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  1. Your facts are right, 2006Coltsbestever! LeBron should be completely healthy from his late season injury - I think he missed the last two or three games of the regular season and should be ready alsong with AD, for the Lakers training camp in September. Safe to say the competition went up another level by the free agent signings of both the Lakers and the Clippers this summer, and I look forward when both teams play 5 or 6 games during the regular season. I hope those games can be televised on both ESPN and TNT. And they share the same venue, Staples Center. Lakers though w
  2. .....and former Pacer Paul George signed with the LA Clippers after coming from the OKC Thunder. Kawhi Leonard reduced his contract from four years to a two-year contract to equal George's two-year contract. Seems based on talent, the Clippers are the better LA team than the Lakers. Lakers lost the free-agent agent signing to Leonard. Leonard grew up in Southern California, played his high school ball in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, then played his college ball as a San Diego State Aztec.
  3. And here's the news, 2006Coltsbestever and Colts fans, from https://www.nba.com/ . A juggernaut of the 2019 NBA Free Agency period IMO. I wonder and also hope if the NBA considers having their free agency period right after the NBA Finals, then move down the NBA Draft as late as late June to early July, just before the NBA Summer Leagues. Similar to the NFL, when veteran free agency starts by mid-March, and the NFL Draft on the last week of April? Just sayin'. Maybe bring more parody within the entire NBA. BTW, are the Pacers involved in this year's NBA Free Ag
  4. Hi, Colts fans. OKC reportedly and officially traded Russell Westbrook and multiple first round and other draft picks to the Rockets for Chris Paul.
  5. Hi, Colts fans. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher Tyler Skaggs abruptly passed away in Dallas/Fort Worth Monday afternoon at 3:18 Eastern Standard Time.. His Angels are in town to play the first of a four-game series with the Texas Rangers, but Monday Night's game at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, is postponed. Story developing on how, and the circumstances Skaggs died, after the Angels arrived in Texas. Skaggs just pitched a game for the Angels against the Oakland A's at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA last Saturday Night. RIP Tyler. https://www.mlb.com/
  6. Hi, Nadine!  ColtsBlueFL also sent me a message.  I pressed the 'bell' tab, to see both your messages. Instead my screen takes me back to the conversation page, and I can't msee my personal messages I should be receiving.  Also,  I tried to edit to the opening post on the Game Day Thread, but it added a reply thread below the OP.  Can than this be edited and corrected in time for tonight? Thanks.  Llewellyn.

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  7. I am very pleased that you like the new board. :) I think and hope we have found our forever home this time. I think we have a site that finally suits everyone.

  8. I am here! I just saw your thread and yelled, "LucasOilStadium is back...woo-hoo!" *happy dance*

  9. Thanks, ColtsSouth! Like the new layout on the community message board for the upcoming season! Is PeytonGirl also still around on the board?

  10. Wish you were here to start a game day thread! So ready for some football.

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