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  1. Guys like Duvernay and Tyler Johnson are slot WRs and Campbell is still developing at that spot. We need a big physical/outside wr more in the funchess/Pittman/Mims mould.
  2. Funchess is a FA. Hilton is getting older which is the reason we are seeing some of these injuries the past two years. Campbell has shown very little thus far. He is pretty much Deon Cain so far, showing flashes here and there but will he put it together. Agree Pascal is fine as a 4th Wr and Johnson is fine as a fifth.
  3. I watched a lot of Shenault this year. His qb Montez was horrible, but Shenault is far from a polished wr. He excels after the catch, on reverses, and on screens right now, but his route running needs a lot of work as he struggles to break off his routes and separate. He reminds me of a poor mans Sammy Watkins coming out right now. LSU’s Justin Jefferson is a guy to check out. He has the size, route running and speed you are looking for. Jalen Reagor does not have the size but he is a better route runner than Shenault and will crush the combine showing off his athleticism. henry Ruggs speed and athleticism is off the chart but I would argue he was the third best wr at bama this year. Denzel Mims from Baylor is another wr to check out. He has the speed, size and body control outside WRs need. His route running is a work in progress but he has shown progression year over year.
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