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  1. I don't care about them unless it affects the colts, in this case, it sort of does I guess yeah, sort of hostile
  2. Exactly, nothing against them personally. They seem like a good organization. However, I still crave revenge
  3. JJ Watt is an all around stellar human being
  4. I hated the Steelers first so, it's a bigger hate. #FanLogic
  5. For me Steeler Loss > Pats Loss So, I'm on board
  6. Nadine

    Colts twitter

    Those are awesome!
  7. Nadine

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    Thanks for asking that. I didn't like it at the time. It's probably due a combination of the replies above
  8. I'd like to see them prove to themselves they can get there. Chop wood to the playoffs!
  9. Nadine

    Josh McDaniels hot HC candidate... again

    Mongooses are fierce!
  10. Nadine

    Josh McDaniels hot HC candidate... again

    Can't understand why teams wouldn't hold that against him
  11. Follow this link to enter the drawing for two tickets to Giants @ Colt·-sun-1223-·-100-pm-est/ You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  12. Nadine

    This is not the end of the world losing to the Jags!

    I'm glad that the world does not have to end because of this
  13. Yes, we are waiting. Nothing I can do about it
  14. Nadine

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    That was STRESSFUL!
  15. Nadine

    Happy Thanksgiving. What I'm Thankful for.

    Thankful for all our posters and hoping each and everyone of you has a wonderful day. Thankful that my sister loves me enough to pack up her family and drive 4 hours to my house to have dinner with me and mine. Thankful that my youngest took yesterday off to help me prepare for today. Thankful my husband has today off and can just sit and watch football for a change. Thankful to have one day just for thinking about being thankful for all that I have and to have a break from thinking about all that I worry about. Thankful for last weeks game in which the Colts looked awesome and which was so fun to watch. Thankful for this thread. Thanks for creating it. Have a great day everyone!
  16. Nadine

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    you mean you were 'joshing'?
  17. It's a badge of honor for the test guy to think that no one could have that good of a game without some kind of drug.......I would think
  18. I wonder who he answers to and how and when he pulls names for testing Perhaps it is true that having an exceptional game trips on of these. Seems like it's not the first time I've heard of that happening It wouldn't be random but it would make some sense I think
  19. Are there random drug testing police? Are they like air marshalls?
  20. Nadine

    Luck should be MVP

    He's MY MVP
  21. Nadine

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    Actually that notion makes the whole situation even sweeter
  22. Nadine


    All online communities change over time. But hopefully, we've hit on the right mix of procedures that keeps ours stable. Good posters are key to that. Also minimizing 'drive bys' helps a lot. That's why the rookie group has to have 10 approved posts before they can create a topic. While the vast majority of rookies are good posters.........even just one slipping through tends to upset everyone. Moderators keep a close on on rookies to see if it's maybe looking like someone we've seen before. Much less drama since we started dong this. Thanks to our volunteer mods for keeping an eye on potential trouble makers. Some are sneaky enough to slip past us but, generally the other posters recognize them if they find their way into the new member group.