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  1. At 3:23 into the video is the most important play of the game. This is the play that Carson get rolled up on by Donald. It's 3rd and 5 and his second read is immediately open (Jack Doyle) he hesitates and with Doyle right in front of him for a first down. He then pulls it down and tries to run left. Donald catches him and Carson is hurt. This is a play that Tom Brady makes about 10 times a game and rarely gets hurt take the what they gave you and get a first down. This is what Carson needs to do better.
  2. I agree with the Marshall Faulk as one of the Top 5 worst Colts trades: - I understand we drafted Edgerinn James at #4 that year and he was a great pick. - The Rams manipulated that trade by having Eric Dickerson talk to Irsay about how unhappy Faulk was - We should have gotten the #6 pick instead of a 2nd round and 5th round pick(Mike Peterson and Brad Scoli) - The Rams selected Torry Holt (@ #6) and between Holt and Faulk powered a couple of super bowl runs (1 win) for the Rams. THe Rams were 4-12 in 1998 and the next year they won the Super Bowl. The Colts didn't make the Super Bowl during the Edgerinn years. - If we could have gotten the #6 pick (like Marshall should have gotten in the prime of his career) imagine a team that next year with Peyton, James, Torry Holt and Marvin Harrison. Or not make the trade at all and take Holt at #4 (or Champ Bailey) with a Marshall Faulk in the backfield. We featured Edgerinn as much as we would have featured Marshall. both were pro bowlers (Marshall was a MVP) Again, it turned out OK for us as Edgerinn was a great pick. But that pick was already ours - we didn't trade Marshall for the 4th pick - we traded Marshall for the Mike Peterson and Brad Scoli
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