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  1. Brissett. I want to move into the future. If he's not our guy then we find someone else.
  2. Not discussion topic here. Just baiting, locked
  3. WEEK 15 • MON 12/16 • 8:15 PM EST
  4. Please no more illegal substance references. This conspiracy theory is insulting to our coach and our organization. I know the season unraveled but this sort or rumor is unfair, unkind, and untrue. especially this complete fabrication
  5. I recognize that cartoon dog but cannot think of his name. do you know it?
  6. Not while the game is going on
  7. Drove through there on a detour last year and hadn't been there in years and years. It's like a ghost town. Location is amazing. I hope they are able to make a comeback.
  8. I just thought this thread needed some balance
  9. I don't have an issue with the topic being here. I would expect that.
  10. This is an open topic because it is NFL and it happened recently. I think people have already expressed what they think and why multiple times before. This is just a rehash of all that. No one is discussing....... really at all. And politics, while they occasionally cross into football talk are not the primary purpose of our boards which is A place to discuss this sort of thing on an ongoing basis, attracts members who want to do just that. And there are PLENTY of places on the wide world of web to do that.
  11. I know it's difficult to NOT be political and speculate on politics with this topic but, please DON'T GET POLITICAL Also, don't take personal shots at people
  12. Just for fun i was listening to the pregame radio show and big joe was making an analogy that the oline is like a chorus line and I wondered .... which is more true oline is like a chorus line or field goal is like a free throw
  13. Certainly there is more involved in a FG kick. I was talking in a more broad sense of their place in the games and how fans react to them I never intended to say they are precisely the same. Not sure how you got that
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