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  1. The biggest issue is the play calling on both sides of the ball, but mainly on the defensive side of the ball. We continue playing this vanilla zone that takes away nothing and just leaves every receiver wide open. We basically were destroyed by a Colt McCoy type qb with limited physical tools because we do not adjust to the opponent defensively to take things away. There’s a reason a guy like Lovie Smith is no longer an NFL head coach. Any avg NFL Qb will shred a soft zone that requires the DBs and linebackers to play 8 yards off.
  2. Defense is a scheme issue. Soft zone all game will not work anymore.
  3. Guys like Duvernay and Tyler Johnson are slot WRs and Campbell is still developing at that spot. We need a big physical/outside wr more in the funchess/Pittman/Mims mould.
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