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  1. I’d be good with a reasonable trade down for extra draft capital. My guess is most fans wouldn’t be and would prefer they snag someone at 34.
  2. That Jacoby deal last year was always terrible. Wait and see. Franchise tag if have too. Just gave away money and flexibility. Good for JB though.
  3. His wife is in perpetual labor
  4. Thread titled needs changed to chopping block.
  5. Swift in the 3rd round seems very, very unrealistic. Would be absolutely criminal if that happened.
  6. Ceiling is super bowl. Floor is flame out and don’t make the playoffs. ceiling: Rivers returns to form behind a solid offensive line. Buckner shores up defensive line allowing for an extra level of performance. floor: Rivers continues to regress. Buckner fizzles and defense remains status quo. OR major injury to QB or rash of injuries.
  7. Would almost guarantee it’s a WR but being so far down will definitely depend on what happens ahead of them
  8. This could mean anything
  9. I’ll go Ceedee Lamb. Big 12 receivers tend not to find their way to the top echelons. With where he’ll go the expectations be that kind of guy, and he won’t be.
  10. Was reading an article that was about the NFL landscape as it relates to QBs. Went through those that will be stagnant or for sure one thing, then focused mostly on the teams with question marks. Article ended with predictions as to what will happen with the teams currently in flux. There’s a colts connection as can see what writer predicted there. Think most here would hate it, but o honestly wouldn’t. Thoughts if things played out like the below: PREDICTIONS Carolina – Marcus Mariota and Kyle Allen Chicago – Mitchell Trubisky and Andy Dalton Cincinnati – Joe Burrow Cleveland – Baker Mayfield Dallas – Dak Prescott Detroit – Matthew Stafford and Teddy Bridgewater Indianapolis – Jameis Winston and Jacoby Brissett LA Chargers – Tyrod Taylor and Justin Herbert Las Vegas – Derek Carr Miami – Tua Tagovailoa and Ryan Fitzpatrick New England – Tom Brady New Orleans – Drew Brees and Taysom Hill Tampa Bay – Philip Rivers Tennessee – Ryan Tannehill Washington – Alex Smith, Dwayne Haskins, and Cam Newton
  11. Probably an autocorrect from when Luck was on the team. Wouldn’t read into it. Having said that, a Luck return would be so massive for the franchise.
  12. If Colts knew luck was going to screw them over, they should’ve drafted differently. That’s the gist. I assumed it was going to be a Campbell blast, but was so much worse.
  13. Agreed. It’s a two way street unless just outright overpaying. Winning/strong team performance helps folks choose you, city/location helps, etc. It’s not a challenging offseason this year for the Colts. The future is murky and could go anywhere in the near future (off the rails collapse, current state of mediocrity, or a rise back to relevance). Tough to predict where the chips will land, but think Ballard is gonna work hard and try navigate through the current challenges. Luck kind of screwed him/Colts over hard in a lot of ways, and now they are left holding the pieces. Not an envious spot (other than the insanely high salary).
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