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  1. I think if Ballard said let’s run it back for 25 million dollars, Rivers doesn’t retire. Could be wrong. No way to truly know. Just me speculating.
  2. Colts must’ve told him they were going in a different direction.
  3. It’s odd. Seems the picks would go to the team that hired, but think the logic is the team that promoted and fostered the minority candidate to getting a head coaching position is rewarded so some logic there.
  4. I mean Ballard loves 2nd round DEs so this has a chance of happening.
  5. I should win a prize for the quality of my posts on these threads. Haha
  6. Brissett should never see the field. Twice in the game on critical third downs. Just a highly questionable move by Reich. Borderline fireable offense but with the Colts record won’t happen.
  7. Uhhh... you don’t seem to know much about sports gambling. Huge favorites definitely win at a high clip. Betting on a huge favorite to just win doesn’t pay a lot. For example, Colts right now are fifteen points favorites and are -1250 on the moneyline. So if you bet $1250 on the Colts to win, you would only win $100. So to win rich money betting on huge favorites to win, you’d have to already be rich to throw large sums of money around. If had a few billion, sure I’d feel comfortable throwing 20 million on the Colts to win 1.6 million and grow my riches.
  8. Halfway there! Feel like he should have three already though if just a couple things broke differently.
  9. Flus seems overrated here. Haven’t been seeing any buzz about him. With the QB heavy draft coming, would expect offensive coaches getting majority of the jobs. Colts getting blasted by Titans will be a stain in Flus this year. Easier to say that Buckner and others are making the D great, not Flus.
  10. I actually think they would take a risk on a QB when one is there they like. I don’t think you can just YOLO it and give away a bounty of picks for a QB you don’t even like.
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