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  1. Qcolts

    After TY.

    Gallup Equanimeous st. brown deon Cain jaleel Scott jmon moore daesean hamilton all will be better than Ryan grant.
  2. Harold Landry Isaiah Oliver Tyrell Crosby
  3. Simmie couldn’t separate in college. He’s not gonna separate in the NFL.
  4. Very blurry . I would be very happy with that haul you mentioned in your third post but I have a hard time seeing Landry there at 18.
  5. Fixing the oline or pass rush.
  6. Grant is a number 4 wr imo. He is a reliable guy that won’t hurt you but has little upside. Hilton Drafted Wr Rogers Grant unsure on 5th wr but I would expect Ebron to be used in the slot quite a bit.
  7. I’d rank the top 10 WRs prospects as follows: DJ Moore - reminds me of Percy Harvin with the ball in his hands. Attacks the ball in air and is great after the catch. Christian Kirk - good football player with great work ethic. Safe player. Will be in league for 10 years. Courtland Sutton - size and Speed is impressive. Needs to develop the route running piece. Boom or bust prospect with highest upside of the group. Calvin Ridley - great start stop ability and terrific route runner. Frail and questionable ability in traffic. Not a guy who high points the ball. Equanimeous St. Brown - size speed freak. Reminds me of Aj green at times but the lack of production in 2017 is quite concerning. Michael Gallup - love what I’ve seen from this kid. Attacks the ball in the air and very good route runner. Strong hands and feisty. Dante Pettis - Smooth route runner. Questionable hands in traffic. Sells double moves really well. Good return ability. Antonio Callaway - Off the field concerns but talent similar to Kirk. Very good in the SEC as a freshman. Big play guy in college. Jmon moore - Looks the part and displays great body control at times but inconsistent. Love the talent but has to continue to improve. Good size that sells routes well when he wants to. James Washington - deep threat with strong hands that benefitted greatly from spread offense and lack of defense in big 12. Just Missed the cut: Anthony Miller Trequan Smith No interest: Auden Tate Simmie Cobb DJ Chark
  8. Landry is the best pass rusher in this draft IMO. We are rebuilding . We can teach him counter moves to his speed in the next year. There is a higher chance Landry is an elite player than Chubb.
  9. Qcolts

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    I like the signing. Ebron has the physical tools, but he has to stay focused and learn the little details to win consistently. Right now he just relies on his athleticism to get open. If he can understand leverage and positioning, he could be really good. The drops are mostly focus drops from what I have seen.
  10. Grant is just a guy. Aiken is better than grant and grant has no potential.
  11. Qcolts

    The 2nd Rounders

    We have been rumored to be looking at lots of WRs so I would expect one wr with a second round pick.
  12. Ive been critical of Ballard for his free agency plan this year, but this trade was absolutely the right move.
  13. I’m predicting Ballard might not pick a first rounder. It might cost too much money for the cheapskate to draft a first round pick.
  14. Qcolts

    Jensen to Bucs

    Doesn’t seem like Ballard wants to pay anyone. Maybe he can convince one of these guys to play for free.
  15. Qcolts

    Two WR's that make sense

    Coleman is limited athletically. He’s just a tall guy. Nothing special as a wr. Agree i I would rather add Latimer or Pryor.