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  1. I’m not against vinny coming back but I do believe he should have to earn his spot. So If chase out preforms him in the offseason and preseason vinny should be let go, but if vinny earns it he should get to keep his job.
  2. So was Charles Mansion and look how that turned out!!!!!
  3. I’m hoping we bring Shipley back In for a backup role
  4. Obviously the person that made the thread Einstein....
  5. I completely agree our fan base seems awful because of a select few.. they boo players that retire and they complain about every player we sign or don’t sign. They complain about every draft pick, And every trade. it just seems like as of lately it’s just a toxic bunch.
  6. I called it! I knew right after he was cut that he would end up here
  7. I’m not a huge fan of this but I’m excited for Hines. rivers is the perfect quarterback for a receiver running back. Rivers may have a noodle arm but he is a master of the halfback check down pass
  8. I feel bad for t.y. He went from a qb that’s Too afraid to throw a deep ball to a noodle arm that can’t throw a deep ball.
  9. So what happens with Autry? Does he start next to DB or what?
  10. Walker the te from the titans was also cut. I could definitely see Ballard bringing him in to fill that Ebron hole we’re about to have
  11. Herbert is my number 1 choice. Then again I also have a feeling that tua is going to fall into the the second round
  12. I’m pretty sure dalton and rivers had more reliable receivers than Jacoby so even if he had a better line it doesn’t do you much good when your receivers can’t catch a cold.
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