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  1. Qcolts

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    You mean Keenan Allen? Inman has his moments with the Chargers, but I wouldn’t say he was Rivers right hand man. With that said, he’s just as good as Grant which isn’t saying much.
  2. Yes, we should trade for cooper but our GM is too cheap to pay for talented players.
  3. Qcolts

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    We are the cupcake. We are 1-5 with multiple back breaking turnovers every game.
  4. Qcolts

    Colts need a WR!!

    We definitely need another WR and it needs to be a Big, physical wr.
  5. Qcolts

    Corey Coleman

    He is talented, but he hasn’t developed as a route runner since entering the league and he seems to have attitude problems. He’s likely not a cultural fit for this young roster.
  6. Qcolts

    Starting RB should be...

    Mack should start. This team lacks playmakers besides Hilton. We need his explosiveness on the field. Wilkins can fill Turbins short yardage role. Hines should never play.
  7. Qcolts

    Wide receiver separation

    Part of it is Luck’s presnap read and locking on to WRs. The thing that made Manning and Brady so great, outside of the scheme, was the fact that they knew the coverage presnap and oftentimes knew who was going to be open at the snap of the ball. They protected the Oline, got the ball out quickly, and read the coverage correctly presnap. As good as he has been in his career, Luck has a habit of misreading the coverage presnap and then locking onto his primary wr instead of quickly moving through the progression with the time clock in his head. His athleticism and size has allowed him to play this way because he can shrug off tackles and extend plays, so his size and athleticism has been a gift and a curse. He plays more like a Big Ben than a Manning or Brady. At this point, I don’t ever see him being a dink and dunk machine like Brady. It seems to be wired in him to extend plays and hold the ball for the deeper routes down the field. At this point the presnap reads and locking on to WRs is an issue, but we also have below average WRs outside of Hilton. Ryan Grant is a Wr4 or Wr5 on most rosters. Chester Rogers is a wr4 , maybe a low end wr 3 on most teams. The talent is lacking, thus we have to rely more heavily on scheme to get these guys open. With Luck still recovering and becoming more and more confident with what he can do, things will get better, but there will be growing pains like Monday along the way.
  8. Qcolts

    Thoughts after a Half

    Good: -Luck was sharp and looked like Luck. -Mack looked very good in limited snaps. -Skai Moore looked solid in coverage and Leonard was flying to the ball -Wilkins looked solid late in the game -Ridgeway and the pass rush started to get home more and more as the game progressed. -Hairston played well overall and should be getting more looks in the starting unit. -Hunt making plays in the backfield and causing tackles for loss. Bad: -We desperately need another wr or te besides T.Y. to step up. Ryan Grant is just a guy. He is not a playmaker and should not be starting. Ebron wasn’t involved but if he or Cain don’t step up, T.Y. will be looking at bracket coverage and doubles all season. -Deon Cain was invisible before leaving with injury. -Quincy Wilson looked horrible giving up huge cushions and lots of space. -Kenny Moore does not look like a starting caliber corner and size is an issue. -Dline got no pressure against the Seahawks starting unit and Russell Wilson was never uncomfortable. -Playing soft zone with no pass rush is a recipe for disaster. Hopefully tray can give us something when he returns. -Webb and Howard at tackles will get our qbs hurt. -Hines showed nothing imo. On special teams he was screwing up constantly and he was a nonfactor on offense.
  9. Qcolts

    Marlon Mack

    Mack looked good in his limited stint. He makes defenders look like they are in quicksand when he gets in space. Hines showed nothing in this game. It is a little discouraging that Wilkins did not play until late in the 4th qrtr.
  10. Qcolts

    After TY.

    Gallup Equanimeous st. brown deon Cain jaleel Scott jmon moore daesean hamilton all will be better than Ryan grant.
  11. Harold Landry Isaiah Oliver Tyrell Crosby
  12. Simmie couldn’t separate in college. He’s not gonna separate in the NFL.
  13. Very blurry . I would be very happy with that haul you mentioned in your third post but I have a hard time seeing Landry there at 18.
  14. Fixing the oline or pass rush.
  15. Grant is a number 4 wr imo. He is a reliable guy that won’t hurt you but has little upside. Hilton Drafted Wr Rogers Grant unsure on 5th wr but I would expect Ebron to be used in the slot quite a bit.