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  1. They should make Blankenship the spokesperson for all Motorcycle insurances. Riding down the road on a hog with those glasses and a full colts uniform.
  2. Because he IS a good runner. Maybe you get lucky and on a cheap deal he manages to stay healthy and you get value out of having him on the team. If he doesn't you just cut him and not lose much.
  3. how many licks does it take to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? The world may never know.
  4. Rivers had a pretty dang good game for the first time on the Colts roster in a real game. Offseason of hellish for all teams, no preseason games, and crazy protocols to go through to play the game. Yes he cost us two turnovers (3 in my opinion) and he made a few poor decisions, but the dude threw for 363 on 36/46. He isn’t why we lost this game. He cost us points sure. It was the defense that cost us. Letting Minshew go 19/20 for 173 yards and 3 touchdowns is absolutely inexcusable.
  5. I think colts will still re-sign him even if he’s out this year, he has a lot of talent and it’s well shown but he can’t seem to stay on the field. They’ll get him cheap and see if he can make it a full year on a 1 year deal IMO
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/colts-fear-rb-marlon-mack-suffered-a-torn-achilles might be good we drafted Taylor now.
  7. Colts fear that Mack has torn his Achilles. https://www.nfl.com/news/colts-fear-rb-marlon-mack-suffered-a-torn-achilles
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