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  1. ... a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in your case
  2. Boo freakin Hoo! I swear all you do on here is whine! You sound like that drunk at the bar that sits there and complains about his ex-wife all night! Seriously, MOVE ON!!
  3. I can see Ebron getting offered a very similar contract to jack after he gets healthy
  4. Looks like they are grooming this kid to be the future.
  5. If his reading progression is as bad as your spelling we are doomed!!!
  6. Poor Chester the way he’s playing this year and last year you would assume his hands were broken too... I feel bad about his injury but I’m not sad to see the liability off the field.
  7. I totally agree! As the father of 2 very young children (who I love to death) being home with a baby 24/7 will drive a man insane! If Andrews baby isn’t due until January then I give him till March to be begging to come back!
  8. How mad is everyone going to be if vinny gets another 1 year contract?
  9. I really like that fuller kid from Houston, is he a free agent this year?
  10. If we get tua we’ll need to keep Jacoby for when tua gets hurt for half the season. That boy is made of glass
  11. No joke!!! I started him this week and he did nothing!
  12. Indy! If not them then the bills I love josh Allen from being a Wyoming fan.
  13. That’s no joke I try to always stay optimistic on here but lately this place has been so doom and gloom, I’ve had to step away for awhile. I mean we’re 6-5 I fully believe we’ll be in the playoffs again. Go jacoby! Go vinny! go colts!
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