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  1. Mmm. It’s early but I’ll say WR, OT, and maybe safety.
  2. Would be a fireable offense for the medical team IMO to rest this long and then still require surgery. Was optimistic about him and him playing, but now not so much. Today’s news should turn any optimism to straight pessimism. Wouldn’t shock me at all now if misses significant time during the season.
  3. Barring new information, will be zero games. https://mobile.twitter.com/bepryor?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author not sure how to embed on this forum
  4. I mainly read fantasy stuff. Here an excerpt from something I read on Okereke and have read other takes as well about his potential to usurp Walker’s role eventually (don’t think right away). ”The organization is excited about their rookie third-round pick Bobby Okereke who has a skill set eerily similar to that of Darius. He is fast, athletic, physical, intelligent and comes with all the measurables that make a defensive coordinator giddy. Okereke was highly productive as a three-year starter for Stanford where he totaled 182 combined tackles, 7.5 sacks, 4 turnovers and a touchdown over his final two seasons. He was also a team captain and has quite an off-field resume that demonstrates his leadership qualities. Okereke told reporters he will work at all three linebacker positions but expects to play mostly in the middle. If he lives up to expectations the Colts may soon have one of the best linebacker tandems in the game.” Guy could have no idea what he’s talking about but the organization seems to like him, very productive at Stanford, believe Stephen Holden was saying a couple months ago that Walkers hold on the position was tenuous at best. A lot of signs point to Okereke eventually winning out.
  5. I think Okereke will be starting by the end of the year next to Leonard.
  6. Just to confirm, you think all of Campbell, Cain, and Fountain will be hits? Love the optimism.
  7. Colts should’ve hired Ballard after Grigson did one more draft using this logic. AKA, it doesn’t make much sense to plan things this way. Clearly something went wrong or were scared to pull the trigger and now are sadly doing it late after additional damage done by the GM (at least in the eyes of the decision maker). Probably hurt that the best OT was dropping to them and the. Another team traded up in front of them to take him, and then they massively reached for the other OT they did take.
  8. Seems Colts players going to NE never amount to much despite the hand wringing they’ll do great. Wayne, Addai, Allen, Dorsett... nothing crazy happened with their performances
  9. AJ Brown would’ve been nice IMO, but can see the logic of an edge guy
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if the cards drafted him. Their o-line is horrendous and they’ll want to protect their new QB. Or they may go WR to give a new toy to their QB.
  11. Not a draft value chart expert, but on the one I looked at, even if Wash wins Super Bowl, Colts got higher value by trading back. Wash ain’t winning the Super Bowl.
  12. Like the trade for more picks for Colts. Valuation tough and rather than reach get more lottery ticket picks in the second.
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