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  1. Both are difference makers
  2. Thanks, I have to say you are one of the posters who makes me laugh. I enjoy your posts and am glad you are here
  3. I also liked 'Some people take part of the double cheeseburger home but, I can eat two'
  4. My dad was a natural born coach as well. People like this touch a lot of lives for the better, and not only through sports. It's been 4 years since he passed and I still see people randomly posting about dad and the difference he made in their lives. I'm glad Trent listened to the people around him who told him to embrace his gift. It sounds like he will make a difference for a lot of people. Thanks for sharing this
  5. Chasing cows, that's where my athleticism comes from
  6. don't disappear so we don't have to worry
  7. I really appreciated the heads up.
  8. He told me he would be off line for a while to deal with some health issues. Hoped to be back here for the start of the regular season
  9. Two of my favorite songs
  10. near as I can determine it's getting attention here and in Palo Alto. The first story is anyway https://padailypost.com/2019/06/09/stanford-linebacker-was-accused-of-rape-before-going-on-to-nfl/ Also, the Fountain Hopper is an underground student newspaper. I guess that means they don't publish their own names? Not putting your name on a story makes it suspicious to me
  11. My husband has way too many hats. The colts hats are just a subsection of the entire hat collection. I boxed up the ones he doesn't wear so that the shelves in our closet are actually usable. He cannot get rid of one single hat. To be fair, he's just a huge hat fan. I find him surfing the web looking for more hats. It's not too bad of a habit to have as long as the closet contents don't come tumbling down on me when I open the door.
  12. I'm not at all comfortable with this website. Looks like a word press site set up by someone. A student? I don't know who is saying these things but the history of articles there is pretty tabloid like.
  13. I think that Matt is right, not all contact has evil intent even if it is demeaning and unwanted. I don't believe all wrong doing results in job loss. Quite the opposite actually. It's not hard to not touch people. I actually don't know any men who do this at work. The vast majority of men understand and have no problem respecting women. Some people have boundaries that they don't want violated by anyone at all. Best to assume that everyone has boundaries. Especially at work. As far as the backlash, yeah his comments did seem tone deaf but I do see his point. As with other things a vocal minority doesn't speak for everyone.
  14. Police have a lot of work to do on investigating rape https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/23/us/rape-victims-kits-police-departments.html
  15. No I meant the child sex trafficking epstein https://www.thedailybeast.com/feds-are-asking-jeffrey-epsteins-victims-about-sex-trafficking-crimes Money and power can shield you from paying from what you have done But Weinstein is is terrible as well
  16. Assuming guilt based on only an allegation is strange. People seem to do it all the time for various reasons
  17. I think the epstein case is a good example on how bad people do bad things to young girls and get away with it.
  18. I don't want an innocent man's life to be harmed. But yes, the scope of violence against women is large and it shouldn't be dismissed or trivialized. We need to do better all around
  19. This is the perspective I'm talking about.
  20. I see more than 1 that I 'perceive' that way.
  21. You don't see woman hate in this thread?
  22. Good advice for anyone. Women I know have a habit of watching out for each other. Making sure friends get home. Most women function defensively. It's a habit passed from mother to daughter. I don't think most men do and that says a lot. I don't know if these two had been drinking. But honestly, if a man walks down the street in a nice suit and gets robbed, do most people dismiss it as 'he was stupid and asking for it?'
  23. I don't know any women who would do this nor men who wouldn't stop when asked. The woman hate in this thread is disturbing
  24. I was just pondering the difference in reactions myself
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