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  1. HectorRoberts


    11. they both have 2 arms AND 2 legs! 12 both have an R in there their last names my lord it’s like they are they Same person!!!! You are the smartest person I have ever met! Thank you for showing us all the way!
  2. HectorRoberts

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    How does he get 4 weeks and Winston only get 3?
  3. HectorRoberts

    Colts Achilles Heel

    Last year it seems like our Achilles heel was that damn score boards
  4. HectorRoberts

    If you could..

    Tom Brady (water boy) Aaron Donald Dt
  5. HectorRoberts

    Defensive Backs

    Yeah what’s the worst that can happen?
  6. HectorRoberts

    The Colts running game

    I honestly think Wilkins will be the back to watch between him Hines and Mack
  7. HectorRoberts

    Post OTAs 53 man roster

    Give him 1 more year he’s still very young
  8. HectorRoberts

    Top 10 Current Colts

    1 Sheard 2 Hilton 3 Doyle 4 castanzo 5 vinny 6 Kelly 7 luck 8 hooker 9 Nelson 10 Mewhort i put luck at #7 because he hasn’t played an nfl snap in almost a year and a half so he’s a bit of a wild card. I’m sure after the season is over he will be #1 again
  9. HectorRoberts

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    Didn’t he get fired from nfl network?
  10. HectorRoberts

    Which "Under the Radar" Player Makes an Impact in 2018?

    I’ll probably get a lot of heat for this but I’m going say Morrison. I think he is going to do well in this system as a run stuffer
  11. HectorRoberts

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    I bet he is throwing again but it’s just being kept quiet Incase there is another set back
  12. HectorRoberts

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Andrew Luck!
  13. HectorRoberts

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Jacob Lacey, jerrad powers, Kevin Thomas and djorn smith. Our grave yard of future pro-bowl cbs
  14. HectorRoberts

    Top Ten McAfee Moments

    We just have good luck with punters! Our last three punters have been Sanchez, patty, and hunter smith all three have been probowl caliber.