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  1. The refs were flag happy tonight. The call against TY is only one example of bogus calls. The NFL office should reprimand this crew for tonight's awful performance.
  2. These lower round picks are expected to take some time to develop. Please give it the time.
  3. TY being out hurt badly. So did Ebron's drops. The team got off to a very slow start last year, then especially the defense improved. I'm hoping for the same this year.
  4. From what the coaches say about him, he is dedicated to his craft. Brady, Manning and Luck all fit in that mold. I think he has all the physical tools of Brady or Manning.
  5. Not having Hooker and Leonard was certainly a factor. Playing the rookies a lot on D too.
  6. Unfortunately, draft capital doesn't mean jack squat. Do you remember the enthusiasm Jim Ersay and everyone had for Phillip Dorsett? Give Campbell time.
  7. Well, he has a problem. I wish him well.
  8. That would systemically favor the home team. You always want to get the ball last in the proposed system. If the first team with the ball scores a TD. Guess what? The home team plays 4 down ball the whole way down the field. Big advantage!!!
  9. Al Woods looked very good as a run stuffer for the Seahawks. He has as many interception as Malik Hooker
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