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  1. Make it happen Ballard! I much rather take the great proven qbs with no team around them than these broken “full of potential” qbs
  2. I’m guessing Lorena Bobbitt in the bedroom with the scissor
  3. It would be willing to bet Brady will be CC a head coach somewhere in the next 5 years
  4. Love it! Villanueva might be my favorite player in the nfl
  5. How dare they do a gender reveal! It is a child until the child decides what gender they should be! im starting it now!!! #CUTPITTMAN #Out11
  6. It’s all part of ballards master plan! Step 1. Flus get the head coach job step 2. He will trade Jacoby to the Texans for Watson step 3. Flus will be instantly fired step 4. Flus comes back to Indy as dc step 5. enjoy the next 10 year of being in the super bowl.
  7. 6 Mahomes 6 Aaron Donald who needs a “rest of the team”
  8. I think Villanueva would be a good fit here
  9. It would be awesome but there is no way Houston would trade their best player to probably their biggest rival
  10. I would say more rivers (with some begging) lance, and Eason
  11. Could we just trade your fan hood to philly instead? That way we don’t have to see these thoughtless threads pop up?
  12. Hahahaha some people literally have 0 brain cells!
  13. I think the best way to beat the steeler is to score more point than the steeler
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