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  1. HectorRoberts

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    He he he ummmmmm uhhh he is uhhhhhhhhhh he is a good a good a good guy.
  2. HectorRoberts

    Swoope picked up by Saints?

    Haha with the world we live in every thing is offensive
  3. HectorRoberts

    Swoope Waived Again

    I hate to say this but this was probably the last time too.
  4. HectorRoberts

    The chances of keeping our Colts Coordinators?

    How is he being negative? He’s saying he likes the coaches we have and doesn’t want to lose them. If that’s being negative then I guess I’m negative as well. I don’t see anything wrong with him wanting to keep this awesome coaching staff that we currently have.
  5. HectorRoberts

    The chances of keeping our Colts Coordinators?

    I can definitely see our o-line coach getting an offensive coordinator job somewhere after the year our line is having
  6. HectorRoberts

    5 teams, 3 spots

    I totally agree. I wouldn’t sleep on the giants either they are getting hot as of late
  7. HectorRoberts


    I don’t doubt that he had a decent game today, but all the drops early in season just left a bitter taste in mouth to point where I just hate seeing him on the field because I expect him to some how screw up.
  8. HectorRoberts


    I’m so glad you say this! You don’t hear his name called that much anymore but that’s how you know he’s doing his job. The best defensive backs are the ones you rarely hear about!
  9. HectorRoberts

    5 quarters of offensive funk

    We are just streak breakers! We ended Jacksonville’s losing streak and Houston’s winning streak!
  10. HectorRoberts

    Eric Ebron was an amazing signing by Ballard

    I know a lot of people forgot about him but what about Travis Ross? With Doyel coming back, Ebron having a pro-bowl year, and Swoope/Cox emerging as threats, do we have a spot for this monster of a man?
  11. HectorRoberts

    Matthew Adams Is Earning His Spot

    I think he’s just playing a hell of a lot better than any 7 round pick rookie should be playing
  12. HectorRoberts


    I think Rogers is more fit for the practice squad of another team.
  13. HectorRoberts

    I'm taking one for the team.

    Thank you everyone for all your sacrifices!
  14. HectorRoberts

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Good lord this team is confusing! We beat the hottest team in the nfl and lose to coldest...
  15. HectorRoberts

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    I thought he’d be a good back up but I had no idea he’d blow up like this