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  1. We not a player or two away so I want to stand pat unless it’s a good vet for late rd pick
  2. Rivers is at the top of the hill I would say he is over yet but he is looking down the hill at this point , darnold is not the answer it’s another USC bust qb and qb destroyed by the jets. Rivers is the best we have atm we walready committed at this point let’s ride it out and see if we get a playoff win or two
  3. We could have signed Winston if we wanted Donald
  4. Sounds like Winston to me which can be had a lot cheaper than wentz
  5. Cam for 1mil I would still sign that deal , dalton never in a millon years
  6. I will say with time he can make a pass , but most of the starting qbs in the league can make good decisions and good passes when they not under pressure and have time, I did notice a big difference with up tempo no huddle type offense vs under center
  7. Yea he just doesn’t have any speed left and it’s obvious, speed and quickness was his biggest draws with hands and now that he has lost a step or two due to injuries over the last few years and he doesn’t have the size to constantly beat heavy coverage it’s showing
  8. Rivers is washed , he doesn’t have any arm strength left at this point and his mobility is the worst in the league , looking at him throw reminds me of chad Pennington. I can’t be the only one seeing this Rivers is laboring to throw 8-10 yards passes no zip at all . He has nice touch and accuracy is to bad but the ball takes to long to get there and the nfl is a league of inches and seconds , the defensive players are to athletic to not have any zip in ball
  9. Stay the course , don’t put him out there before he is ready don’t want him she’ll shocked , we knew he was a project and need to groom him well ,
  10. We ain’t beating the Titans two times
  11. 2nd season and I still think about what could have been , Andrew Luck with this Oline supporting cast and Def smh ....
  12. We need rivers to be a game manager and rely on the defense and we have to get the run game going , the lost of Mack was so big Taylor has abundance of talent but just doesn’t have the vision yet. When we ask rivers to go out and win a game for us it’s not gonna be good
  13. Philip is not getting the job done plain and simple , he the beat we got but that ain’t saying much at this point. No arm strength left .... noodle arm at this point and no pocket mobility left tbh he is a shell of him self
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