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  1. And Titans , the dominated us up front and Henry wasn’t getting touched till the second lv 3rd sometimes
  2. I like the move , but we have a lot riding on luck and health , Campbell , Mack , rookie DE , turay, fisher , etc… and if Carson can be effective but I’m all in every year as always
  3. Listen don’t forget big grove I the mix to he played some good football for us , like I can see us have like a nascar package if the two de pan out , since they both can play inside and out
  4. 9/10 times off-season champion flop
  5. Falling behind in what? The off-season championship awards , you always knows how that turn out when the season
  6. We are a few days removed from the draft colts are not done tinkering with roster , vets are being cut each day so guys come available and it’s a couple guys on Fa ,
  7. Yes I agree 100% people are not realizing that interior pressure we absolutely wreck everything. You would think that after watching the colts for as long as some of them have and seeing freeney and mathis they would realize that you can step up in pocket , screen , quick throw , move the pocket away , chip & help , run the ball at the pressure on the edge, I seen it done to us for 10+ year when we had to of the best at getting the QBs. Interior pressure the Qb can’t step up, flushes him out etc...
  8. I’m a go B , because pass rush is the only way to beat good QB and the AFC is stacked with them , signing a pass rusher on FA is not feasible with the price they come at but you can find a quality Tackle that is slight above average maybe a little long in the tooth as a stop gap for a better price , and the draft is not always about this year it’s a now & later process of thinking
  9. I am absolutely against moving Big Q to LT you don’t want to mess with the chemistry that them 4 guys have playing together and you don’t move a player that is the best his position. Do I think he can do it yes but I rather have 1 question mark than 3 how is Q gonna hold up over a season at LT how is the new LG gonna play and how is Kelly gonna mess with the new guard ..... most NFL teams can scheme for outside tackle pressure it is interior pressure that causes all the major headaches
  10. 4 guys that’s good at they position 3 our top guys at their position we can survive with one question mark and slide help that way and he is playing next to the beat LG in football which will help a lot , he is not the future at LT but he he can play winning football for us and don’t forget we can’t have all pros at every position every year ,
  11. They might sign someone at this point
  12. Hopefully his health is good by start of season ACL is tuff to come back from
  13. Hmm what about the 3 we drafted in the 2nd round over last few years ...same mo , not saying I don’t like the pick
  14. It’s like every year we take project pass rushers we bound to hit at some point
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