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  1. It’s over. In best interest to lose out. JB will be starter next year unfortunately but MAYBE if lose out someone drops to where could trade our first and one of our 2s for a QB. It’s obvious JB isn’t a franchise QB. Great back up though. The most ideal scenario is Luck deciding to play again but I put that at absolutely zero percent,
  2. This reminds me of the don’t forget Cain posts. Good times.
  3. This hypothetical will be moot when they lose tomorrow
  4. See above. He was done by the time he was on the Colts. Had he been prime cromartie, no chance he would’ve been cut.
  5. I could get this thread more IF some other team made a similar move as described. If stud OLs were going for 4ths and 5ths, I’d be upset too if Colts didn’t jump all over that. A better thread would’ve been Colts could have had Minkah for 1st. That would’ve been nice. We’d have at least one more win this year and have him locked up for awhile. Oh well!
  6. AV is done, but at same time Colts didn’t do any favors. Just settling for a long FG like that was crazy. Got lucky last week doing it, but couldn’t cash in again this week.
  7. There are other teams than the Colts who have really good players too
  8. Andrew Luck has a big gambling problem. This retirement is an under the table suspension. He was gonna play baseball, but his handlers thought that would make it too obvious.
  9. Very true. We don’t have a Zeke or a Dak level talent at those positions. I’d put Amari over T.Y. Great OL. On defense, elite LB core with Vander Esch and Jaylon smith. Elite DE with Demarcus Lawrence. Colts nowhere near that talent level.
  10. Gonna be ugly, and we all know it. Unless weather is bad somehow, thinking 52-17. Take the Chiefs and give the points for folks in legal betting states.
  11. AFC is Chiefs, Patriots in their own tier and then everybody else. When look at Colts schedule see more losses than wins. Yes, last year started 1-5, but also were significantly better at the most important position (QB). If I recall, schedule a lot easier too.
  12. Saw the title and was coming to say the same. 7th at most. A pick swap of 7th rounders more likely.
  13. Someone sticky this thread for 20 years please.
  14. Marlon Mack 2 yard touchdown second quarter.... in Tennessee
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