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  1. Scheme is terrible on defense as it has always been.
  2. Pascal has played outside plenty. We are basically making our most dangerous player outside of the rbs ineffective utilizing him in the wrong position.
  3. Campbell is purely a slot wr that excels on slants, drags, over routes and screens. He wasn’t an outside wr in college and has never shown the ability to win outside consistently at the college or pro level yet our * coach continues to play him out of position.
  4. There is a big difference in talent between the two qbs. Eason is in the high end Stafford / low end Drew Lock mold, Ehlinger is in the high end Case Keenum / low end Chase Daniel mold. Eason should win the job rather easily if we are looking at the future.
  5. The media needs to stop coddling Reich because he’s a nice guy. Each week Bowen, holder, and keefer talk about reich being a great offensive mind and each week Reich shows he is nothing special offensively. The only time this “offensive guru” has looked stellar is with Andrew Luck as his qb. Not taking the 3 in that 4th and 1 situation is inexcusable and running Hines up the middle shows just how deer in the headlights/clueless he is as a play caller. it is very clear JT is the most talented runner on this team and yet this clown coach consistently takes him off the field for marginal talents like Wilkins and Hines. Early in the season it was understandable to give Reich a pass for this as the game seemed to be moving too fast for Taylor but lately it is apparent that The speed is slowing down for Taylor. Playing Hines in a Gio Bernard/Austin ekeler type change of pace/pass catcher role is fine because that is his skill set. Trying to use Hines as a short yardage back is foolish because he is never going to be able to push the pile or win with power in the hole 1 on 1. Playing Wilkins at all is just wasting away one of your most talented players on the sideline for a career 3rd stringer. To be facing a terrible run defense, with your 3rd string left tackle you would think it would be obvious that you need to run the ball with your best rb, but instead deep in the 3rd qrtr our top rb had 3 carries and our statue qb was getting sacked because of a leaky left tackle. Reich job is to put the talent in the best situation to succeed. Once again in this game he did not do that. Everytime JT got the ball he was dragging tacklers, yet the majority of the game he was sitting on the sidelines and Reich was going pass happy. The reason this game was a dogfight was because of Reich’s ineptitude as a coach. I understand the players like him and that’s great but the players also liked pagano and Caldwell. At what point does the coach get called out for the same mistakes over and over? Reich needs to be better offensively or he needs to handoff the reins.People can claim all they want that Rathman is responsible for the rb rotation but at the end of the day it is Reich’s team and he is responsible for who does and does not step foot on the field.
  6. While we have been stout against the run, the Ravens present a unique challenge as their entire offense is centered around the read option/triple option game with a dynamic runner in Jackson at qb. This isn’t the typical smash mouth iform or single back, half back dive offense. This is like preparing for a college offense And something that is rarely seen at this level. If we can slow the run and force Jackson to beat us with his arm by staying in the pocket we will have a great shot. Leonard will have to spy Jackson and delay blitz as a second wave in passing situations as he is so dynamic as a runner.
  7. What is happening with Taylor kind of reminds me of what happened with Melvin Gordon in his first year with the Chargers. Coming from Wisconsin Gordon struggled his first year in the NFL looking indecisive and nothing like the game breaker that was seen in college. In year 2 the Chargers brought in his college fullback and went to more Iform Looks where the fullback would guide him to the hole and he would cut off that. All of a sudden Gordon started looking more decisive and he also started becoming more comfortable with shotgun runs as he found a rhythm. The Colts May need to cater the offense more to Taylor in this manner to get him going. Taylor just seems uncomfortable in the scheme and the coaches need to help him get started. Right now he’s running tentatively and not exploding through contact like he showed in college. Additionally the harping on ball security may have taken away some of the instincts to explode into contact thus he is just absorbing hits instead of delivering them himself.
  8. Funchess is a FA. Hilton is getting older which is the reason we are seeing some of these injuries the past two years. Campbell has shown very little thus far. He is pretty much Deon Cain so far, showing flashes here and there but will he put it together. Agree Pascal is fine as a 4th Wr and Johnson is fine as a fifth.
  9. I watched a lot of Shenault this year. His qb Montez was horrible, but Shenault is far from a polished wr. He excels after the catch, on reverses, and on screens right now, but his route running needs a lot of work as he struggles to break off his routes and separate. He reminds me of a poor mans Sammy Watkins coming out right now. LSU’s Justin Jefferson is a guy to check out. He has the size, route running and speed you are looking for. Jalen Reagor does not have the size but he is a better route runner than Shenault and will crush the combine showing off his athleticism. henry Ruggs speed and athleticism is off the chart but I would argue he was the third best wr at bama this year. Denzel Mims from Baylor is another wr to check out. He has the speed, size and body control outside WRs need. His route running is a work in progress but he has shown progression year over year.
  10. Taylor is tumbling down the board due to a knee injury that was flagged in medical.
  11. Benny Snell is samaje perine 2.0. It would be a wasted pick.
  12. There’s plenty of backs like Derrick Henry available. Ajayi, Ingram, Hyde, Jeremy Hill. Bruising runners who are one dimensional and not dynamic out of the backfield tend to telegraph play calling. We are better off developing a 3 down back imo.
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