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  1. ReMeDy

    Gary Kubiak to Minnesota

    Offensive consultant must be like a 2nd string offensive coordinator. What then are 3rd stringers called? Offensive waterboys?
  2. No wonder the Pats hired him; he sounds like a perfect fit. Like former NE players have said, their team doesn't have any fun and runs things like a military boot camp. I guess they're winning, so I can't fault their approach.
  3. ReMeDy

    Walt coleman is retiring

    Let's get more young referees who can keep up with the speed of the game. Can't stand all these old men. Make Peyton Manning a ref and tell him to name his price. Peyton runs the no-huddle faster than the refs can get ready, despite his beer belly.
  4. ReMeDy

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    Sounds rather simple to me: We're an indoor team, and it was fricking cold. As Ebron said, we left it back in Indy... in that indoor stadium... with that warm heating... and clear green field... Maybe next time, let's play for a bye, like New England always does.
  5. Yea, I know he said this last year, so we'll see.
  6. ReMeDy

    Trust Ballard

    Agreed. We had a ton of money and didn't spend it. My guess is Ballard thought we weren't going to make the playoffs, then got surprised when we did, but by then it was too late to acquire and groom new weapons. Had we not started 1-5, it's possible we would have made bigger splashes in FA. I think only two teams in NFL history made the playoffs starting 1-5, so I can't blame him for looking towards next season.
  7. ReMeDy

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    Deion Cain seems to be the new Mike Hart of this forum. Alas, showing promise doesn't avoid injuries.
  8. ReMeDy


    How does everyone feel about luring Pat McAfee back to us, only this time as a kicker? He clearly loves the Colts, and talked about playing the position in the past. We have a ton of cap space, and the locker room leadership he could bring would be huge. We could also have him do onside kicks for us as needed.
  9. Does this look like a nerd to you? Okay, maybe.
  10. Did you see that last game against KC when he led us back from behind? I don't think the nice-guy mentality means anything. On the field, he's a competitor, for sure.
  11. Well the good news is I doubt our coaching staff will get poached anymore after performances like that.
  12. ReMeDy

    Pagano to Bears

    Left = Tom Brady in his prime Right = Tom Brady traded
  13. ReMeDy


    Not sure on your definition of a tight game, but I trust the referees in the playoffs. I'm certain the refs get memo reminders about letting the players play more during the playoffs.
  14. I imagine him as a lumberjack chopping wood while hugging bears.
  15. There's only been three games all season where Luck had less than two TD's (vs. Philly, Dallas, and Jacksonville). If Luck doesn't put up at least two TD's against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, I will be shocked, regardless of the game's weather.