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  1. none. But outside of probably Zuerlein, wouldn’t in anybody else either. Even with Greg can’t say I was confident it’d be a make
  2. Nate!

    This is our superbowl

    Three. Clearly WR is a strong need for the team.
  3. Panthers D has been quite bad this year. Cam’s problem is his shoulder is shot. He needs to go get whatever treatment Luck got in Europe and probably rest for a season.
  4. Nate!

    Please tell me TY might still play against Dallas

    TY could play. Will he though? Possibly.
  5. Nate!

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Welp. If that’s serious, Colts D can’t replace Leonard
  6. Nate!

    Fan Voting is a JOKE!

    Think all those players’ teams have more wins so not too surprised. Luck has had a better year than most on the list IMO though.
  7. Nate!

    Ballard will find us that RB

    Think Colts are fine at RB. Other needs more pressing though admittedly Bell is head and shoulders above any back on the roster.
  8. Nate!

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    Worth a look and a signing. If he flames out, you don’t really lose anything as likely the guy jettisoned for him you can just re-sign at this point
  9. Nate!

    Holder on Lewis

    I do think they are legitimately high on him. I’m assuming he flashed something really good to the powers that be as I believe going into camp they had him listed as a starter but then he got hurt. I’m optimistic.
  10. Nate!

    Lions are taking calls on Golden Tate.

    He’s getting older. Could only see it for a late round pick.
  11. Nate!

    Is Reich on the Hot Seat?

    His seat is ice cold currently.
  12. Nate!

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    If they trade him can only imagine will be pennies on the dollar. Maybe a 4th round pick. Season already going so value of him keeps dropping by the day. Also, can get him next year without giving up nothing. Also, he’s a running back.
  13. Nate!

    Redskins predictions

    The team from Washington wins, but Colts keep it closer than expected and get close to stealing a win. Peterson, Thompson both have great days
  14. Nate!

    How will the D stop Mixon and Green?

    With you. Colts are favored, but I gotta scratch my head as to why. Bengals upgraded their offensive line massively. That was their big down fall last year, and they have it fixed. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Bengals to Juno out to a comfortable lead, Colts rally, but it end up being too little, too late. In regards to question of the thread, can’t see the Colts D defending either unless they get hurt in the game.
  15. Nate!

    Rate My Fantasy Team

    Without knowing the amount of teams it’s hard to say. Overall I like it, but it’s not without risk. Jimmy G. Is currently a few game wonder. If he regresses, you’ll be hurting hard at QB.