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  1. Every week I watch the player press conferences and it’s always we didn’t expect that or they didn’t show this etc… so it maybe true
  2. Yea We need to just weather the storm and let these guys guy healthy
  3. Last year colts and this year is 2 different teams
  4. Gilmore was a trade and I don’t think we have the money he wanted and new contract
  5. Ravens is a very bad match up for us , we are not good at the deep ball or bootlegs. Ravens take a lot of deep shots to so we gonna have our hands full
  6. No , when we lost jake Scott all them years ago we never recovered, Q is a all world talent you want them on your team
  7. Yes tackle is more important that guard but there is always exceptions. A Is great at what he do why change that. He said he wants to stay at guard that what his heart wants to do.
  8. It’s not simple The man said he wants to play guard , I understand you under value the importance of interior play. Should we move bucker to DE while where at it why pay a DT 20m ?
  9. While I agree with a lot of what you said. I believe interior pressure is worst, anyone but colts seems to be able to scheme up for exterior/edge with screens, chips and quick throws etc… the wb can step up if he has a clean pocket but if the interior collapsed no where to go but flush out and that’s when them edge rushers feast
  10. Why are y’all so infatuated with moving Q to tackle ? Best at his position but you want to move him to tackle where over the season he might be mid tier
  11. Yea pay Nelson but look at reed to possibly replace glow lol
  12. The problem is they are two of the same guys light weight guys who need stout front to keep them clean so they can run to ball supposed to be sure handed tacklers and have speed to cover lol. Leonard is looking like he 210 he need to be playing at like 235-245 tbh that added weight is a big difference when u have to run fit and take on the big boys upfront
  13. When I watched the LAR game Donald wouldn’t get off on Nelson it was glow side every time and yes it’s A lot to ask a bottom tier guy to deal with the best DT in the game which falls on frank and the coaching staff to scheme it up better
  14. And based on what you saw , did u think he played better than reed in his game. Yes I agree we are paying too dollar for the oline Kelly one of the top at his position Braden is the highest last time I checked and fisher is making half the price of a top talent LT, Nelson on his rookie deal and glow is making role player money.
  15. Have you watched the games ? You can play 70 snaps dominating 69 of them and give up 1 sack doesn’t mean u had a bad game. The constant pressure and getting pushed back losing a majority of his snap hurt this team more than a sack. But yes Fisher has not played well but we don’t have and option st that spot, we do with glow
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