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  1. Nate!

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge] Colts get Justin. Nice pickup IMO!
  2. Big jump from where they are at to get to the teens. Would have to give up next years first. I can’t support that.
  3. Beckham with luck would’ve been deadly. Would have had to give up a lot as Colts first was much worse so would have had to probably thrown in a second rounder also
  4. Nate!

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Think will be shocked now if don’t draft a WR in R1 or R2. Think some of the hate on the move is overblown. It’s a lot of money no doubt at max value considering his past record, but risk is completely mitigated. If he blows up to exceeding value greatly, can lock it up. It matches value and Colts decide to let walk, comp pick potential.
  5. I think he would but I’m not sure if he’s worth 5. As someone else said, maybe 5 if he hits a bunch of incentives in an incentive laden contract. Also, from what I’m seeing Tyrell is gonna get paid. Don’t think 12 nets him. Seems like too many teams interested which usually means someone way overpays. Don’t think it’ll be the Colts.
  6. Inman @ 7 million per year is a waste. Street FA isn’t worth 7 million. Could get some other random vet WR at a cheaper price.
  7. Nate!

    How about this trade?

    Would absolutely do it but Giants management isn’t that dumb unfortunately.
  8. Then we should sign him. Serious note, like Tyrell but the values seen floating around and referenced here are awfully high. Almost like old rookie contracts where paying for the potential than actual past production. Think he could be good, but if signed and a bust, would be a salary cap drag depending on terms.
  9. Nate!

    Draft Simulator

    Messed around and got DK Metcalf with Colts second pick in the 2nd round. Not sure how realistic the mocking of this site is though who knows, maybe he will drop like a rock
  10. Nate!


    Would probably be prohibitively expensive in draft capital (Brisset and a third isn’t netting OBJ), but Beckham and Luck would be so sweet. Would elevate the Colts offense to high level elite. I’d trade our first and Brisset but I don’t think they’d take it. Would probably have to be a first and another high pick and even then, may not do it.
  11. Bell allegedly swollen up to 260. Uh-oh
  12. Nate!

    NFL vs Colin K settled

  13. none. But outside of probably Zuerlein, wouldn’t in anybody else either. Even with Greg can’t say I was confident it’d be a make
  14. Nate!

    This is our superbowl

    Three. Clearly WR is a strong need for the team.