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    it is mind boggling
  2. Having the chicken on your side is key!
  3. Already been discussed with poor outcomes
  4. Is it festivus already? https://festivusweb.com/festivus-airing-of-grievances.php
  5. I don't agree that his opinion is shrugged off. Look at the reaction he got here What he accomplished is NOT being silent. Fans who want him to be silent are critical and personally insulting toward him on his website. The rest of us are happy Our divide isn't greater It's the same More people need to speak out in favor of vaccinations
  6. Yeah pretty hypocritical stuff People mocking him and saying he shouldn't talk about vaccination...............at the same time feeling entitled to share their point of view not only on vaccination but also on who should be allowed to speak That's what makes me roll my eyes. Proud of our owner!
  7. He's saying what needs to be said
  8. my dad's people were coal miners
  9. My dad was a coach......not professionally but by choice He grew up without a dad and when he found football, he fell in love with everything about it, especially the coaching Coaching was how my dad parented. It worked in a lot of ways. He never ever ever yelled at any of us (he had 8 kids). But he was a relentless coach, always wanting us to be better, always telling us we could be better. Those of us that played sports, had dad as a coach. It was his happy place He was also an amazing salesman so, I think there's some over lap there. Anyway, there are limitations to coaching as a parenting style but I can tell you that he was not a jerk. He was just relentless. He never gave up, he believed in us. We were his team. His expectations were high and we lived up to them because we would never have dreamed of letting him down. After we left home he took to mentoring people in AA. At his funeral I cannot tell you how many people there were that came and told us what a difference dad made in their lives. I don't hate coaches who yell. I do honestly think that they are not as good as those who motivate people in other ways.
  10. I would think the hardest thing for a coach is over riding player self interest in favor of TEAM. Most of these guys don't have long careers. They need to do well for themselves fast. A great coach gets them all on the same page no idea how they do that. But I don't think it's yelling
  11. mmm I think that coaches need a lot of qualities. They need to be able to handle a lot different responsibilities as they are more or less the hub of the team and interacting with everyone. They have far more to deal with than either highschool or college coaches. They need to be strategic, able to select the right personnel, able to delegate, able to monitor, able to communicate, able to keep their cool and think. You mentioned Belichick. I think that what likely makes him a great coach is attention to detail. Dungy was a great coach. I don't dismiss someone because they are a jerk, I don't idolize them either. I think a lot of people do idolize jerks
  12. Some of the worst human beings in history have been authoritarians and have caused an enormous amount of damage. They do it in a short amount of time and they tend to end poorly. Because in the end, their priorities are entirely about themselves. They tend to be unstable and lack self control. People who rule by fear are the worst kind of leader You are idealizing authoritarians and that's just not reality. It's your version of football 'utopia' I think that human beings can be violent and that football is a violent sport. That doesn't mean you should be violent with the players. I cannot say what style of leadership is best for a team but most of these players are self motivated to succeed. If they're not, they don't last. These are highly paid and trained professional athletes. I find the whole argument that coaches need to yell tiresome. It's like saying that booing helps the team to win. It doesn't. It just makes you feel better. That's not to say that structure and expectations and consequences are not important. They are. I'm just tired of fans equating yelling and being a jerk with effective leadership
  13. Some people who yell and demean people are terrible at what they do correlation does not equal causation Losing your temper is not a badge of honor that is proof of greatness for fans, players, or coaches or anyone really I was watching a program about Mohammed Ali. He was loud and obnoxious in public and apparently behind the scenes he was one of the most caring human beings, always looking for a way to help Authoritarians make everything about themselves. Always have, always will. Leaders lead
  14. I'm not sure why people assume that yelling and being a jerk = effective leader/coach. Agree Loud, obnoxious, and pushy people tend to get put in leadership positions, not just in sports. More often than not from what I've seen they are ineffective and roundly disliked I mean how many of us think that if someone is a jerk, it's helpful? I'm all for expectations but this notion that somebody is either a jerk or he cannot coach is nonsense
  15. Agree Also, anyone derailing this thread further risks suspension We all know your opinion, you don't need to state it again
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