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  1. Tonight the snooze fest ends at about 8:45 pm.
  2. I expect a snooze fest for Colts fans until about 11 pm.
  3. My best guess is that Ballard will pick Teven Jenkins at 21.
  4. All the speculation about the number 21 pick will be resolved today. Isn't that a relief?
  5. His new teammates might get a kick out of that video.
  6. One thing that isn't mentioned regarding our receivers is that under contract we don't have what I consider to be a legit deep threat. The deep ball is a Wentz strength. Let's allow him to take advantage of it by getting that type WR in the draft or in FA.
  7. Definitely have to keep him on the active roster. He's our best deep threat if TY doesn't come around.
  8. I was surprised not to see Taylor and Hornung on the list but they had 14 game seasons.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, TB split the seams on two pants. When asked why he put his rain pants back on he said he split out the seams.of his shorts. Later in the match he split the seams of his rain pants bending over to get his ball out of the cup. I think he was wearing UnderArmor gear...lol
  10. I trust your observation of tape. I don't do a whole lot of it. I do do some though.
  11. With Taylor getting so very many, many carries I just they were run heavy. Sorry.
  12. With Taylor getting so very many, many carries I just they were run heavy. Sorry.
  13. From everthing I gather, Tom Rathman is a wonderful RB coach. So, I think Taylor might very well learn fast. You just don't know how fast the uptake will be.
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