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  1. Coaching has a lot to do with young guys playing well
  2. Smh we had one of the best olines In the nfl, luck didn’t get sacked much and we get rid of him after one year
  3. I think we should draft a LT and move constanzo to Rt from Smith for RG with Kelly at C and Nelson at at lG
  4. AC needs to be moved to RT and we need draft a LT. Running back and WR are major needs also
  5. I had 100% confidence that this was gonna be another Andrew luck 4th quarter win, 3 time out ball on the 20 40 secs , but how could doyle fumble like that hit wasnt even had ......
  6. By you posting this your still undervaluing the guard positions
  7. Pagano not the best evaluator of talent lol
  8. I'm very happy that we tried to address oline and dline in this draft , the game is won up front , I never want to see a season where our qbs are destroyed If we keep 8 guys LT Constanzo/clark LG Nelson/heag C Kelly/sausen RG Smith/sausen RT Good/clark Mewhort start season on PuP if healthy might start RG
  9. I like that he is drafting oline and dline but it's still need to be produced on the field
  10. Isnt LG harser to play then Rg You don't move Nelson if thats the case you make mewhort move or rookie/slauson
  11. That's would be a very good and powerful line, I mean good had a decent year last year , Kelly if he bounce back we gonna be one of the top oline in the NFL,
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