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  1. This situation makes me wonder what Colts staff thinks about/sees in Kelly. They saw him every day but then make this move.
  2. How did Kelly screw up? Since he was with the Colts or his issues before?
  3. Yes guys in the booth. WE all know how relieved you are that your team won.
  4. Wow... the Steelers lost the challenge. Miracle.
  5. The guys in the booth are sooooo biased it's sickening. The cherry on top of the refs ruining the game.
  6. He was on the sidelines running some sort of machine on his thigh. Not sure what it was tho.
  7. To anyone out of market THIS Sunday, Sunday Ticket is running their Week 1 freebie. The Colts game will be on Ch. 712 at 2:00pm.
  8. Thanks LOS for your always excellent game info. Just wanted to mention that if you are out of market and have DirecTV you can catch the game on Ch. 712 this Sunday as Sunday Ticket is running their usual Week 1 freebie.
  9. Loved them all but the guy sticking a fork into the electric outlet after receiving his new AB jersey is priceless. LMAO!!!!!
  10. 30 mill with an organization going nowhere or 9 mill and a great chance at a SB ring. I can see him going for the latter. That extra 21 mill wasn't going to buy him a SB. He can make more money in the future.
  11. I'd bet the whole thing from frozen feet until getting cut was orchestrated by Rosenhaus. Was listening to him earlier Saturday on NFLN and that is one slimy dude. Just hearing his voice creeps me out.
  12. I agree. Like there wasn't enough of a damper already.....
  13. I agree 100%. Everything he's done since being sent to Oakland was to get cut. And now he's where he wanted to be. I just hate seeing prima donna players pulling crap like this and getting away with it.
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