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  1. If clearly out of the playoff picture and at the 2/3 point of the season. I mean, if even borderline you stick with it. Otherwise, take the lumps and premium first. Some of the takes in here are puzzling. If Colts are 0-10, seems like there are people in here that would be arguing for Wentz to start and take snaps. Why? If Ballard/Reich were pushing Wentz out there at that point Irsay should fire both on the spot for complete malfeasance.
  2. Not gonna happen. Maybe in like 25 years if ever
  3. Seems like when stories like this come out, the player is ultimately released.
  4. Ideal scenario would be stick with Wentz, look to shop pick to make up for picks lost in trade. Build around core and hope to get some draft hits though believe it’s a weaker offensive playmaker class as of today. Long way to go though.
  5. Never understood why we signed him other than as a loyalty contract for hurting his Achilles while on a cheap rookie deal. Hook him up with some cash. From a pure football perspective, pointless to bring him back
  6. To me would like to think Irsay would step in if clearly not our year and ensure Wentz was benched. Would be crazy to force it just to give away a top ten or better first round pick
  7. Right now Colts giving the 4th overall pick to the Eagles. A Wentz injury could be a blessing in disguise. Take the lumps for a year and come back at it next year. Not serious yet. Colts start 0-3 it starts becoming a real conversation
  8. Wentz being unvaccinated cost him precious practice time and ultimately the Colts the game today. Just wasn’t in sync this week.
  9. Think starting QBs are just auto voted captains
  10. Was a joke. Can draft day before season and have a season ending injury or a player cut the next day.
  11. You don’t do fantasy drafts until week 7 to account for early injuries. stuff happens no matter when you draft. Cam couldve been cut next week. Him not being vaccinated think will spook some teams away as he’s a potential vector to your players that matter missing games
  12. Thread will Be locked but would be for NFL mandating it. Colts gonna be losing people on the regular it seems this year with close contacts and positives due to the poor choices of multiple players.
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