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  1. Once or twice no but, what you are doing is crossing the line into forum spam, obnoxious posting, and off topic thread derail. Please stop
  2. 8.) No posting or requesting illegal online streaming links. No discussion about your use of illegal streaming links. https://forums.colts.com/guidelines/
  3. I like that the city thanked Andrew following his full page newspaper thanks to the city. It's just a hashtag and it was yesterday.
  4. Agree. Also, it's not helpful. I was listening to a podcast about aging and they were saying that there is almost no connection between generations anymore. People don't know how to interact and appreciate on another. My dad would always complain about the younger generation lacking morals and drive. And I would always ask him which of his dozens of grandchildren he was complaining about. Truth is, they're all hardworking good people.
  5. But hopefully that convinces him to address his problem. You have to admit, it's not a good sign
  6. I hear that. It is frustrating. But we don't yet know how well they'll play. If I'm not bored senseless, I'll be good
  7. Ah, I remember when we won nothing. We had fun and always ended games with the resolution "NEXT TIME!" And our time came. I went to a preseason game this year, luckily not last week. I had fun. Just being in the stadium is fun. I was focused on trying to learn the players. Winning is the best, it really is. I miss Peyton and Marvin and others. But there's more to football than that. Right now I've got meal prep underway for what i'm sure will be an underwhelming game. No matter. Football is family time
  8. That was awesome but it really was the letters that he wrote and the stuff he made up based on real events that was so creative. I mean, squirrel oil?
  9. Colts are a sequel right now and I hope they are even better
  10. Whoever runs this account is very talented. They make me smile. I feel sad for the people who not only don't like it but feel compelled to criticize it. We need more things that make us smile not less
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