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  1. I've seen this. I've also seen people who have mental health issues use substances to cope so, when they are able to kick addiction.......there is still a lot to deal with......only now it's after years and years of not knowing how to cope to begin with It's just insidious I have a relative that overcame several substance addictions and after that because of the 12 step focus, joined a pretty fundamentalist christian group. He told me that the primary reason he joined is that they promised joy. It's what he wanted more than anything. That's fine but joy or h
  2. The best advice, for all of us Create time to be with loved ones
  3. Sad news. A man commits suicide in front of the Fishers Police Station https://fox59.com/news/city-leaders-hope-suicide-in-front-of-fishers-police-headquarters-raises-awareness/ The City has an initiative to raise awareness of mental resources. https://stigmafreefishers.com
  4. That's good that you manage it. The young man I know lost it on an airplane. After that, he fiance finally decided that, as much as she loved him, she could not start a family with him. It was so sad
  5. I removed some comments on religion.
  6. I knew someone with bipolar. He went on buying sprees that his family could not afford His wife worked as a waitress all her life trying to keep up with his spending sprees. I knew another young man with bipolar. He was really sweet but refused to take medication. Periodically he would just lose it. It's like something took him over. Bipolar is one that as far as I know really requires medication
  7. Gambling can be an addiction for many. I find it somewhat terrifying. Went to Vegas with my husband years ago. We each had a set amount of money to play with (lose) I'm pretty risk averse so, I played nickle slots. I hit the jackpot and won $60. At that point, I was done. i figured I was ahead of the game and just wanted to stop But, my husband took my nickles and started feeding them into multiple machines at the same time...until they were all gone. After we went to bed that night, he got up and got dressed again. He couldn't sleep knowing that there w
  8. Helping someone who has an addiction can be brutal. Sometimes it is impossible. It often fails. Sometimes it tears families apart. I am always impressed when someone makes it out of addiction. It is a beast There is so much addiction out there right now. Opioids are destroying us. I know two young women and a neighbor who have died from opioids. I don't know what the answer to that is other than to tell people to never take them to begin with
  9. I think most of us would benefit from taking a step or two back, even if it is just once in a while
  10. Very true One of my daughters is very type A and competitive. She works hard all the time. She works out hard all the time. She makes a lot of money. She is very successful. But she's starting to hate her job because people know they can over load her and she'll just keep working more and more and more and get it all done. I think they abuse her and recently, I've begun to ask her to consider the price she pays for this. How long can she keep this up and still have space in her life......to relax and stay centered? How happy will she be if she keeps this pace up?
  11. I agree that self care can help a lot. Diet, exercise, talking to friends all help. Anxiety and depression can spiral when you are stressed and we all differ in how much we can reduce stress in our lives. For example, If you are scrambling to make ends meet and you lose your job or you develop a serious health problem, or an important relationship ends whether by divorce or some other reason, or someone dies...it is easy to spiral down. It's hard to find a way to manage the stress. And it's easy to turn to bad food and drink......to isolate yourself. It's
  12. Just getting people to admit that it is time to deal with anxiety / depression is a challenge. Some people know that their thinking is not quite right but they put off getting help I do think people worry about having a record of mental health treatment.
  13. Agree, I have tried to get help for someone. I'm glad there are some resources out there but when I looked, I couldn't find it. I am tremendously relieved to see this issue have a light shone on it. I don't mean to dismiss the people working in mental health already, I'm thankful that some people find their way to help
  14. We need to deal with widespread mental health problems and addiction and rampant suicide. Help is not readily available, if at all. I don't know anyone whose life hasn't been touched in some way by one or more of these. So proud of this organization for taking this on. It is desperately needed
  15. This topic by it's nature is not family friendly. Several posts have been removed because they talked about illegal activity / were too graphic Closing, I think everyone has said all there is to say
  16. Nadine


    Several posts were removed from this thread. Some were inappropriate for a family friendly site and others were just off topic
  17. I would add that people need to stop replying to posts that they consider off topic......and then complaining about the thread being off topic. It makes it very difficult to tease apart what people want to talk about and what they don't.
  18. An offensive comment was posted to this thread. Closing
  19. This discussion isn't going anywhere and an off color comment was just removed. So, locking for now. If there is something new to discuss, there can be another thread
  20. A lot of posts have been removed from this thread because They were off topic (this is a FA rumor thread) They were personal squabbles They posted complaints about other posters or groups of posters They posted snide/insulting gifs and / or obnoxious reactions (which only served to inflame further endless disagreement) If you had posts removed, it was because YOU were part of the problem. A lot of people in this thread were a part of the problem Moving Forward, PLEASE Don't like a post/poster? Ignore them See a post that is off topic? report
  21. 'legal tampering' is an oximoron I wonder who came up with the term
  22. All the legal ways to watch Colts games are posted to colts.com https://www.colts.com/watch-live-games/ways-to-watch Closing this thread because threads like this almost always result in illegal streaming talk, which is against site rules
  23. This thread got derailed. Several posts were removed and it is now back open
  24. Details for new members are posted in our rules: https://forums.colts.com/guidelines/
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