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  1. @The Old Crow funny to see you in a crow eating thread. Sorry, had to
  2. it's the same air of superiority of the people who call non negative fans 'homers' I sat next to a guy at a game once who did nothing but complain LOUDLY the entire game. I could not wait to get away from him. His wife couldn't so, I felt sorry for her. The game made him so very unhappy, it really was surprising that he came at all. I didn't question that he was a fan though. He was just miserable company. I'm not taking sides here. The only issue I have is when people over post whatever their opinion is because it annoys the living daylights out of everyone. They are the people who come here to vent and only to vent. When they aren't angry, they have no interest in talking to other fans. They're not actually interesting in talking.........just in yelling and arguing. That happened here when Trent Richardson was on the team. He really pushed some people's buttons and they seemed to need to vent about it all day every day. I also have a problem with both sides questioning each others fandom. It derails most discussions because it's insulting
  3. A few posts have been removed from this thread. We have a rule about talking about other forums. It tends to create problems with fans of other teams so, we don't allow it
  4. Reminder. skirting the filter is against site rules. The filter is there to protect you https://forums.colts.com/guidelines/
  5. Today is a good day to be a 'Homer' And you get the bye week to savor the victory. Enjoy, it was well earned!
  6. My two daughters are at this game. During half time, they bought giant blue horse heads and are wearing them to help with the second half
  7. Got my errands/chores done and am here under the wire! Hi Colts Fans!
  8. I don't think anyone was hated. Lots of players have been disappointing. But, most vilified have been Mike Vanderjagt by far followed at a distance by Trent Richardson
  9. I cannot imagine a 10 hour 'interview' And they didn't even talk to him........say this won't be resolved for a long time. Why? And what's the ongoing investigation?
  10. Closing due to this thread turning out as expected
  11. this thread became decidedly political and uncivil. A lot has been removed and honestly at this point the thread is just a magnet for fighting closing
  12. Saints and pigs even distributed across the human race I would say. MeToo is about bringing visibility to the scope of sexual harassment, abuse, assault. It's a lot. I don't know how people see the scale of the issue and come away from it hating women........and yet it happens
  13. It is hard to prove......but even when it's easy to prove it's hard to get justice. I don't know what happened in this case. Nobody does, at least that I'm aware of.
  14. People, I know this is news but remember this is a family friendly board. Just because a graphic text is somewhere on the internet doesn't mean that it can be posted here. So, use your judgement when posting to this thread or we'll have to close it
  15. There are plenty of recent examples of money, power and celebrity perverting justice. Just look at the Epstein case. People who have a hold over your career sometimes abuse that power. Look at the Weinstein case. And yet, every time we have an NFL player accused like this, people question the woman. I don't know any men who would do this and I don't know any women who would falsely accuse a man of this just for money. False reporting is a crime.......but even that is subject to money and power. Look at the Smollet case. And men who pay for trafficked women get away with it because their privacy was violated. It's all very depressing and discouraging. The time and reason and the way she filed charges are all credible to me. I don't know if it's true and he's innocent until proven guilty. I doubt she prevails just based on how these things typically go. I am so weary of women being abused. Nothing changes
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