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  1. That's just it. Instant gratification is available elsewhere. No one is saying don't go there. I think it's more like 5 minutes anyway.
  2. You could. You could also watch it and share the reactions to it here. We're watching it on TV. Very much like game day
  3. I see it like this. Some people will DVR a game because they can't watch it. Then they avoid all chatter until they watch it because they want to enjoy the game. I understand that some people want to know immediately. I have a sister who consistently reads the last page of a book because she cannot stand not knowing how it turns out while she's reading it. Personally, I've been avoiding all Game of Thrones chatter because I'm waiting for all episodes to be streaming so I can briefly reactivate my HBO subscription and binge watch it. Currently avoiding all End Game talk as well. Most people are willing to avoid spoilers. Most people are willing to not post spoilers for 5 minutes. But this thing where people feel that they have to know now (which they are free to do) but also they are livid that they have to wait 5 minutes to post it here is new. I think we need to be mindful of what we've always been, which is a place for conversation rather than a place mostly for reacting. It's what makes us different from other options. I get spoiler alerts, we have them here as well......just not for the draft. It's such a short lag that it seems more than reasonable to ask people to not post it and ruin the anticipation. The anger that seems to come with the push back is new. The disdain for those only asking for five minute embargo is disappointing.
  4. Ah, hope your charge holds
  5. I'm sorry. What browser are you using?
  6. There's a link in the menu bar 'Chat'
  7. It's a preference thing. People who want spoilers should be on twitter. People who don't should be here
  8. People do try to be mindful of delay of game. In chat at least they do.
  9. They enjoy watching the draft together. Spoilers are not part of it. never have been
  10. I know you don't understand it But, people care I don't get the push back. Why do you care?
  11. It's also up to our community. Most people here try to be respectful of timezone differences knowing during games that other fans are on a delay. We have always gathered to watch the draft on tv and enjoy each others company. I cannot remember ever getting so much push back from people who want to post spoilers. We've just never allowed it here. It's what most people prefer. We're just asking some people to not do something. I mean, if you want to know the pick before everyone else, isn't knowing enough? Why do they need to post it here? And why can't they wait 5 minutes?
  12. Why do people need to post spoilers? They know people don't want them and they can hang out on twitter to get them
  13. Can't be done. You can only post 5 per 24 hours so, it takes at least 2 days.
  14. Sorry about that. Chat is open to New Members on up. So, when you have 10 approved posts, you will see the tab. It's a way for us to keep drive by trouble makers out of chat
  15. Yes, I'm sorry. That and a few other things are related to this site's compatibility with the NFL header and footer that we have. We are at the mercy of the NFLs priorities for fixing this and so far we have not bubbled to the top
  16. It's working. We don't turn it off because the last time we did, it broke!
  17. OR people could NOT post the pick before it's on TV
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