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  1. I think this instagram thing causes a lot of people to have anxiety......thinking everyone else's lives are perfect. I've also seen people getting hurt trying to get the perfect shot. I saw a proposal at winter lights last year. We were watching the lights at the Lilly house and a guy takes his girl friend by the hand and leads her out onto the lawn with the light show, gets down on one knee and proposes The whole crowd cheered. It was V Romantic
  2. The more I think about this, I'm guessing the actual proposal must have happened elsewhere and this is just more of an engagement photo shoot. I think they're recreating a 'perfect proposal' I mean, nobody goes to the park dressed to the 9s with a professional photographer for a surprise proposal
  3. I feel like that's different. My son in law proposed on xmas at our house. He had talked to everyone in the family first. So, we all knew. He cut out the inside of a book and put the ring in it and wrapped it as an xmas gift. His son knew and video taped it. Neither of them were looking their best. When she first opened the book, the ring popped out and a lot of the video is of them looking for the ring in the mess of wrapping paper on the floor. It was an imperfect moment shared with family but not social media. I feel like t
  4. Old fashioned I guess
  5. I'm just saying it looks more for social media than romantic. But, maybe they were out with friends who were in on the proposal. Great picture That said, not everything has to be shared
  6. Who took the picture?
  7. Two things about this post. 1.) We don't allow rumors unless you have some kind of a source 2.) This would belong in another forum https://forums.colts.com/forum/13-nfl-draft-scouting-and-free-agent-talk/ Closing for now
  8. No, I'm trying to get it fixed but I doubt they'll deal with it today
  9. I've been feeling lately that people wear a mask but don't wash their hands. I read a case study of contact tracing where they traced back to a garbage can lid that had covid. A guy touched it and then pressed an elevator button It went on infecting people from the button
  10. Colts announced it I think 100% transparency is the best route to take Proud of this organization
  11. Assume the virus is everywhere and make sure you wash your hands. Corona Virus can live on your hands for 9 hours. Imagine all the people out there touching things......and then you touch the same thing. Respect the virus, it is very good at what it does
  12. It is spreading pretty rapidly in Indiana, stay safe everyone
  13. I think we've had this thread before but lets try it again I guess That said, I enjoyed the game. Not the losing part but, it had my attention and I never gave up hope. We've been worse I must say
  14. Honestly, I enjoyed the Browns game. We weren't good enough but it wasn't boring Way too much boredom these days. You're right though.......because I enjoyed the peace and happiness around here after the bears game.
  15. This turned into another Rivers thread soooo, I removed those posts and locked this thread. If you would like to talk about Rivers, you have other threads here to do that
  16. honestly, even the complaining is a nice change of pace from real life these days
  17. Hi Night Owl While the game is on, we are all in the game day thread, which is here or you can head into chat
  18. I hope that the NFL and the players come to a decision that protects everyone. It would be disappointing to have less football but, they have tried. If it's not doable then, that's that.
  19. Why are these people trying to wreck my fun?
  20. It is different across people and they're still trying to figure out why. Read an article this am speculating that recent corona virus colds might have a protective effect exposure duration also seems correlated with severity But, this thing where people seem ok and then take a turn for the worse is a mystery
  21. I think some people in this thread should examine whether or not they have a normalcy bias Normalcy bias - Wikipedia
  22. OP has made his case over and over. This thread has run it's course closing
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