

    This year's Browns are such an enigma. They seem to always be just slightly worse than the opp's they're facing. When are they going to have a moment where they light up their opp?
  13. ReMeDy

    What Will Brady Do In Retirement?

    Pose nude. You know he'd make a killing off it.
  14. ReMeDy

    Darius Leonard - Walking Boot

    I think he felt sorry for the other team and decided to give them a handicap.