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  1. I second that. A link would be fantastic.
  2. So we lose all our coaches and now all the coaches leaving with McDaniel's will stay also effectively meaning we are in even more in trouble here. Not just of HC but DC, ST, ECT
  3. Funny thing is...... I read through the comments again and the only individuals to overreact are the ones that stated people were overreacting. Lol. Ironic huh?? Most just put their opinion and moved on as i originally did. Crazy man. Sorry to offend anyone.
  4. I do not think some of you understand the point of the original post. Lock the Damn thread jeez, i agree at this point. It was meant to bring light to the fact that the media made a point that was relevant to our new HC. Nothing more. No click bait, no conspiracy theory, no doubt, no belief to the statement, the sky is not falling, ECT..... lol Last I checked this was a "Discussion" forum and when someone posts a statement that was said regarding our new HC that had some merit it is worth..... idk..... throwing out there and discussing??? It
  5. I am just as tired as the rest of you with all this talk. He is in,he is out. I just want it to be official and stop. That being said this did bring pause as to why Patricia informed the Patriots but McD did not..... nothing more than a "HUH" moment for me. Just gauging everyone's opinion on this. Nothing more.
  6. Check out @ProFootballTalk’s Tweet: Not click bait at all. Not how I roll.
  7. Sad story. My deepest condolences to his family.
  8. True truejust strange the media worded it as Patricia let them know and McD did not. Just getting old at this point. Ready for tomorrow or Tuesday.
  9. I agree 110%. I believe he is most definitely our new HC. I was stating that I hate that the media continues to throw some sort of small shade on him being our new HC. Gets old. More of a rant but with some merit as well being it was stated on the biggest stage.
  10. Watching the Superbowl pregame show and one of the gentlemen stated that.... "Patricia has informed the Patriots he will not be returning, while McD has in fact not" Take that with a grain of salt but man, will the McD may not come to the Colts quotes ever stop? Thought it was interesting though if in fact McD has not informed the Patriots he is leaving and it is Superbowl Sunday. Just something to keep our ears open to.
  11. Check out @RapSheet’s Tweet: Thoughts?
  12. lol. If you are going to come be apart of the Colts forums as a Titans fan by all means contribute, ask questions, compare, and healthy debate. Do NOT come here as a new member of a division rival to troll and stir the pot. If you love McDaniels so much you are on the wrong team my friend. Just throwing that out there
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