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  1. It sounded like him and rivers were in a real groove during training camp
  2. Haha some of you folks need to pull your heads out of your own......behinds (their you go mods nice and clean)
  3. I think a lot of you people base you opinions on the stat sheet instead of his impact on the actual game. If you actually watched the game you see he occupied their #1 dB and allowed other people to be open all game.
  4. I thought he did good good today he had a lot break up and defections
  5. I’m not saying Kelly specifically but a mobile available qb and Kelly is the only one that comes to mind.
  6. I’ve never been big on the Chad Kelly train but I really think we should bring him back and use him on trick plays and red zone plays similar to how the saints use hill. Rivers is just so slow and 1 dimensional where Kelly would give us the opportunity to scramble for the touchdown if our receivers are totally covered instead of kicking field goals. To clarify I don’t think we need to bench Rivers but I think we just need to bring in Kelly or some other mobile qb to give us another weapon.
  7. Could be a good compliment to Taylor
  8. Well all you fellers talking about firing eberflus week one will probably get your wish... more than likely he won’t be here next year if he keeps this up!
  9. We’re just lucky none of our guys have the flu yet.
  10. It’s not just the jags it happened last year too. We just beat the Chiefs and the bet next week we get murdered by the raiders
  11. I don’t know... we seem to do great against good teams and forget how to play football with terrible teams
  12. Just based on hookers behavior on the side line he wasn’t acting like it was a mild injury
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