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  1. Definitely have to keep him on the active roster. He's our best deep threat if TY doesn't come around.
  2. I was surprised not to see Taylor and Hornung on the list but they had 14 game seasons.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, TB split the seams on two pants. When asked why he put his rain pants back on he said he split out the seams.of his shorts. Later in the match he split the seams of his rain pants bending over to get his ball out of the cup. I think he was wearing UnderArmor gear...lol
  4. I trust your observation of tape. I don't do a whole lot of it. I do do some though.
  5. With Taylor getting so very many, many carries I just they were run heavy. Sorry.
  6. With Taylor getting so very many, many carries I just they were run heavy. Sorry.
  7. From everthing I gather, Tom Rathman is a wonderful RB coach. So, I think Taylor might very well learn fast. You just don't know how fast the uptake will be.
  8. You may be absolutely right. Heck, I hope he can stand up pass rushers. Wisconsin was a run heavy offense led by Taylor. I don't know they had NFL caliber pass rushers to defend in pass protection.
  9. I agree with you on that too. Taylor is a talent. No doubt. He might still have problems with pass protection and preventing costly fumbles in his rookie year though.
  10. I agree with you 100%. Taylor is a talent from college. It took Mack a few years to develop into what he is. And he is a top 10 RB in my opinion. I think Taylor is further along coming out of college than Mack was. But, he still has to learn how not to fumble in the NFL and how to pass protect. Mack has that figured out already.
  11. Bob Trumpy, a retired TE and Cris Collinsworth's protege remarkably called some NFL players interchangeable drill bits. It seemed like for a while the Denver Broncos could bring any RB in off the street and they would run for 1000+ yards. I'm not saying I agree with Bob Trumpy in every case, but there are those players that you can plug and play.
  12. Mack will be the starter. He had zero. Read that zero fumbles in 2019. He has also learned to pass protect. That will be very important for Rivers who isn't all that mobile. Taylor will learn and become valuable. Hopefully, he will.also learn how not to fumble. In the NFL they stand you up for a while and rip at the ball. Mack has that all figured out. Taylor will have to figure it out.
  13. Now you must know that every NFL player is trying to stand you up for as long as possible and rip that ball out of your hands. Marlon Mack had zero fumbles in 2019 in the NFL.
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