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  1. I could definitely see us bringing back Geathers
  2. I’ll bet you anything that it’s either autry or Muhammad starting opposition of Houston
  3. So I live in Wyoming, where there is more deer than people. A bullet through the vitals is a much much more humane death for these creatures that than what the wilderness will give them which is very rarely a death by old age. They usually die of starvation, or at the mouth of another predator. Hunting not only puts food on the table for the hunters but keeps population down for these animals that will already have a tough time finding food come winter.
  4. Haha this is some of the stupidest crap I have ever heard!!!!!!
  5. That’s sounds fine and dandy but we live in society where everyone deserves a participation trophy and if I don’t get my trophy you’re just trying to oppress me.
  6. So how is this a step forward in equality? If anything this looks like step back to segregation.
  7. I know Leonard is great guy but let’s not forget that 2 members of this family that were kicked out are currently serving time in prison for murder. Maybe it was his 2 brothers reputations that got his family kicked out?
  8. I totally agree. Just because he doesn’t feel the need to disrespect the flag and our veterans hes going to be pegged as a racist... I’m sorry but kneeling during the anthem will fix nothing, we need a solution not more division...
  9. Drew Brees just became my favorite quarterback...
  10. My answer for this question for 2017, 2018, and 2019 has been laraven Clark but I think this year I’m going to have to say this year it’s going to be hooker. He hasn’t really made the impact that a lot of us hoped he would, but in his final year of his contract, hes going to play like a top 5 safety so he can get those high contract offers in free agency.
  11. Hooker!! Hands down he in my opinion is the best player on our defense. I know his stats were down this year but his presence is definitely felt when he is on the field. Yet people around here want him gone.
  12. Hahaha OK key board warrior it was joke but leave it to you to get offended for everyone else... also if you look at my picture on the profile you would see that it is hooker... so yeah I totally don’t want to see him re-signed...
  13. Nice going!! Next time you can compare Taylor and oj Simpson..
  14. Well he did kill a guy... Allegedly.
  15. This thing has been around forever, Denver has a similar one.
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