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  1. Brissett truthers are out strong I see. Jacoby will be on the team, but more of a throwing bad money at good and Colts brass seem to like him as a person so throwing him multi-millions as a going away present. If they still thought highly of him as a starter, Rivers wouldn’t be here. Simple as that.
  2. TMZ actually does decent reporting and has broken some big stories. Not sure on the resistance in believing this. He’s a millionaire. He has zero to gain in concocting a made up story about an experience at Chipotle. The people dogging bubba Wallace, what does this look like to you? sure looks like a noose so can easily see why any reasonable person would see a problem with this.
  3. My main thing with Rivers isn’t really Rivers right now but his contract. Stealing from a radio show, but the fact he’s making the same as what Brees and Brady got on new contracts is kind of crazy. Should’ve been at least 5-7 million less (if not more). Seems they had to raise the bar to not have our starter making less than Jacoby (an even more terrible deal).
  4. I said every player available to draft. If they were picking first, they’d take Mahomes. Wouldn’t imagine a scenario where any team would get both Russell wilson and Donald
  5. At his current pace, Mahomes is trending to be best ever. Long way to go though as noted. He should be listed as number one player. If every player was available to draft right now, I’m confident every team would select Mahomes first
  6. Would prefer Ravens vs Bucs. Got Bucs at +3000 and Ravens at +1400. No though, can’t see Colts making the super bowl. Do anticipate them to be highly competitive and win the south though but not enough to make to the Bowl
  7. Tua would give a team a better chance to win right now than Jacoby
  8. Jacoby too high. I know Simms had Tua at 40. I’d take Tua over Jacoby. In fact, I’d wager 99.9% of the football community would.
  9. The value proposition or resigning Mack vs riding out Taylor while he’s on a cheap deal just doesn’t make sense. RBs are at their most valuable when grinding out on that rookie deal. Taylor has elite qualities. Take advantage of it before he starts making real money. Mack could net a comp pick of some kind though don’t expect a huge market for him. Probably a moderate deal. If Colts threw any real money at him, I’d be severely disappointed. Plus with looking at a potential cap drop or no increase in 2021, why would we use valuable space on a superfluous running back. Just wouldn’t make
  10. I expect a solid year from Mack and Taylor. Mack should be playing for another team next year. If not, then something went wrong for Taylor or the Colts wasted a 2nd round pick by resigning Mack.
  11. I’d support it. Can’t see it happening if too long of a deal as the Colts have their own guys I imagine they want to pay and keep for years to come. A powerful running game with an established veteran like Rivers could be deadly and win anywhere. I’m also on the Clowney train, but if had to choose between the two, I’d take the OL boost
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