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  1. Other than Burrow and Tua, if he can stay healthy, this year's QB class is weak IMO.
  2. As long as the Titans beat the Pats I'll be a happy camper. I think they're capable.
  3. Much of the catch % difference can be attributed to the length of the throws. Campbell along with Hines and Mack were short throws hoping for YAC. TY typically gets more separation than the other wideouts. JB doesn't pas the eye test on accuracy by missing open receivers. Accuracy and touch are real issues with JB.
  4. The Browns, Panthers and Giants have all asked the Patriots permission to interview Josh McDaniels for their HC jobs, according to ESPN. Yikes! Not again!
  5. I believe that Burrow is the only can't miss QB prospect this year. I'm also in favor of an impact Dlineman at #13, assuming one is available. A WR or QB project at #34. Maybe Love will be available.
  6. I believe Burrow is the only sure fire, non-bust QB in this year's draft and he is going #1 to the Bengals. If Love is available at 34, I would take that risk. As for #13, I would do somethink to help our dreadful pass defense. Opposing QBs having career games against us is a problem that can't be ignored. Our LBs are good enough. A player to impact our pass rush or defensive backfield is what I would prioritize.
  7. I am a Colts fan who happens to have lived in Cincinnati for oh so many years. I have watched most of Dalton's NFL games. He did have a very good OL and receivers early in his career, he was just never good in the clutch. 0 for whatever in the postseason.
  8. This is a different era. Many, many career records will be broken. Marvin was man-handled by DBs in his era. Now DBs are more restricted and current WRs benefit.
  9. I understand your thinking. I just don't want our Colts to be in a QB malaise like so many other franchises get stuck in for, seemingly, decades.
  10. I hope you are right. I hope that after a year to heal properly Luck gets the itch to come back. He has to be aware of how his absence has hurt his brothers in arms. TY's body language after a few of those throws said everything.
  11. Anybody planning on watching the ESPN postgame show???
  12. Booger just said the only thing that could have made this more deflating... Reich's faith in JB.
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