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  1. Are we talking about Da’Rick or butter finger Chester
  2. I’m not too optimistic about him. The last time I thought our back up was going to be a stud, they turned out to be Curtis painter.
  3. I’m waiting to hear he retired in week 3 of the preseason. I swear we are cursed at the quarterback position because of the way we handled Manning.
  4. what a great point! He wasn’t a terrible quarterback who got benched in favor or blain gabbert. Of course he’s a future hall of fame
  5. It’s sucks this happened because I love wentz but I am quite curious to see what we have in Eason
  6. I mean Colin Keapernick is still available! He is a monster in madden so I see no reason why he couldn’t save this franchise!
  7. Fisher is #79? I could have sworn that #79 was retired
  8. Mr. Pound Cake Jackson comes to mind for me, I had high hopes for him as a starting linebacker
  9. Melvin Bullitt! Best back up safety of all time. So strange he just fell off the face of the earth after grigs decided to cut everyone.
  10. I hope this isn’t true franklin is trash
  11. I’m thinking the streak ends this year.
  12. I definitely see this kid taking the autry role! Awesome pick! I forgot that so many of you guys are professional arm chair gms.
  13. I would have not fired polian and Caldwell after the first bad season, let Peyton have Andrew under his wing for 2 or 3 years and let polian retire under his own power then hire Chris Ballard. I believe to this day we would still have Jim Caldwell as our head coach and Andrew luck as our quarterback.
  14. I rather us have 55 Super Bowl wins instead of 2...
  15. Andy dalton is pretty mediocre as well
  16. I’m happy with our current situation I would like to see a villianuva signing as insurance but besides that I’m pretty content with the course we’re on
  17. I’m still crossing my fingers over a hooker reunion!
  18. I hope not!!! I like our studs to have names that I have a slim chance if pronouncing
  19. I thought we kicked grigs out of here?
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