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  1. Where was Ja’Wuan’s agent? Absolutely stupid to leave the facility like he did, particularly with his track record and what was riding on it. He had been a bust of a signing. Broncos would love to get out of that contract and then he gifts it to them costing himself ten million (and I’m guessing his agent too). Ooof!
  2. Titans already had one of their picks arrested for serious domestic violence. Was their 4th rounder. He looks done. Last year their first round OT selection is already out of the league leading them to have to chase another OT in the 2nd this year. It’s fun to speculate and talk, but time will tell who improved or who bombed. on the record as have said elsewhere, I would’ve went Darrisaw for sure, but can’t hate too much on the Paye pick. Castonzo was out in the playoffs, and Left Tackle protection had zero to do with why Colts lost. Three all pros on the OL. I thi
  3. The NFL schedule hasn’t even been released yet for you to say those are the Colts opening three games...
  4. I don’t get the luck line comparisons as overall the line is great. LT is a weak spot but they have three great guys on the line including at LG. I think they’ll be OK
  5. USA Today gave the Colts an A last year. They gave Packers and Eagles Ds last year which turned out accurate so far as they were both horrible last year.
  6. Packers draft last year was just terrible. Took Jordan Love via a trade up. Second round pick was RB AJ Dillon. That pick may have not been so bad, but by resigning Aaron Jones to a big contract makes it just flat out terrible pick last year. Third Round pick was a shaky TE prospect. Bottom line, it looked terrible at the onset and has only looked worse.
  7. Last year’s class was better. Had Andrew Thomas, Wills, Becton and Wirfs in just the first thirteen picks. This year seemed like maybe more guys in total, but talent level definitely more questionable as it connects to left tackle. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if a bunch of these dudes plateau at RT. Having said that, I would’ve gone Darrisaw over Paye but I can’t get too angry at that selection.
  8. I didn’t particularly like it. Running Back in first round. Meh, particularly as I understand it, their offensive line is not good. Much worse than the Colts who seem to be getting killed for not going OL early. Could’ve gotten Jenkins or Dickerson to help fortify things.
  9. My guess is he will say Phillips
  10. PFF write up is nice: ”Paye has the kind of physical tools that don’t come around every class. Whether it’s the sub-6.5-second three-cone he ran as a junior or the 36 bench press reps he did at his pro day, Paye is the definition of “built different.” This season we finally saw him start to put it all together, as his 87.1 pass-rushing grade suggests.”
  11. Preferred Darrisaw, but can’t hate too much on it.
  12. Where are Texans getting five wins with current team minus Deshaun? So they will be without their best player at the most important position and they are winning more games than last year. Oh, they also have no premium draft picks. Anything’s possible, but seems unlikely they see a win total improvement as suggested here. Seems they scrunched up the records more than what will ultimately be reality.
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