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  1. You forgot “It’s just a battle between his ears at this point”
  2. I think our biggest hole is Nose tackle. We don’t really have a giant corn fed son of a gun like woods to fill that run stopping gap role.
  3. a lot of folks forget about Webb. He was doing a very good job until he got hurt. I think he’s a very above average back up.
  4. Hogan is my dark horse to make this team! And this year my dark horse shall run wild!
  5. This is the moment Fountain was jinxed! This was the jinx’s slap in your face! And your reaction to the slap from said jinx!
  6. Bro he is fine. Yeah he’s not 100 percent and that sucks. He’s got a bum ankle that is not going to require any surgery. If this was anyone else on this team it would be a non issue but since it’s Luck it’s going to be blown completely out of proportion. I get we are all a little gun shy because of the the shoulder thing but the sky is not falling and luck will be fine.
  7. Good lord people act like it’s the end of world! Reich has said multiple times that he is fine, if he had to play now he would they are just being carful with him. Why put out greatest asset out in a meaningless game when he’s not 100 percent?
  8. I tell you what, the fellers doing stampede blue podcast now are about as dry and boring to listen to than 12 hours of npr. I mean good lord it is awful! He was definitely a much better listen than those half wits.
  9. I was think more 1985 bears
  10. Hines doesn’t show up in preseason. I remember last year everyone was ready to cut him for how bad he was during the preseason.
  11. The 0-16 lions went 4-0 in the preseason!
  12. Here in good ol Wyoming all we are getting is jets and giants... don’t they know we Wyoming folk hate all New York/California “persons” (to be politically correct)
  13. So with camp underway does anyone have any players they are keeping an eye on that could potentially crack the final 53? The guy I’m keeping an eye on is Keshawn hogan. He’s been part of this organization for 3 years between IR last year and practice squad the 2 years before. I feel like they must see something pretty special about him to keep him around this long.
  14. I could definitely see him filling that turbin role in being the goal line back
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