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  1. Yes I agree with you and what stood out to me was not taking the points and missing the 4th down try. You always take the points in the playoffs . Rods missed fg and turay jumping off sides was a major play like literally why would u jump on a 4th down try. Rivers 2 misses to Pitman and Hines and Taylor drop passes
  2. Don’t forget the missed throw by rivers twice to pitman that would have been touch downs
  3. Done we need a qb with a tiny bit of mobility
  4. It was disgusting to watch us killing them with run but frank comes out and try’s to force the pass drive after drive only for Taylor to break out big runs if not for them explosive runs frank would have tried to throw the ball
  5. Ya we are but I’m concerned that if we try to limit Josh Allen with run game frank will do every everything he can to try to get away from the run and force the pass
  6. I’m not saying to bring a running Qb but a one with mobility as far as they can get out the pocket and make throws , they don’t have to have world beater speed just enough to pick up some yards here and there or if the rush gets I. The can gain 4-5 yards vs rivers who if the line is not perfect he is done. But that being said we should have stuck to the quick passing game and running
  7. Rock ya - sin tbh get give up a TD a game due to PI or blow coverages , I think he his physical enough to play safety for us and backup both spots and still be a depth player at Cb but we need to get that CB spot addressed
  8. We have to replace two of the hardest positions QB & LT this offseason
  9. You don’t get running up trophies champ , unless your the colts of course AFC finalists lol , we had a up and down season. beat teams we should have lost to and lost to teams we should have beat. We gonna see what happens and if we make playoffs great if not we need to see if we can strike for a QB rivers is ok but his lack of mobility is a killer if the line is not perfect no chance to win
  10. We was running football so well but frank kept going for deep five step drops plays instead of the short passing game , screens to slow the rush down and keep pounding the ball. Nope lefts throw it 3 strait time 3 series in a row and give up sacks
  11. It didn’t help that frank got pass happy in second half with back ups to the back up tackles
  12. What cost us that game was we got pass happy in the second half
  13. The lost of the two tackles really hurt , rivers needs time and he didn’t have that today
  14. Yup gonna be like greenbay game again where we get called for 9 holding penalties. I mean people hold on every play but if it doesn’t make a significant impact it normally isn’t called. But since we was playing the big bad packers one of the golden boys of the nfl with Rodgers they was hitting us with every call they could
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