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  1. This is just a year year bandaid sign a vet like rivers or trade 4th for a guy like Carr or cam if the going price is cheap. Cut hoyer keep jacoby. Draft a top WR in the first rd if the Qb you want don’t drop to you now depending on what Qb is left I would be comfortable trading back the second 2rd pick and take Fromm or hurts late in the second early in the 3rd with the intentions of them sitting a year . now in camp let the best man win Vet / jacoby / rookie
  2. We don’t need another guy that can’t catch
  3. I’m not sure what they should do draft and Qb sign rivers have qb sit a year develop etc... I just don’t know but what I do know is jacoby is not it , same guy since his draft evaluation scared to go deep and when he does rarely it’s and over throw
  4. Yup luck retirement, now castanzo impending retirement the 2 more important positions on the whole offense are gonna have to be addressed
  5. Winston has great arm talent if u can lower his INT from 20+ to closer to 10+ I would be all on board
  6. The difference is mentality, Titans showed they would do what ever to took win no matter who had to be benched or what ever. We on the other hand had guy playing who obviously wasn’t producing or injured and refused to do what was best for the team
  7. Frank fail in two areas this season he placed Adam above the team and jacoby should have been benched to see who else can play because he didn’t have a track record to give him so much rope
  8. No , titans coaching staff had the stones to pull there starting Qb Marcus who was playing bad and insert Ryan and look at that AFC championship game . We didn’t have the stones to Ir Adam or bench jacoby when it was apparent he was not playing well injury or not he didn’t earn the clout like some proven guys to warrant us sticking with him all year tbh
  9. #1 The ideal situation is to draft a rookie he beats jacoby out fair and square jacoby backs him up this year ,
  10. Nope brissett is the problem
  11. Nope Check market for Carr, cam, dak of to high, trade back draft Jake Fromm from Georgia
  12. I agree 100% we need to move on draft a guy or gauge the qb market for guys like cam or Carr etc...
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