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  1. This reminds me of all the posters who insisted that Irsay wouldn't fire Grigson because he was like 'the son he never had' I think Irsay has always been clear on his admiration of the stability and success of the Steelers organization. I think the quest for that kind of stability is what drives the lack of knee jerk reactions. I also think he's always been clear that his goal is to hand power to the coach and the gm. His track record as owner is evidence of that. Whether or not you agree with the decisions that you attribute to him alone, I think it's clear that nothing so trivial as having retirement thunder stolen has ever driven the leadership of this organization.
  2. This. Missed field goals are like missed free throws in basketball. So upsetting and incomprehensible.
  3. I had a situation like this recently. I went ahead and personally invited uncle oliver. He didn't come. His absence created drama. Sometimes there's drama NOT MATTER WHAT YOU DO
  4. Second sentence contradicts the first. Fans who only post to vent are fans. Most of them anyway. But I agree that too much bashing isn't really discussion, it's just subjecting others to your anger. It's like booing at games but then going home and continuing to boo all day every day.
  5. It's true. Nothing drives posting like a loss and poor play. That's always been how it is. I'm thinking of all the 'Fire (fill in the blank)' threads we've had over the years and all the 'cut (fill in the blank) threads as well. We try to weather the 'venting' period, maintain a reasonable space for ongoing frustration but, also move on to less ranting because that's not what the boards primary purpose is.. You are right, we need balance between the fan camps. That's the goal. There should be room for fans to be ticked off but also for other fans to not be subjected to nonstop venting. After all, the board is for discussion and rants should not dominate Achieving that goal is always a moving target
  6. I can, message me and let me know the email address associated with your account
  7. I had to take that post down as well as every quote of it because it was offensive/inappropriate. Also rumor threads are not allowed. Agree that condescension is not helpful.
  8. Unless he joins another team, this thread belongs here
  9. I felt the Deja Vu when the announcers started their pregame coverage detailing the horrible 1995 Colts-Steelers AFC Championship. As if I hadn't been thinking about it all week I must say
  10. Shouldn't somebody be starting a "What's worse than losing to the Steelers?" thread?
  11. I hate losing to the steelers but I'll try
  12. There's a thread about this in the NFL general section so, I'm closing this one
  13. I have two daughters that go to every game. They put their horse head hats on in these situations. They bought them during the Raiders game because they realized they needed something to increase the Colts mojo.
  14. May the force be with us
  15. We always park here: https://www.downtownindy.org/parking/government-center-washington-st-parking-facility/ Don't know if it's the best. It's about a half mile walk to the stadium but it's big and relatively easy to get in and out of
  16. Anyway, since then, I'm like this for Steelers games
  17. Pittsburgh in general is awesome. People there were great. Game day was a different story though. There was a minority there that was menacing for sure. Hope that doesn't happen at Colts games
  18. I've appreciated the thought you put into these threads. They've had a lot of great post game discussion around more than just Jacoby Brissett. However, there are some issues with the discussion that make us think that it's time for some parameters around this topic. Moving forward, all posting about Jacoby Brissett will be in one thread. It is here: If you want to continue creating a weekly thread about the game, you are welcome to do so. All threads about Jacoby Brissett will be merged into the perma merge thread.
  19. Moving forward, this will be the thread for weekly commenting on Jacoby Brissett. Individual topics created about Jacoby Brissett will be merged to this one
  20. There isn't a reaction button for this post that expresses my solidarity with you. I was there too
  21. My grudge also still burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2016/01/21/1995-indianapolis-colts-jim-harbaugh-aaron-bailey-afc-championship-game-ted-marchibroda/78291676/
  22. Yeah, I almost went to bed instead of watching the rest of this game. It was very late and I had to work the next day and we were losing badly. SO, glad I stayed! https://www.colts.com/video/top-moments-in-colts-history-the-comeback-in-tampa
  23. I was just debating whether to remove the the TR comments. They've giving me flashbacks
  24. Looks like this Question has been answered. Closing
  25. In response to complaints about Andrew Luck threads, we've created one thread for Andrew Luck-related discussions. All future threads about Luck will be merged into this thread. Hope this mades everyone happy
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