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  1. This thread played out We already have a thread about racism which is what this one has become
  2. I'm not gonna freak out over a song. However we do this, we need to come together But honestly, with this pandemic I think no song at all is the smartest choice
  3. This thread keeps going off track. I've moved several posts into the coronavirus thread
  4. Anyone in the NFL would know to not film the field and and sidelines and I would think particularly the pats. Failing to inform the NFL and the Bengals and calling it an unintended oversight? Senior club officials have to undergo training on league operation and game policies? How did they get to be senior club officials? The man who was fired had been a videographer for 18 years. I guess it's possible that he just didn't know and expected his good intent to be enough when he was filming the Bengals sideline a week before the Pats were to play them. But, my incredulity is stretched beyond the breaking point when a 57 year old man with vast experience in the NFL basically just says 'my bad' https://heavy.com/news/2019/12/dave-mondillo/
  5. I appreciate the update but this thread has turned into another thread calling him and anyone reporting racial discrimination and also woman as all liars. Closing
  6. Hi, Not sure what you would want the Colts to say about this. But this topic is not a question for the Colts section
  7. Funny, I see the opposite. Nothing is shut down here The US has the worst infection rate on the planet by far I think the open the economy and let the virus spread people have gotten what they wanted
  8. you are my people The family has had a hard time accepting our new qb due to the charger history. We're getting there
  9. Beat the Steelers @ Pitt in 2008 for the first time since 1968 I'm still coasting on this. It was glorious
  10. Never been so excited for preseason games!
  11. Nadine

    Philip Rivers

    Don't give up hope!
  12. To clarify, my response was to a post that was removed from the board, not at a post that asked another poster why a post was merged. That post is still live If you have questions or concerns about a merge, message a moderator. We are happy to answer
  13. Our apologies if we have been less than perfect with trying to keep like topics together Just know that it isn't because we hate you, it is because we are trying to keep similar topics together. Please don't take shots at moderation on the boards, it's against the rules.
  14. Nadine

    Philip Rivers

    Maybe he'll talk about it this week
  15. This thread has been had many times on this board and it never has discussion. Only people polarized. Props to the people who proposed solutions but I think this thread has run its course.......again.
  16. Discussion is here: https://forums.colts.com/topic/66116-george-floyd/
  17. Discussion is here: https://forums.colts.com/topic/66116-george-floyd/
  18. me too. Unprecedented times, the world in upheaval and football in limbo. That said, when the gm makes a statement, it's forum worthy But please, I'd welcome a football topic!
  19. This thread has run it's course
  20. I think this thread has run its course
  21. Did you just make that up. Imma steal it as my motto
  22. I had to lock this thread because the exchanges violated our rules. But, I want to say that I will believe there is no racism when taking a knee to protest police brutality against black people generates NO anger but, kneeling on a mans neck while he is face down on the ground and pleading for air.......generates widespread outrage among white people. We are not there, we are not even close. But this is a very good sign
  23. Discussion here: https://forums.colts.com/topic/65605-possible-colts-trade-target/
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