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  1. I was just pondering the difference in reactions myself
  2. I think false reports of crimes carry a seven year sentence. Of course you run into the same problem as you have to begin with, only two people in the room.
  3. I don't think police are involved. Issue was settled by Stanford in 2015
  4. That would be interesting. As would conviction rates based on income
  5. False accusations of rape run at about the same rate as false reports of other crimes. Somewhere between 2% and 10% Estimates are that between 40% and 80% of rapes go unreported. No idea what occurred in this case but rush to judgement is not a good idea. There are wrongful convictions as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Park_jogger_case
  6. Impossible not to pull for Deon. Queue the Rocky theme song!
  7. I'm sure it's not all lions fans. Just the obnoxious ones
  8. some people really enjoy attacking people online. They make themselves seem like the majority when in reality they are the loudest. block them ignore them don't engage them
  9. Living well has always been the best revenge
  10. And you don't know someone's story just by looking at them. Could be a job was just lost and they started pinching pennies. Hard to imagine someone going to the food bank if there isn't a reason
  11. For sure. I've been robbed. I had to move because I didn't feel safe anymore. Been wondering what this man will do once he's repaired his home
  12. I'm surprised the police made public that they had the cell phone. Kudos to them for being on top of it though. I hope they catch all of them
  13. Connecting with your community in whatever way you are able makes it a better place
  14. Speaking as someone who did fundraising, you need both. You do get some perspective volunteering. My daughter just volunteered at a food pantry and met a single mom who has brain cancer and not enough money for food.
  15. Glad no one was home. Hope he had a nest camera
  16. The hover and profile photo issues should be resolved. Let me know if they are still not working for you
  17. Thank you for saying this. This is what it's all about. I know it can be a bit.......contentious here at times, especially around the draft, but that comes with passion so, it's bound to happen. Beneath it all, people come here to be with other fans and share their passion for the game and this team. We fall short of our own standards at times. I'm thankful we have members like you who are willing to remind all of us to love and respect one another. The site is like family. Families squabble but do hang together
  18. Are we seeing the commercial instead?
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