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  1. The media needs to stop coddling Reich because he’s a nice guy. Each week Bowen, holder, and keefer talk about reich being a great offensive mind and each week Reich shows he is nothing special offensively. The only time this “offensive guru” has looked stellar is with Andrew Luck as his qb. Not taking the 3 in that 4th and 1 situation is inexcusable and running Hines up the middle shows just how deer in the headlights/clueless he is as a play caller. it is very clear JT is the most talented runner on this team and yet this clown coach consistently takes him off the field for margi
  2. While we have been stout against the run, the Ravens present a unique challenge as their entire offense is centered around the read option/triple option game with a dynamic runner in Jackson at qb. This isn’t the typical smash mouth iform or single back, half back dive offense. This is like preparing for a college offense And something that is rarely seen at this level. If we can slow the run and force Jackson to beat us with his arm by staying in the pocket we will have a great shot. Leonard will have to spy Jackson and delay blitz as a second wave in passing situations as he is so dynamic as
  3. What is happening with Taylor kind of reminds me of what happened with Melvin Gordon in his first year with the Chargers. Coming from Wisconsin Gordon struggled his first year in the NFL looking indecisive and nothing like the game breaker that was seen in college. In year 2 the Chargers brought in his college fullback and went to more Iform Looks where the fullback would guide him to the hole and he would cut off that. All of a sudden Gordon started looking more decisive and he also started becoming more comfortable with shotgun runs as he found a rhythm. The Colts May need to cater
  4. The biggest issue is the play calling on both sides of the ball, but mainly on the defensive side of the ball. We continue playing this vanilla zone that takes away nothing and just leaves every receiver wide open. We basically were destroyed by a Colt McCoy type qb with limited physical tools because we do not adjust to the opponent defensively to take things away. There’s a reason a guy like Lovie Smith is no longer an NFL head coach. Any avg NFL Qb will shred a soft zone that requires the DBs and linebackers to play 8 yards off.
  5. Defense is a scheme issue. Soft zone all game will not work anymore.
  6. Guys like Duvernay and Tyler Johnson are slot WRs and Campbell is still developing at that spot. We need a big physical/outside wr more in the funchess/Pittman/Mims mould.
  7. Funchess is a FA. Hilton is getting older which is the reason we are seeing some of these injuries the past two years. Campbell has shown very little thus far. He is pretty much Deon Cain so far, showing flashes here and there but will he put it together. Agree Pascal is fine as a 4th Wr and Johnson is fine as a fifth.
  8. I watched a lot of Shenault this year. His qb Montez was horrible, but Shenault is far from a polished wr. He excels after the catch, on reverses, and on screens right now, but his route running needs a lot of work as he struggles to break off his routes and separate. He reminds me of a poor mans Sammy Watkins coming out right now. LSU’s Justin Jefferson is a guy to check out. He has the size, route running and speed you are looking for. Jalen Reagor does not have the size but he is a better route runner than Shenault and will crush the combine showing off his athleticism.
  9. Taylor is tumbling down the board due to a knee injury that was flagged in medical.
  10. Benny Snell is samaje perine 2.0. It would be a wasted pick.
  11. There’s plenty of backs like Derrick Henry available. Ajayi, Ingram, Hyde, Jeremy Hill. Bruising runners who are one dimensional and not dynamic out of the backfield tend to telegraph play calling. We are better off developing a 3 down back imo.
  12. If he could not produce in that KC offense last year, I have little hope for him ever putting it together.
  13. I’ve seen Hockenson compared to former Ravens te Todd Heap. I think it’s a fair comparison. He doesn’t look exceptional athletically, but he’s a mauler in run game with refined routes and the ability to stretch the seam. Fant reminds me of Jared Cook.
  14. The FA class at WR is weak. Golden Tate is nothing special at this point. Tyrell Williams is long and fast, but he is not a guy who consistently gets open. Guys we need to be scouting for the draft: DK Metcalf (think josh Gordon without of the field issues) N’keal Harry (similar to dez Bryant) Riley Ridley (reminds me of Reggie Wayne) Kelvin Harmon (physical, great body control, shows upside as route runner ) Next tier: Hakeem Butler (huge, has occasional drops and route running issues) Antoine Wesley (huge, better route runner than butler
  15. We need to do more presnap motion imo. It completely threw off our linebackers and safeties at times giving mahomes easy throws in the intermediate range.
  16. Texans game 1 he was incredible in terms of ball placement except for the 4th down in OT
  17. You mean Keenan Allen? Inman has his moments with the Chargers, but I wouldn’t say he was Rivers right hand man. With that said, he’s just as good as Grant which isn’t saying much.
  18. Yes, we should trade for cooper but our GM is too cheap to pay for talented players.
  19. We are the cupcake. We are 1-5 with multiple back breaking turnovers every game.
  20. We definitely need another WR and it needs to be a Big, physical wr.
  21. He is talented, but he hasn’t developed as a route runner since entering the league and he seems to have attitude problems. He’s likely not a cultural fit for this young roster.
  22. Mack should start. This team lacks playmakers besides Hilton. We need his explosiveness on the field. Wilkins can fill Turbins short yardage role. Hines should never play.
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