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  1. That's a good point. It basically becomes 2-against-1. Also, the gf might inadvertently take a blow to the back of the head from the other man while she holds you back. There's reasons they don't tolerate that in boxing for safety. Instead, what I recommend is pushing the wife onto your attacker and running. You won't win the fight, but you won't lose it either.
  2. Mr. Rogers wouldn't have wanted this. Why cant all our players be respectful and find love?
  3. ReMeDy

    Lesean Mccoy accused of domestic violence

    Better get used to it, because now with the advent of Youtube, everyone is their own journalist. Credentials are dead. Anyone can pretend to be an excellent reporter, editor, chief, etc. The worst part is these Internet sites garner money based on clicks and views; therefore, shocking headlines is what puts food on the table, and no doubt some of these athletes know this and are more than happy to exploit the system by lending these nutjobs a juicy story.
  4. ReMeDy

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    The fact Indy had to bring in a separate person to coach Grigson and Pagano to get along should have spoke volumes Grigson was an awful GM. If I were Grigson, I would have been embarrassed when that story got out. But then you add on the bad draft decisions and what are you left with exactly? I remember our forum's draft day discussions and straight up the fans had better mock drafts than Grigson. Who exactly asked for a WR in the 1st round, or a German speaking DE? We needed QB protection.
  5. Is there an Indy or Green Bay-esque team in any of these three new leagues?
  6. Jared "J.Load" Lorenzen. Colts preseason QB. Went on to have a successful career in the Arena Football League. Our loss was his gain.
  7. I prayed to God for more football. Now, I pray for less! You know they're probably going to have their own sets of rules in every league, especially regarding special teams. My head hurts just thinking about it.
  8. I got a better idea... The NFL will have to merge with the XFL! Get on board the hype train!
  9. ReMeDy

    Eagles not going to whitehouse

    This is different. What we have here is almost the entire team not going. The Eagles were going to send just 5 or less players. At that number, if I were Trump, I would have backed out too. It's not worth the President's time for just that many players.
  10. How long are we going to keep talking about Colin Kaepernick? It's funny because we talk about how Luck will be out of form when he returns, but can you imagine how out of form Kaepernick will be!? Practice and the weight room will only get you so far.
  11. ReMeDy

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    There was a topic somewhere in here proving how predictable our play-calling was and my god was it an eye-opener. I seriously wonder if Pagano was taking days off; that's how bad it was, or perhaps that's not a surprise given he and Grigson had to burn time undergoing group therapy sessions. Yes, I 1000% agree it was the coaching, or lack thereof.
  12. ReMeDy

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    Next Tom Brady, right there. Get on board or be left behind.
  13. ReMeDy

    Fun Research Project

    I'll have to compare Luck's measurables to Jared "J.Load" Lorenzen's one day.
  14. ReMeDy

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    What I'm curious is does this gambling law also apply to video games in the area of e-sports?
  15. ReMeDy

    Colts HC Frank Reich LIVE

    omg, that is beautiful... brings a tear to my eye.
  16. It's awful news. No, wait, no you're right, it's good news.
  17. ReMeDy

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Reminds me of when we had Pat McAfee and Dan Orlovsky.
  18. Those were some valuable early round draft picks, right there.
  19. ReMeDy

    Roethlisberger not happy with Rudolph pick

    I just suddenly had a thought. What if Tom Brady was pressuring New England to do this very exact thing? The only difference is Tom Brady got his way! It seems odd New England seems content to ride out their current QB roster.
  20. ReMeDy

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    Soon as I saw Eric Reid's name attached to this, I knew his career was over. He's officially done.
  21. ReMeDy

    The dreaded screen pass

    What is this sarcasm you speak of, and what is this screen pass you speak of? And I can't wait to know what they look like.
  22. ReMeDy

    Tom Brady feels unappreciated

    I've got a hunch that if he had won the last Superbowl, he would have retired, but to lose it how he did on the back of him having the strip sack and failing to catch that one pass on top of a near immaculate performance, the competitor in him is cringing.
  23. ReMeDy

    PFF Colts Draft Grades

    Hey, it doesn't matter, cause once Tom Brady retires, every team is Superbowl eligible.
  24. I still think back to that Superbowl when the undefeated Patriots and Brady getting sacked like crazy against the likes of Michael Strahan. It was glorious. There's a saying that "offenses create and defenses destroy," and when you're in the Superbowl with nerves weighing everyone down, it's a heckuva lot easier to destroy.
  25. Love the pick. Crosses off all the check boxes: - Best O-Lineman in the draft. - Position of need protecting a once in a generation QB. - Acquired despite trading back (who can say no to free picks?). - Played at Notre Dame; surely passionate about Indiana. - Practices martial arts. Can you imagine having this guy next to Ryan Kelly? What more could you want?