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  1. Funny this is coming off the news of Gregory Robinson caught with 157 lbs of marijuana. Guy must have got wind of the news early and was stocking up! https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/20/us/gregory-robinson-arrested-157-pounds-marijuana/index.html
  2. Now he has Predator vision and can see thru the cheerleaders locker room.
  3. Agreed. What fans and business are likely looking for in a new league is consistency. Vince will most surely take an initial loss, but once he gets past year two and promises to go onto a year three, investors will be realizing this league is legit and it will look a lot more attractive. Vince just has to whether the storm and show people this is not a one-and-done league.
  4. The quote about Andrew being "Mr. Mom" and "doing a lot of babysitting" further suggests to me his wife pushed Luck into retirement. I keep thinking back to this article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/08/01/andrew-luck-indianapolis-colts-shoulder-injury-wife/1892487001/ I believe his wife gave Luck an ultimatum: Quit football, or we're done. Luck crying at the podium when announcing his retirement just shows how tough the decision was for him.
  5. Why is Temptations capitalized though? Is Luck joining the XFL and his jersey name will be Temptations?
  6. He was actually pretty good in the AAF because people were more undersized and he'd just run right thru them. I wish I was joking. Man, that was the concern I had with Trent leaving college for the NFL; it's easy to be a power back against undersized players, but once everyone gets big alongside you, suddenly, it's not much fun being a power back.
  7. I think another thing that might change things up is knowing where Tom Brady and Philip Rivers will play. If they join weak QB-needy teams, those said teams can afford to delay their QB pick a bit longer.
  8. That's rude of Eli to announce this after his team's season ended. He should have announced it before the start of the regular season!
  9. I find it ironic the Colts for over a decade were renowned for their superb passing, but awful running. Now, we're the opposite! I understand when you run the ball more that detracts from passing attempts, but why oh why did Luck have to retire once we got a run game going?
  10. I thought our DLine coach left, not our Linebackers coach, or was our DLine coach pulling double duties and doing both roles?
  11. I guess I agree... which is why I'll forgive him when he plays for us again after he's healed. Wait, he is coming back after he's healed, right?... No, of course not.
  12. No, because Kuechly did it the right way; he waited until the season is over. Luck did it when we were about to start the regular season. Luck waited so long that Ian Rappaport made the announcement for him!
  13. The Chicago Bears under Rex Grossman during their Superbowl run. Devin Hester made that team look better than it was. Bears fans would say, "90% of the Bears offense is special teams. The other 10% is their defense."
  14. Wow, guy has a base salary heading into 2020 of $660,000 and he's only age 25 at 3rd string. Where do I sign up for that gig?
  15. There's no way they sign Josh McDaniels. Josh ran Jay Cutler out of town and signed Tim Tebow to a 1st rounder. Josh is a control freak; there's no way Jerry Jones would want that kind of personality on *his* team.
  16. Lot of you forgot Peyton Manning winning in Denver. Peyton took them to two Superbowls, and won one despite being in retirement age territory. Yea, I'd gladly sell my soul to the devil for a Superbowl. Let's do this!
  17. The most realistic move for Brady is Indianapolis. We've already signed two former Patriot QB's, attempted to sign Josh McDaniels, helps Brady give a middle finger to Belichick, and we need a QB but are too high in the draft to grab one. Our team is in a position to compete immediately; we just need a QB. The writing is all over the place.
  18. I'm still trying to puzzle out what Luck's future plans are, as that could depend a lot on whether he returns. Is he going to be a professional couch sitter? Read books all his life? Travel the world? He can do all that when he's over 40! His love for football was genuine, and when he's too old to change his mind, I think he will look back and wish he had played more.
  19. Whats it take to get a roaming Strong Safety, like Troy Polamalu, who has the free reigns to hurdle over o-linemen? I want to see Hooker run wild. No more of these watch-and-wait zone shenanigans. Let's play some real football and hit some fools.
  20. Call Luck and tell him to name his price. We can revise his contract.
  21. Our run game is finally great. The defense finally has playmakers. Our O-Line is finally great. Now we only need a QB... We had one last season, but oh well.
  22. I'm kinda surprised though that a 12-3 record at this point of the season guarantees a playoff Bye, unless I've been misinformed.
  23. It was Josh McDaniels before he bailed, but I digress.
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